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Israel, as does every other nation, needs oil to survive. Israel does not sit on any oil, nor do its closest attackable neighbours ( Syria, Lebanon, Jordan ).
So who supplies Israel with the oil it needs to exist? I believe the current answer is Russia.
And on an entirely different topic: If you might need any steel for fencing or other projects buy it yesterday. The price hikes for steel combined with the increase in shipping costs is really worrisome.
And on one of my favourite topics:

Elaine Meinel Supkis

All metals went up this last three years. Including even gold.


Seems like Israel wants to be the Switzerland of oil. Instead of OPEC, they will be OIEC. Oil Importing and Exporting Country. Walmart of Oil. Oil Traders.


Israel is perfectly located to offer an affordable alternative to expensive and often clogged oil shipping lanes through the Suez Canal or the Cape. A revival of the Trans-Arabian pipeline (Tapline) to Haifa can considerably under-price the politically wobbly Iraqi-Turkish and the costly Suez-Mediterranean (Sumed) alternatives.

With one of every five Israelis a Russian émigré and confronted with the common enemy of Islamic militancy, Israel and Russia have embarked on a path of close cooperation. Prime Minister Sharon's visit to Russia last month was a resounding success. Faced with these millennial geopolitical developments, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists are having a field day.

The Jewish lobby, they say, is coercing America, its long arm, to hijack the Iraqi oil fields in the forthcoming war and thus to counterbalance surging Russian oil exports. Israel, they aver, planned to carry out, in October 2001, an operation - "Mivtza Shekhina" - to secure southern Iraq's oil fields while also mitigating the threat of weapons of mass destruction aimed at its population centers.

Conspiratorial paranoia notwithstanding, it is unlikely that the USA is motivated by oil interests in its war on Saddam. A battle in Iraq aimed solely at apprehending its crude would be fighting over yesterday's oilfields. Only an easily replaceable one tenth to one eighth of American oil consumption emanates from the Gulf, about a million barrels per day of it from Iraq. Moreover, the war is likely to alienate far more important suppliers, such as Russia - as well as the largest European clients of Gulf oil extracted by American firms. Strictly in terms of oil, a war in Iraq is counterproductive.

Additionally, such a war is likely to push oil prices up. According to the Council on Foreign Relations, "for every dollar-per-barrel increase in oil prices, about $4 billion a year would leave America's $11 trillion economy, and other importing countries would lose another $16 billion per year".


Here are the Saudi's admitting they in NYC to 'document the event'.



"Everyone in the communist world knows that the US is deep in debt to the communist powers."

This should be the most important issue. McCarthyism/Red Scare in the 50's onto the Korean War into the land of many a vet's nightmares; Vietnam. All the lives, money, and wasted talent thrown down into the endless death pit to thwart the communists bogeyman. And what is USA foreign policy today? The false god; Capitalism/Free Market GREED. These traitors of our Republic and Constitution - Bush, Cheney, Paulson, Bernanke, and Congress slither on their green scaly underbellies begging for more debt from these communist countries. They are Dividing up and selling off the USA; labor, wealth, land, and shackle the people to debt for eternity. Ah, how the mighty have fallen as they chase the golden calf and in so doing, destroy OUR REPUBLIC. And in the spirit of Elaine's brillance, ARREST THEM ALL!

"......It can never be too often repeated, that the time for fixing every essential right on a legal basis is while our rulers are honest, and ourselves united. From the conclusion of this war we shall be going down hill. It will not then be necessary to resort every moment to the people for support. They will be forgotten therefore, and their rights disregarded. They will forget themselves but in the sole faculty of making money, and will never think of uniting to effect a due respect for their rights. The shackles, therefore, which shall not be knocked off at the conclusion of this war, will remain on us long, will be made heavier and heavier, till our rights shall revive or expire in convulsion." Thomas Jefferson


It truly is amazing the many brilliant observations that our Founding Fathers made, but which we were never taught in High School or College. Never even mentioned, really.

There is an article by Kunsler over on the Silver Bear titled "Event Horizon" which talks about our economy entering a black hole. It is a good article.

I believe that the English language has also entered an "event horizon", and it happened two nights ago at 6:35 pm EST. I had turned on the NBC nightly news again and a woman introduced herself and told us that Brian (whats-his-name) had the day off (as if we care). She then began the news segment with this:

Woman: There has been a significant breakthrough in the Middle East today and we go to (whats-his-face) our (who cares) to learn more about it.

Whats-His-Face: Hi, I'm (whats-my-face) here in Baghdad and there has been a breakthrough here in Iraq.

