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But as I ask everyone I meet "what will the robots and Secret armies do when they come home from Iraq" (As they inevitably will) ?
"Do you think they will just pack up and go home now they have their Multi -billion $ industry shnozzle in the Gravy trough?" They all look puzzled.
They will be used against US!


Did you see that stupid commercial in the last couple years from the Marines / Army?
This kid looks like Luke Skywalker with his light Saber surrounded by big XFX while he vanquishes all foes? It then morphs into a young soldier in front of a monitor "In Battle"


Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of deaths construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah!

Old Rock band from the 70's... Black Sabbath

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Black Sabbath and the Grim Reaper, eh?


Ah Black Sabbath's not that old! Besides, Ozzy & Co. have more talent in their little toes than everyone on today's top 40 radio.

For a modernized, yet extremely faithful, take on "War Pigs" I highly recommend Faith No More's cover version.



Let's assume that the plan for WWIII is to reduce the world population from 7 billion down to 500 million.

What would be the least expensive and fastest method that would cause the least damage to plants, animals and property remaining after the ruling elite come out of the bunkers and crack open some Champagne and seeds from the Doomsday Vaults?

I think it is obvious that herding all the people into cities by driving them out of the hard-to-exterminate suburbs then nuking those. Highly advanced in China, EU and underway in the US.

Someone asked what would happen when the 140,000 soldiers return to the US. They will not be coming home, they will be remaining in the new IsraeliIraqIranSaudi military bases that rule the new world.

Repopulation will be strictly controlled and impossible to do illegally due to depleted uranium birth control dust in direct invasion areas and nuclear radiation in blast zones. But as the Hiroshima beta-test proved, the depopulated areas will return to verdant nature within a few years.

All US property will be consolidated into huge tracts ala Ted 'Donate 1 Billion to the UN' Turner's and be returned to the land where the Buffalo Roamed rather than stinky peasants eating buffalo wings driving SUVs that Mr. James 'Zion' Kunstler so despises.

NZ is very far advanced in the project and 2 million of 4 million people are in cities and the population is essentially completely disarmed. The farmers could fight back knowing how to use firearms, but they might be left to plant trees on their land or something useful to the Garden of Eden.

The EU has done a good job of getting the poor eastern Europeans to cram into the cities in the UK thanks to open EU migration.

The collapse of US industry and Factory farming have done a great job of moving the cattle to the kill pens where they can do 'service jobs' selling insurance and salad shooters to each other.


And China, OMG, how hard would it have been to purge another 900 million there without the amazing condensation of humanity in the new concrete monstrosities there?

Those military robots will be very useful for post-nuke mop up in radiation zones, and Japanese rob factories will probably be useful for more making more killing robots.

I once worked for a successful billionaire who described the perfect business to me.

A Factory, A Man and A Dog. A Man to feed the Dog, and the Dog to keep the Man away from the Factory.

It took me like 10 years to finally figure out what that meant.

2 others billionaires that I know have private jets to take them to their 44meter and 100+ meter yachts respectively.

Another billionaire friend build a house designed to imitate a Hawaiian King.

A demi-billionaire friend purchases a swanky pad on a British Caribbean Isle.

Another friend striving to join the gang, who joined the Bohemian club and then built a (I kid you not) 20,000+ sq feet villa in Mexico. Who do you rent it to? Mostly billionaires.

Remember WWII took years to kill 70 million people. Now with today's technology it will take about 45 minutes to 100 times the work.

Has anyone else noticed the growth of these Garden of Eden pads? Now you know why people work so hard to make ALOT of money. It is a matter of life or death. Really.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Um, one problem: the man who feeds the dog is viewed as the master. So when the factory owner comes to do something, the dog will die defending the man who feeds it and will turn on the master.

I did this once! A guy was training his great dane to attack everyone. He was very nasty and mean and he tried to make his dog mean. But he was a lazy bastard who would let the poor dog go hungry while he went out on drug trips.

So I began to feed the dog. I talked to him and slipped the food under the door. Each time, I taught the dog important words. Like 'Sit.'. He had to sit while I slipped the food in or I would not do it.

He sat.

Eventually, whenever he heard my voice on the staircase, he would rush to the door and make happy sounds. One day, the owner decided to attack me using his dog. 'Go git her!' he yelled. I said, 'Sit.' The dog sat.

Wagging his tail. The owner hit the dog. I said, 'Go git him!' and the dog BIT him! Heh.

I then got the cops to come and arrest the guy.

I did this more than once, by the way. It is amusing to teach other people's dogs to obey me instead of them. Always, the dogs were overjoyed to have someone do this.


HAHA! What a perfect story about the unintended consequences of the plans of the ruling elite. There is hope. HA!


Man = dog food, GK?


"The military-industrial complex is slowly being turned into money machine that produces robots that can kill barely armed civilians resisting US occupation forces sent to crush them."

Notwithstanding that at lest some of those barely armed civilians do in fact need crushing...

"Old Rock band from the 70's... Black Sabbath"

Antiwar songs weren't the only thing that mattered to Ozzy & crew... there was also this ode to marijuana on the same album.

"Alright now!!
Wont you listen?

When I first met you, didnt realize
I cant forget you, for your suprize
You introduced me, to my mind
And left me wanting, you and your kind

I love you, oh you know it

My life was empty forever on a down
Until you took me, showed me around
My life is free now, my life is clear
I love you sweet leaf, though you cant hear

Come on now, try it out

Straight people dont know, what your about
They put you down and shut you out
You gave to me a new belief
And soon the world will love you sweet leaf"

("Sweet Leaf")


Dear Dr.Smith

Some of us may once in a while like the
"sweet leaf" but thats a minor vice compared
to the major one that you and your peers
enjoy---the purple kool-aid of your phony
un-American empire.....

Elaine Meinel Supkis

It is their Purple Haze Kool Aid drinking song!

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