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Good article, Elaine. It would appear that your explanations for 9/11 closely parallel mine. I started reading about it on the internet when I was "laid up" in bed with a bad leg. Before that I had accepted the "official" explanation. But as I read, I soon realized there were many, many discrepancies in the official story. And I encountered many veiled references to clandestine CIA operations, rogue elements, drugs, etc. And I read about Sibel Edmonds and Indira Singh. All of which convinced me that the picture presented by our govt. wasn't the truth. Too bad most people don't bother to investigate and read instead of and simply lazily accepting whatever the govt. puts out there.


Once again another highly entertaining post, Elaine. My friends and I get many a chuckle when reading your 'theories'. Keep up the good work!


Any idea who would be able to pull this off?


In GOD we trust. It is on our money.

In Gold, Oil and Drugs we trust.

British empire founded on Gold, Oil and Opium trade.

Hates the US for leaving the empire and works tirelessly for 200 years to get it back in control.

Gets Japan to bomb the US so they will help British empire crush the German industrial threat.

Founds small country in middle east to control oil and drug trade.

Taliban shuts down British heroin trade, and Saddam prevents British control of middle eastern oil.

Britain recruits small country in middle east (arms length transaction to ensure plausible deniability of dirty work) to bomb the US and get them to help the British empire regain control of the Afghan drug trade and the middle eastern oil trade.

Anyone dumbed down by the US/British empire 'education' system wish to debate this obvious history?


I just cannot resist this picture of Bush, the Queen and the Devil Horns.


OK, back to work now. ;-)

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bush often does that. It is part of his Skull and Bones magic ritual stuff. He is an obvious Satanist. Who uses Geronimo's skull stolen by his grandfather, he uses it in various rituals.

The Christians are following this Fool because they want Jesus to come back and slay everyone following the Antichrist who happens to be someone the Christians follow in order to bring back Jesus....and they are utterly unable to understand this obvious contradiction.


LOL Judy thinks she knows what Elaines explanations for 9/11 are......


EVERYONE knows that Bi Laden and that filthy terrorist bastard Atta did it!!!!


um... greg, you need to read.


web: www.fromthewilderness.com

book: Crossing the Rubicon

web: 911truth.org

bin laden was a CIA tool, who is now dead. wake up.

stop being a simple-minded cracker.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Worse, bin Laden's family is very close to the Bush family and friends. Geeze.


Oh fucking DUH greeb!!!!!

my comments were completely facetious!!!!!

dont mention 911 truth to Elaine or YOU will be branded simple minded LOL

simple is as simple does!!! LMAO!!!!


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Well, anyone who swallows what I believe is a CIA dark ops misinformation propaganda campaign to set doubters off on a wild goose chase looking for bombs in the WTC, is too simple.

Smart means looking past obvious misinformation campaigns. Just like the stupid 'Elvis LIVES!' garbage. Recall that? Only idiots believed that fantasy. Just like people need to believe in other equally foolish ideas, for some reason, bizarre, unsupportable fantasies are always preferred to hard reality.

I can't fix this, it seems to be a hard-wired part of the human psyche. But trust me: the CIA EXPLOITS THIS ALL TO HELL. You are warned, Greg. Think about it. Being duped is part of the way you are controlled. This is why you resist me ferociously on this topic and why I am very relentless about it.


I have long suspected, that the major drug cartels, and the shipping of all illegal drugs around the world are in fact, controlled by the Mexican and American governments. It is another form of the Iran-Contra scam, only more sinister in it's scope and coverup. The Billions of dollars being made off of pot,hash,cocaine,
heroin,opium,meth drugs is not going to be allowed to be controlled by individual groups of criminals. Some of it is,but,very little. Most is controlled by gov't sponsored drug king pins, who then funnel the cash to accounts held secretly by the US government criminals. The WAR on DRUGS is a scam, and is used to garner public support for a campaign that's neither helpful or lawful. The ATF/DEA/CIA goons are involved up to their necks.
If our goverment was really all that serious about stopping illegal drugs, it would fire bomb (NAPALM), and chemically spray all areas where this crap grows. We wouldn't defere to some pip squeak gov't outcries about sovereignty. We'd do it, and in a big way. Letting poppy fields stand,and protecting them, is not a war on drugs. It is involvement in the trade...I have suspected that the war in Afghanistan is more about grabbing control of the opium trade, and about 5% terrorists. On occasion
the Coast Guard or the Port Authorities release photos of a major drug bust score.
But, is it really that, or just another cleaver part of the scam, to show, that the war on drugs is legitimate! Do you actually believe that the authorities do not know where all products are going, and to whom?
We are talking about 100's of millions of tons of illegal drugs yearly just vanishing into thin air. Come on, just how stupid does the gov't think we are? Including the Billions of dollars anually that are supposedly unaccounted for?
(where is W.Bush getting the money to build his fortress/armed compound ranch,complete with air strips, in Paraguay from? And why is he doing it? Anyone ? Anyone?)
No extraditions, central to command of the drug trades, plus he speaks fluent Spanish!
NWO indeed! Bilderberg criminal empire crap is more like it.
Vote for CHANGE? HA! elist horseshit propaganda...is what it all is
Wake up sheeple.
Now, is anyone up for a discussion on CHEM-Trails?


have you ever seen the movie brazil? in that story a totalitarian government actually creates its own criminals and terrorists, hunts them down, and punishes them to maintain the status quo......
sound familiar?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I love 'Brazil' and when I saw it years ago, I was one of the few people in the audience who loved it. I love all of the stuff made by nearly all of the Monty Python guys. The dream sequences were lovely but there were other beautiful moments in that great film.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The use of nameless terrorists was good, too. Americans forget that the Irish were bombing the British for years and years.




