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mad mike

how can a nation spend one trillion dollars "fighting" a war with two non-nations,such as iraq and afgahnistan, and not win?
because we aint supposed to.
do you readers really think that trillion is buying bullets and bombs and food for G.I.'s?
no, it is going into the pockets of corrupt gov-ment officials and the captians of industry and the commodores of finance.
they steal billions apon billions of dollars
and to avoid a possible revolt they send you six hundred bucks. it should be 6 thousand or 60 thousand bucks. because all their theft has devalued the currency that much.
and none,NO ONE (that is NO ONE) does anything. what a minit, some people are doing something. they are stealling more money. this happy cabbage, that elaine calls FUNNY MONEY(tm) is funny. because it is next to valueless. and we are all bought off with it. no one demands more.
like more or higher wages. or more or higher interest on savings.
but the big boyz get more. when the price of energy goes up. when the price of food goes up. when local property taxes go up. they get you money.
suppose the dollar tanks by 90%. me i would become a homeless strving hobo.
but take a rich guy , an ex gold-man-sacker,
such as whacky bernanke or punky paulisonor creepy corzine. they would still have millions of dollars. even if gasoline went to 5 or 6or 8 bucks a gallon. no problem. a loaf of bread to 4 or 8 bucks, no problem.
local property taxes double or triple, no problem.
these people hold the rest of us in such contempt and derision, we are like microbes.
democritus sed, "the man enslaved to wealth can never be honest".
oh,and of course, there is no limit to human greed and folly.(tm)

Jim Smith


Our Bank of Canada Governor, Mark Carney late of Goldman Sacks, says we WILL be solvent, so I can hardly wait for Northeast USA to join us! I see a beautiful home on Plank Road, Berlin for sale at a giveaway price, but am afraid to take the plunge before government health plan is in force. Oh well! It would have been nice. From your writings, people and business should be moving into your area, not out.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I expect to be buried here on this mountain. The entire place bears my imprint, from the peak to the valley. It has a great view for my ghost and wandering about here, spooking people will be fine with me.

Mad Mike: 100% correct. Thanks.

Jim Smith


I am somewhat uncomfortable with your remarks re burial and your ghost, and note previous remarks re your long life, etc. Actually, you are a relative youngster and I would sincerely hope, have many long productive years ahead of you. Nobody is irreplaceable they say, but you are filling a vital role, are one-of-a-kind and therefore must stick around to see things through. It should be interesting.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Jim, my godmother, bless her, lived to be 105 years old, she was born before the end of the Civil War. She died when I was a teenager.

She said, 'Tell everyone you are a lot older than you are and they will say, "Oh my god! I didn't know!"' She would tell people she was 120 years old just to see them blanche.

When she decided to leave, she wrote me this letter, 'If you don't come in another week, you might miss me.' I had to finish school and planned on visiting her by June 6th. She died a week after writing the letter and she wasn't sick at all. She just knew.

I told her once, 'I hope to live like you!' She said, 'You will go to many funerals first.' Another beloved friend who died at 101 years of age who was black and born down south in the 19th century, she said, 'All my life, I got to bake sponge cakes for other people's funerals. So don't bake any around me, OK?' This was when we lived next door. So my first sponge cake around Mrs. Lake was after she died.

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