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Chris Q.

Thanks for the keeping the embers red Elaine.


They have lost their way. Perhaps they should consider the words of Abraham Lincoln who said, "Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?"

But then there is no profit in Peace.

The German

I wonder, were did you learn Herr Hitler was evil and wanted to wipe out the jews and everybody that was not German?

Was it perhaps the zionest owned media that filled you head with such dribble.
Or maybe you seen some movie made by jew owned hollywood.

Maybe you even read some transcripts from the Nuerenberg trials a jew run kangaroo court...

How could you possibly say the jew and U.S lie to us today but told the absolute truth over 60 yrs. ago.

Think..Think.. the jew is a born liar to anyone who is not jewish. The holohoax is the tall tale that has more holes in it then swiss cheese. Open your eyes and ask why have the jew been expelled from every country they ever dominated in, Do this and you will find the truth...


The international elitists are from ALL walks of life. The only religion they share is the worship of money, sex and power.


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Very correct, GK. And the Jews were NOT lying 55 years ago. The Germans were liars. My father was at Dachau on the day of liberation.

The German

Really Elaine,
and what did your father see? Did he see people behind wire fences dieing of starvation and dead bodies also of skin and bone corpse.

Thank the 8th air force for that,late 44-45 they knocked out all railroads and supply roads in Germany and no food or supplies got thru to any internment camps. People died of starvation and disease, you can check Red Cross records they put the total death of jews around 73,000 more then half died from tyfoid and other disease.

Zyklon B was used to kill the lice on the jew thus explains all photos of shaved heads to keep the disease from spreading and keep the death rate down. Have you ever seen a well feed average weighted corpse in all the holohox photos? Of couse not. All pictures are of people who starved to death.

The gas chamber at Auschwitz was added by the Russians in the late 40's or early 50's to really sell the story to the west.
Here's one for you, the plague at Auschwitz now reads 1.5 million died in 1989 the plague read 4 million people suffered at the hands of Nazi murders. So 2.5 million jews did not die and are alive yet the jew magical number of 6 million never changes.

A lie is always moving and changing and swaying with time But the truth never has to...

No Elaine the jews lied then and they lie even more today.
The Germans really were the last of the best race....


Germany did contribute 3 Great 20th century achievements. You probably already guessed WWI and WII. Sowing the seeds of the seeds of bitterness in Palestine by training their prodigy, the Zionist, the survivors of their atrocities. If Germany was so contrite from their action why did they not carve out a section of Germany after WWII for the surviving Jewish population instead of letting loose this plague of bitterness upon the rest of the world.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The US wanted Germany and Japan on our side in the wars against communist Russia and then later, China.

So all was forgiven.

As for the extermination of the Jews: the Nazis planned to either enslave, work to death or kill EVERYONE who was not 'Aryan'. Got that? EVERYONE. PERIOD.

There was NO MERCY planned. If the Nazis won WWII, they would have annihilated most people trapped under their rule. This is OBVIOUS AS ALL HELL. And it pisses me off greatly, anyone who minimizes this criminal intention! There was NO hope for ANYONE conquered by the Nazis. The only solution was to save them no matter what.

This meant defeating the Nazis. Ditto the Japanese who wanted slaves and wanted to work them to death. Disgusting political goal. Very disgusting.

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