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I wanted to draw to your attention this story, which would've been more at home in the last article, but I'm putting it here in the hopes you'll see it. Not really news to you, I'm sure, nor to most of your readership. But, the fact that it's what's being discussed in China right now is, I would say, ominous.

"Heroic CEOs can't save sick U.S. enterprise system"

Andrew Jackson Wesley

You are a crazy cat lady. How many cats do you have in your house?


Depending on what you want to use as the inflation deflator, real GDP is decreasing somewhere around 19% per annum.
The government reports use the CPI as the deflator. Issues with the current CPI are quite numerous and hugely humourous.
M2 is a better deflator, M3 is even better.
Crass realists use the price of gold as a deflator of GNP. Of course there are also a few issues with using GNP to begin with.

Just read the "Heroic CEO..." article. Man is that a wet dishrag across the kisser or what??

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes. CK.


"Wet dishrag" is an understatement.

More like a frying pan to the face moment, and the Chinese clearly expect us to do our own "nose job".


As you stated, Elaine, without the internet the sum total of knowledge would be next to nil in this fine country of ignoramuses, and the approaching doom would be even closer to our doorsteps.


Right now, the Internet is still the great equalizer in informnation about the world. People who are the least bit aware of the dishonesty and the vile propaganda of the mainstream media uses other sources like free blogs and free alternative news to know what is happening in the world. This is intolerable for the rich scumbags who control the media and the politicians of the western countries. They are trying to destroy the free Internet and retake control of all sources of information,
as described in



Seems like China is sounding out their strategy for internal discussion when they take over the remains of American industry - keep everyone but sack the upper management.

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