(My Note: There have been more "breakthroughs" in the Middle East than there have been "break-ins" in the United States in the last 50 years. It's a fact.)

Whats-His-Face: The Iraqi Government and the US government have agreed to a TIME HORIZON for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

Woman: Is this an important breakthrough and what is a "time horizon"?

Whats-His-Face: Yes, it is a very important breakthrough. A time horizon is a TIMELINE WITHOUT DATES.

At this point I just laughed out loud. They both engaged in this bizarre exchange with straight faces -- a true feat of acting.

If anyone who used to work for Pravda had been watching this, I have no doubt that they must now feel like clueless amateurs in the field of propaganda and Orwellian mumbo-jumbo.

A timeline with no dates.

The English language just entered a black hole.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

A time EVENT horizon----yes. Everything always is six months away.



FBI didn't find any connection between 9/11 and bin Laden:


Elaine Meinel Supkis

The connection was SAUDIS in Saudi Arabia and the 9/11 guys.

See? How simple is this? Bin Laden is the 'think tank' person. He set up shop in Afghanistan for the second blow which he knew we couldn't resist, we saw the Taliban as weak.

But he wanted to lure us there so he was happy to be blamed. But the hijackers were all from Saudi Arabia and Egypt.


Seems we are surrounded by an ever-retreating horizon that diminishes the reality of the present, which hopefully, in some fuzzy mirage-like way will provide an unspecified solution for the discomforting fears beyond the media wall.
While our living amongst those who for years have lived in complacency and indulging in the life-styles of distraction - our fate has condemned us to raging to our fellow agitators till our voices reach a crescendo that then collapse into the muffled agony of cynical apathy.
Elaine, with ragers like yourself I don't think that will happen, well, at least not in our life times (which is sort of like a TIMELINE without a specific date)


Until we address the power of international bankers to control our money supply, we are just chatting into the wind.

Best article EVER:


by Henry Makow Ph.D.

(From August, 2002, Revised July 18, 2008)

"It is absurd to say our country can issue bonds and cannot issue currency. Both are promises to pay, but one fattens the usurer and the other helps the people." --Thomas Edison

International bankers live in fear.

Not of starvation, disease or war. These are the concerns of children in the Third World.

Bankers are terrified we might object to paying them billions each year in interest for money they create out of nothing, guaranteed by our taxes. (The Federal Reserve Board, a private cartel of mostly foreign banks, finagled this monopoly in 1913.)

The bankers are frightened that, like the homeless man's dog, we might say, "I can do this myself."

They are scared the government might go even further and "default" on trillions of make-believe "debt."

They are frightened of losing "control." They toss and turn at night.

In order to sleep more soundly, the bankers have taken "steps."

These precautions help us to understand the world we live in, why it is becoming safer for bankers but less safe and more bizarre for everyone else.

First, people who own money machines tend to have a lot of friends. The bankers helped their friends establish monopolies in oil, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, transportation, media,etc. and took a healthy stake. As you can imagine, these people are thick as thieves. Lawyers, journalists and intellectuals all vie for a piece of the action. (Servicing this cartel of cartels is what passes for "success" these days.)

The bankers' first precaution is to buy all the politicians. The second is to buy the major media outlets in order to promote the illusion politicians make decisions and represent our interests. The third precaution is to take control of the education system, ensuring that people stop thinking at an early age.

Then the bankers use the government and media to convince us that religion, nationalism and nuclear family are unfashionable, and we want what they want.

We "want" world government ("globalization"). The bankers need to eliminate nation states, freedom and democracy in order to streamline their business and consolidate their power. The UN, the IMF and World Bank, -- glorified loan sharks and collectors -- will make the laws.

We "want" diversity. Countries are not allowed to maintain their national identities or traditions. Last Christmas, my provincial Premier tried to rename the Christmas tree at the legislature a "multicultural tree." Diversity is respecting every culture but our own. Every nation must be heterogeneous as a box of Smarties -- no one in a position to challenge the bankers.

Or take "feminism." Masquerading as equal rights for women, this ideology is designed to spread lesbian dysfunction. If women focus on careers, it means they give less importance to husband and children. They have fewer or no children who will be raised in state day cares.

