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hans blink

Maestra, your articles are like corn flakes. I read them the first thing when I wake up. Excellent analysis my exact thoughts when I saw the movie. Could I say then "great minds think alike"?


Greg Palast is an apologist for Israel. Below he mentions Eisenhower putting quotas on Iraq in 1959. Did you know 'Eisenhauer' was known as the 'Swedish Jew' at West Point?


I can’t make this up:

In a hotel room in Brussels, the chief executives of the world’s top oil companies unrolled a huge map of the Middle East, drew a fat, red line around Iraq and signed their names to it.

The map, the red line, the secret signatures. It explains this war. It explains this week’s rocketing of the price of oil to $134 a barrel.

It happened on July 31, 1928, but the bill came due now.

Barack Obama knows this. Or, just as important, those crafting his policies seem to know this. Same for Hillary Clinton’s team. There could be no more vital difference between the Republican and Democratic candidacies. And you won’t learn a thing about it on the news from the Fox-holes.

Let me explain.

In 1928, oil company chieftains (from Anglo-Persian Oil, now British Petroleum, from Standard Oil, now Exxon, and their Continental counterparts) were faced with a crisis: falling prices due to rising supplies of oil; the same crisis faced by their successors during the Clinton years, when oil traded at $22 a barrel.

The solution then, as now: stop the flow of oil, squeeze the market, raise the price. The method: put a red line around Iraq and declare that virtually all the oil under its sands would remain there, untapped. Their plan: choke supply, raise prices rise, boost profits. That was the program for 1928. For 2003. For 2008.

Again and again, year after year, the world price of oil has been boosted artificially by keeping a tight limit on Iraq’s oil output. Methods varied. The 1928 “Redline” agreement held, in various forms, for over three decades. It was replaced in 1959 by quotas imposed by President Eisenhower. Then Saudi Arabia and OPEC kept Iraq, capable of producing over 6 million barrels a day, capped at half that, given an export quota equal to Iran’s lower output.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

It is more complicated. When Britain went bankrupt during WWI, they set out immediately after the war to tear apart and get huge hunks of the dead Ottoman Empire. They invaded the province they named 'Iraq' and LOST. It was a terrible defeat. Hither to, the British troops rolled over natives they wished to conquer. Once they killed off or enticed into betrayal the top rulers of various ancient kingdoms, they just rolled in and exploited the place.

Not this time. Hitler, by the way, reading the news in Germany, took note of this defeat. He and the military college in Tokyo realized Britain won the war but lost the ability to exploit the planet as an empire.


Didn't the De Beers cartel do a similar thing with diamonds, restricting the supply during the Cold War by cutting a deal with the Soviets to keep their diamonds off the market?

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