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Why pick on her poor donkey, put it to her arse.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I just find it all rather tragically funny.


Carol Burnett doing Nora Desmond.

E's and this one together are hysterical with Clinton's gaffe in mind.


Sorry, here is the url:


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks for the Carol Burnett comedy! Will include it!


I picture Hillary hyped on hyperbole, unconvincing histrionics and pent up hysteria, dressed like General Patton, looking more like Michael Dukakis with helmet askew, while joyriding on a tank in an election parade, with her hedonistic husband saluting her while fondling a parade watcher as she passes by.
What grand perverted pageantry we must all suffer.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I have been around the web and notice a number of 'leftist' web sites are NOT talking about this at all. Of course, some like Kos or Huffington are talking.

This is quite interesting, the silence of so many like Atrios, just for example. They definitely have a group black-out going on. I suspect this is due to naked fear. They are scared they will lose readers if they are controversial.

But this is why I have this site; to raise hackles and argue!

Jojo: yes, that is a funny imagery. Of course, Patton was run over but we don't want anyone to drive over Hillary for obvious reasons.


Did you know that Hillary's big obsession in her college days was that terr'ists would blow up the law library at her dear Columbia University in NYC? Yup, it's true.

Hillary is an example of the "me" movement that did the big flush-toilet after the hippies left town in the '80s. Everything that creeps or crawls, everything that is alive in this world hates Hillary. But she don't care. 'Cause she's Hillary. All hail Hillary, Queen of the Damned!

El Johnny

Hill and her minions will do anything to win the White House. It is now or never. This is their last chance to put a weak sister feminist in the WH during their life time. Everything they worked and fought so hard for is riding on this election. Her election would be the the final affirmation and subsequent validation of the mean faced, clipped hair dominatrixes' philosophies of the uselessness of contemporary US politics. A real repudiation of Darwinian political and social theory.


I have to comment otherwise. 8 months or so ago, when this campaign got started, several of us were talking about Obama, shining lights on hills, etc. We were encouraged and for him. Then someone said he probably won't live to see Inaguration Day. We all silently agreed.

The conversation has been repeated several times, several groups, several places since.

The great disappointment for the rest of the world, is the frequency with which promise is extinguished. Hillary dared say what the rest of the world almost anticipates.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

May Pegasus spread his wings over us all and I must say, Obama should wear rubber boots in thunderstorms. The lightning is seeking him.

Now on to the clip of the hee-hawing of FOX TV commentators joking about murdering Obama....

Patrick O'Meara

Every since the Iowa caucuses I have several times made remarks like 'Obama better not ride in small planes or he 'better watch his back'. Virtually everyone reacted with agreement to these remarks. This only makes me sadder that it all has come to such pessimism and acceptance of the likeyhood of his assassination for the interest of those who hold power.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

When he first said he would run, we all were pessimistic. But then, no one mentions that a Bush friend shot Reagan. I was appalled back then and called for Bush to resign as VP.

Now, virtually no one remembers this ugly detail.

homero guajardo @ yahoo.com

Good stuff Elaine. Only when you go on your girly trips and your aristocratic trips do I dislike your blog. But apart from these mistaken trips you refuse to correct, all the rest of your observations are accurate and sometimes brilliant

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Good grief. I hate to say this but the whole reason I am here is to talk about the ruling elites. We are here. You are here. And if you let the rulers run things while you pretend you are in a democracy, you will be most unhappy.

I have a bone to pick with the old aristocracy. They exist. They most certainly exist. Like Queen Bees in the hive. We better think about this matter a tad.

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