"Because many nations' agricultural
production will decline under NAFTA
and GATT, in becoming dependent on
the more productive nations' capacity
to export cheaper product to them,
they'll become gravely vulnerable to
any of the exporting nations' food-
production declines, possibly resulting
from bad weather conditions or bad
economies. "Free trade" in food sets up
a looming catastrophe (read my essay,
GATT: Ubiquitous Treason). Wouldn't such
worldwide economic interdependence
necessarily set the stage for a worldwide
economic collapse should any one nation
seriously falter? Such a worldwide collapse
would make America's Great Depression
appear like good times. Why aren't the
NAFTA and GATT crafters arguing for more
economic independence for nations - for
rugged individualism among nations, rather
than building this One World interdependency
that their brand of "free trade" necessarily

The NAFTA Debacle (1995)


You'll not get any closer to
the truth about what's afoot with
than my below thoughts and links
((copy and send to friends and colleagues;
and note that I REPEAT MY PREMISE

The Third-Way push of
socialism/capitalism to
equalize the world's
economies has caused
this looming food

Socialist/communist leftists
have captured capitalism
and enslaved it to EQUAL/
"FAIR" outcomes.

Of course, you'll have to
think more deeply to find
the truth.

Read and learn the truth:

What we are facing in 2008
is a Third-Way (socialist/
conspiracy to equalize the
world's economies, as preface
to installing one-world
government; a plan hatched
during the 1940s GATT
formulations, which were
socialist/communist, in

Keep in mind that there is
no PEAK OIL crisis, only a
decades-long, purposeful
cap on searching and drilling
and refining for oil, in order
to put the world in crisis-mode.

Using food to produce fuel
is part of the conspiracy to
generate food riots, in order
to destabilize governments;
and this so-called "war on
terror" is also part of the
secret plan, although its
primary beneficially is Israel
in the exchange of blood
and treasury for oil--as
payoff for protecting Israel
from an ever-threatening,
encircling Islamic Arabism.

The secret plan?: to create
one-world government under

This is a conspiracy-driven
dismantlement of the West's
financial underpinnings,
for a certain purpose: TO
for future installation of
one-world government.

I've provided all the details
in my essay, "Planned
Destruction of America"
(linked below), which is my
report on Lt. Col. Archibald
Roberts' 1968 booklet: "The
Anatomy of a Revolution".


Study my essay, then write as
if we're all being led down
a path to hell on Earth by
secretive, elite movers and
shakers on the Left and Right
(path to hell aka "Third-Way
Global Economic Socialism").
Read and learn and teach:

The EU and the coming North
America Union are products of
the 1940s GATT formulations,
and very few analysts are
aware of it ((GATT, NAFTA,
and CAFTA are socialistic
attempts at equalizing global
economies, in order to in-
stall one-world government
under THIRD-WAY Global
Economic Socialism)).

The NAFTA Debacle (1995)


Read my missive to Ron Paul's
staff, regarding my view that
this financial crisis is not
by happenstance nor
mismanagement, but BY

The Honorable Ron Paul is
ignorant of an ongoing conspiracy
to topple, financially, the West,
in order to equalize the world's
economies; for building one-world
government under GLOBAL ECONOMIC
SOCIALISM. // The conspiracy
began in the 1940s with the GATT
formulations. // Ask why Greenspan
had violated his chairmanship
duties by advising prospective
home buyers to take out an ARM.
// Ask why Greenspan had sent out
fed regulators to warn banks that
they'd be charged with RACISM
if they didn't loosen home
loans for minority, HIGH RISK
home buyers. // Ask why Greenspan
recently, TRAITOROUSLY, had
advised OPEC oil producers to
de-link from the U.S. dollar. //
Greenspan - the FEDERAL RESERVE
- has embarked on a purposeful
set of monetary policies designed
to destroy the West's financial


Elaine Meinel Supkis

We are at the Hubbert Oil Peak. This means there is LOTS AND LOTS OF OIL. We then consume even more oil and the Peak is when CONSUMPTION hits its maximum.

The shift of economic power from Europe and America to Asia is due to the simple fact, there are many more Asian workers available than European or American workers. There is nothing we can do about this fact.

Understanding capitalism is important. It is all about LABOR. And capitalism collapses if labor can't get the profits. The battle is over who gets these profits.

Coolest Guy on the Planet

An eye opener. Thanks.


Good article. I'd like to point out that the key wording in the facade of lower drug use amongst US troops is ILLEGAL. The rates of current and former Iraq and Afghanistan soldiers on psychotropic prescription pharmaceuticals is staggering. So is suicide.


By the way, big ups on posting a Marsboy clip. That guy's work is, albeit horribly edited, a rare and valuable find. Back it up on hard disk while you can. The torrents are out there!


Fit an electronic surveillance system. This could be a monitored or tape set-up. Monitored is the best. An added bonus to a surveillance set-up is that you can be sure what your baby sitter gets up to while you are out too. You can turn it off when you personally are at home or just leave the outside cameras on.

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It's good to hear Chico's still around and coming out with a new cd soon. I've been a fan of the brother for a while now and was glad you mentioned his first hit, "Talk to Me".

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I'd be interested in hearing. The TOS seems rather clear that it is not unless expressly approved by Amazon. I guess if the library got it in writing then they would be ok.

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