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Elaine, you are the best writer on the internet. It is official now. Incredible.

Thank you.


I agree Elaine its very upsetting when people find it necessary to ridicule and mock you and label you a kooky "conspiracy theorist" or call you an idiot because you dont accept the mainstream version or the authors version of events.


"Media Blackout Of Nuclear War News"

There was a nuclear war?! Where? When?

"Wonkette... makes fun of 'conspiracy theorists.'"

She's not the only one.

"The incessant border wars over Kashmir and other hot spots between India and Pakistan [both born in a massive blood letting ethnic cleansing event that killed millions] stopped in their tracks the instant both developed nuclear arms."


"Of all nations on earth, Iran certainly needs the protective umbrella of nuclear firepower."

"the Jewish owned media here will not let the US public know about Israel's nuclear powers."

Not exactly a state secret - the Hebraic Bomb has been pretty common knowledge for a couple of decades now.

"I cannot express my fury at this media blackout, by the way."

Come on, Elaine - take a shot at it anyway!

"...these super-secret, super dangerous meetings of internationalists..."

Of course you mean "uber-secret, uber-dangerous".


How else are you going to plan world domination?

I like Wonkette. I find her snarky attitude refreshing.


Even if we are chained to the secret skull and bones psychopaths - thanks to ones such as yourself, Elaine, (if only the skull of Geronimo could talk) we shall not be dragged to Jerusalem in silence.
Destiny appears to be such a bizarre conspiracy that it defies collective logic, and therefore its unbelievability erects a wall of silence around it that might just insure its sadistic success.
Thanks Elaine for creating a forum with your amazing insights, even if it's in a narrow alley off Main St. while the distracted masses march by in the business-as-usual parade.


The word "Conspiracy" is from the Latin "con" and "spire"
"Con" means together and "spire" means breathe. BREATHE TOGETHER ie, think alike.

Anyone that doesnt believe in some level of
conspiracies is a worse nut than people that think the trade towers were crashed into by
remote controlled jets, or the perennial
Elvis sighters in 7-ll stores across the midwest and south.

Powerful groups of people breathe together and try to move events in their favor. Geez,thats something all of us have done at one time or another, eh? Yeesh ! Get real !

The media has conditioned most Americans, like circus monkeys, to always reject any talk of "breathing together" in the higher orders of society. Monkey hear monkey say.

The greatest cartoon Gary Larson (Tacoma native) ever did was a picture of two parrots
watching a political convention. One parrot
says to the other, "they really dont know what they're saying.They just repeat noises that they hear elsewhere"

Pete and Repeat---our American Political Candidates.

And so it goes...................


The Russian Sunburn missiles are the reason there will be no unilateral strike on Iran.

Once Oil Speculators realize this, oil prices will plunge.

But alas, they do not, so petrol prices went from $2.009 to 2.069 per liter today (or a $0.25 per gallon increase in one day.) here in NZ.


"Rest assured that the American-Israeli Harpoons are nuclear, and the Zionists have every intention of using them on Tehran and Damascus if they think they can get away with it. Dangerous people do dangerous things in dangerous times, and there is nothing more dangerous that a pack of religious fanatics with their backs to the Mediterranean, facing the imminent destruction of Zion. The Israeli economy is in tatters, Jewish migrants are fleeing Israel in droves, and the Zionist host [America] is fast running out of spare cash and free weapons.
Russia has known all about Israel’s nuclear forward planning for many months, and the only question the Kremlin faced was which deterrent to pull out of its vast nuclear arsenal and deploy in the Middle East. At the same time, Russia was equally determined to send very strong signals to America: signals also designed to make the Zionist crusaders think long and hard before they took any more aggressive action against the former Soviet republics and North Korea.
Deterrent choice for the Middle East was easy, because the Russians already knew the Americans were frightened of the SS-N-22, which the U.S. Navy actually tried to purchase from the Russian Navy in September 1995. In a letter reproduced at the bottom of this page, Vice Admiral Bowes wrote to Russian Commander in Chief Admiral Gromov, “I appreciate the opportunity to convey to you the United States Navy’s interest in acquiring all variants of the SS-N-22 ‘Sunburn’ Anti-Ship Supersonic Ship-to-Ship missile for test and evaluation”. America’s naked fear of this unstoppable weapon was thus laid bare, but Russia predictably refused to sell"


"groups of people breathe together and try to move events in their favor."

