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Geez Elaine, I thought Angelina and Brad's twins were the real news. And where's Brittany, Paris, and Lindsay? Viacom, Murdoch, CBS, ABC, NBC, and NYT's brainrot of 24 hour celeb"news."

One of my all-time favorite C-Span coverages was of Torture memo guy Alberto Gonzales's testimony: Gonzales Tried to Get John Ashcroft to Sign on to Wiretapping Program on His Sickbed...Alberto Gonzales' former deputy reveals an attempt at an outrageous attempt to get a bedridden John Ashcroft to extend Bush's unwarranted domestic spying program

2nd favorite when firedoglake covered the Libby trial and Patrick Fitzgerald. Where's Scooter today? Under house arrest or what?


From reading this blog, among other macroeconomic whistle blowing sites, a kind soul gave us, of all things, Alaskan cruise ship tickets. Reading James Kunstlers post-collapse novel "World Made By Hand" while cruising on a 24 hour buffet/slave filipino labor crewed/fossil fuel guzzling love barge was quite a exercise in contrast and irony. Watching a contingent of fairly obese westerners charge a mile high buffet line while tired looking wait staff hang back to whisk away piles of dirty dishes was enlightening as to our current national dilemma. The super dance troup who put on Vegas style shows all had eastern european names too. Oh well..... the scenery sure was fine up there. And, I gotta say, we sure didn't turn down the tickets in disgust. Lots of indian tourists on this particular cruise....BRICs new entrpreneurs cashing in on the western dream? My most lasting memory is the buttkicking cold virus I got aboard, maybe flown in from some remote corner of the planet to share in that floating petri dish. Oh well.....hey...who took all the chocolate cake? What the......

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Cool, Roberto. 'Ship of Fools' comes to mind here. Or 'The Masque of the Red Death'.


Elaine: I grew up near Kent, Ohio, real bullets were used to disarm the rock throwing crowd. A half-track was brought in with
a large machine gun mounted on it. Intimidation or were they really going to kill more innocent Americans. To this day,
that image has tarnised that Universtiy.
From many transcripts rubber bullets were
supposed to be used, not real ones...

Elaine Meinel Supkis

At Berkeley where people were already killed this way, we were horrified about the Kent State news. Just sickened. A lot of people were scared. Our governor was now Reagan.

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