Under the guise of "womens" and "gay" rights we are being re engineered to behave like homosexuals, easier to control. Psychological and biological differences between men and women are not "stereotypes." But signatories to the latest UN "CEDAW" Convention ( passed by the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee) will be required to "take all appropriate measures to modify all social and cultural patterns of conduct of men and women." (Article 5)

This kind of Communist-inspired social engineering is simply persecution of heterosexuals. It is intended to arrest our natural development: the birth rate has halved while the divorce rate has doubled. An army of highly paid lawyers, social workers and bureaucrats treat the casualties. These self-serving do-gooders are the bankers' biggest constituency.

People --stunted, love-starved, sex-obsessed -- without family, religious or national identity, are easy to control. (They'll join anything; they're looking for a family.) But in case of resistance, the bankers have created a bogeyman, "terrorism" to justify a huge security apparatus.

The Office of Homeland Security is designed to control us -- the domestic population. Why would this be necessary? We're "in debt" trillions of dollars and the bankers intend that we pay. One day they will take away our toys. In case that's a problem, an Orwellian police state will be in place. But first,the Muslims must be subjugated and robbed.

Talking about the United States as if it were an independent country is silly. American politicians pawned U.S. sovereignty in 1913. Ever since, U.S. soldiers have been bullyboys for international bankers, and nothing else.


The American taxpayer and soldier made the First World War possible. It started just six months after the establishment of the "Fed". Its purpose was to increase debt, cripple the great European nation states, slaughter a generation, and establish two of the bankers' pet projects: Communism (Russia) and Zionism (Palestine.) After the war ended, banker world government -- The League of Nations (a.k.a., "The League to Enforce Peace") was established.

The US didn't enter the Second World War in Dec. 1941 to save Western Civilization. England had stood alone against Germany for more than two years. The U.S. entered the war just six months after Hitler attacked Russia. The purpose was to save Communism! [I am indebted to A.K. Chesterton ("The New Unhappy Lords," 1969) for this insight] For the same reason, the USSR got $5 billion in U.S. lend-lease after the war ended.

After the smoke cleared, Communists instead of Nazis tyrannized Eastern Europe. Soviet agents/ US diplomats Alger Hiss and Harry Hopkins established the United Nations on land donated by John D. Rockefeller. One of the UN's first acts was to create the State of Israel.

Ben Hecht (in A Child of the Century) wrote "the Twentieth Century was cut off at its knees by World War One." Before committing suicide in 1942, Stefan Zweig (The World of Yesterday) spoke in the same tones about the demise of Western Civilization.

The planet has been hijacked. Our leaders are dupes, opportunists, traitors or all three. Almost everything we know about modern history is a hoax. A stench of moral compromise hangs over our public and cultural life. Anything promoted by the media, education, or government is suspect. This is what happens when we deny Moral Order i.e. God.

This is what our children will inherit, a world that is safe ... for international bankers.
Comments for "Making the World Safe....for Bankers"

Matt said (July 20, 2008):

This article sums it up nicely. I think the important thing for people to remember is that these people do not care about money. They own the printing presses that print the money out of nothing, and they are able to manipulate the value of this fiat funny money to their liking. They own most of the land and resources, and most of all they own all the big militaries and all the big guns.

These people are psychopathic and want absolute control over every man, woman and child on the face of this earth that is not part of their deviant inner circle. Their paper money scam is simply a means to their end, and we are seeing this right now as the economy crumbles and a Soviet-style police state is ushered in. This was all planned a very long time ago. They are ushering in a new age of Aquarius, and this goes along with their plan to eliminate Christianity, while they promote earth worship, promiscuity, homosexuality, and every other form of deviancy you can think of. It's all about changing people's idea of what "normal" is, because under their New World Order of moral relativism you will be made to accept whatever the state forces upon you. Should you decide to speak out and have an opinion of your own, you will be deemed a bigot or "anti-government" (a term which derives from the Soviet system) and either jailed or killed.

The secular humanists believe that the only absolute truth is that there is no absolute truths. This can be best summed up by what occultist Aleistair Crowley said when he stated "do as thou wilt."

As the dollar becomes more and more worthless, the prices continue to rise and people have less and less money to do what they want. When people can no longer afford to feed their families or pay for electricity, they turn to their oppressors for help -- the same ones responsible for creating the situation they're in to begin with. Few people are able to make the connection and realize that this is all deliberate.

While most people would say that the bankers are "capitalists," they really hate competition and seek to eliminate it. They are monopoly capitalists, and socialism and communism is nothing more than monopoly capitalism for the rich. These folks want the world to themselves. They want nothing more than to create a world socialistic welfare state where they have it all, with just the crumbs doled out to the peasants who will become their servants on the global plantation -- that is if they are among the 10-20% "fortunate" enough to live.

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