Routine meeting, planning, and coordination is at a far different level from the deep dark shadowy doings implied by "conspiracy". You'd almost want to say that a routine Monday morning department meeting is a "conspiracy".

"Conspirators", almost by definition, don't meet out in the open in Chantilly, Virginia. The conspiring - if any! - gets done on private islands, yachts, conversatrions on secure phone lines, etc.

Anyway... that's how I'd do it, if I was conspiring. I'd do it in such a way that Elaine wouldn't know about it!


Routine meeting, planning, and coordination is at a far different level from the deep dark shadowy doings implied by "conspiracy".

First of all, these aren't routine meetings. Then these "routine"
meetings strangely have no mainstream coverage---strange for such hi-level meetings of the high and mighty. This stuff is hidden in plain sight but the media has put out the eyes of the people by saying you're a "conspiracy theorist" if you try and look into whats on the agenda of these meetings. Some of their agendas are talked about by peripheral reporters but thats it.

30 ys ago there was a big tri-lateral meeting where David Rockefeller talked about "dangerous excesses of democracy
in the media". This was after Watergate. And lo and beshit,here
we are 20 ys later with a media thats more tightly controlled
than Pravda ever dreamed about. Its a conspiracy because hardly any one talked about what was on their agenda. And when the
results are seen later on and people try and understand why this
happened, they are labelled conspiracy theorists. So yes meetings
are conspiracies on some kinda level.

Its almost like the Heisenburg (sp?) Uncertainty Principle. If you set out thinking light is a wave, your observations will confirm that. If you set out thinking its a particle, that,too, will be confirmed. Both observations are right and both wrong.

The universe is a very strange place and all of its thingies do
not want to reveal themselves. As soon as we think we're getting
close, the thing observed morphs into another shape. Best you
can do is be as weird and independent as possible yourself in
order to try and understand it.


Oh boys come and take me back
I wanna ride in Geronimo's Cadillac

I heard it said
and I know its true
that the Red Men are in
the sunset too

Oh boys come and take me back
I wanna ride in Geronimo's Cadillac

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Lovely poem, Gary!

Smith: if these meetings were open I would be there. So would a lot of us 'conspiracy nuts.' We are locked out. YOU are locked out. I happen to know the Deep Secret Plans because I grew up hearing them talked about at the high levels where my family operates!

They plan to eliminate most humans! THEY WANT THE GARDEN OF EDEN. They also want better medical care so they can live forever. They want some method of transferring their brains to other bodies so they can hop from one host to another forever and ever.

Seriously, this is the plan. The hope and the prayers of these monsters. This is why they are very heavily funding genetic/biological research in methods to preserve and transfer human parts. Right now, people get these transplants because this is good practice for the future. But in the end, these people intend to be biological parasites.

How's that for a nightmare? Think it isn't so? Gads.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

This is why they love the Dalai Lama! He is the REPOSITORY of a magician! This magician uses the Deep Magic of Tibetan dark arts directly connected to the Cave of Death and the Outer Darkness. As one body dies, the frantic search is made to discover where the 'soul' of this magician has flown to and the boy is then taken from his family and raised to carry on the affairs of the magician.

And think this is a joke? It is not. Ask the Dalai Lama.


"30 ys ago there was a big tri-lateral meeting"

Oh yeah... I remember the Tri-Lateral Commission - black helicopters and all that. Jimmah Carter was a trilateralist, IIRC. Whatever happened to them, anyway?

"They plan to eliminate most humans! THEY WANT THE GARDEN OF EDEN."

I'm down with that! Seriously: most humans just don't contribute a whole lot to the project, now do they?


If you believe airplane caused building 7 to collapse, PLEASE DO NOT FOLLOW THIS LINK.


I am looking for the person who mentioned a micro nuke (small fission bomb formerly used to ignite a fusion bomb, or highly advanced small fusion bomb a la Dimona) in a comments section a while back. ONLY THEY will appreciate this. Sorry to interrupt.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The black helicopters were buzzing Denver this week, they tried to do this secretly.

Smith, don't be a total fool. You are smarter than that.

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As the old shout says, let or G.I.'s go home!

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