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I consider myself more libertarian than anything. Unfortunately it appears as though the Christian right may be getting a little to involved in the party.

Other than physics and demolitions, you and I can agree on most everything.


Elaine, as an aside, it might be important to remember that the main reason that Nixon pulled the ground troops from Vietnam was that thousands of the troops refused to fight or take orders. Actually, there was nearly the beginning of a revolution among the ground troops. It was certainly under reported if mentioned at all in the media at the time. And, it is the main reason that we will never see a draft again in the United States. Much of those events are well documented in the film "Sir No Sir". More information regarding this topic can be found at:


There was also a similar movement among enlisted troops in the Navy and Air Force.
Some U.S. Naval troops were successful in aborting the deployment of a U.S. Naval carrier deployment near the end of the war. Of course none of this was mentioned in the MSM at the time. There is some similar movements occuring today but not nearly as large in scope. Enough to keep one's fingers crossed though.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The very first 'Vietnam Vets Against the War' leaflet was designed by myself. I was VERY heavily involved in talking to and helping soldiers! I nearly died because of this. I had one guy stop breathing on me and I gave him mouth to mouth recusitation until the ambulance came. He had a contagious disease that was really terrible. We both survived.

The very first agent orange study got its first soldier recruits via myself. I was HORRIFIED when I learned that, for fun, the fly boys would dump Agent Orange on the Marines!

The ones that had this happen all got very, very sick over the years. A lot of them committed suicide. Horrors! Horrors! I was just spitting mad about all that.

One Marine said to me in 1969, 'They said this won't hurt us.'

I pulled him closer and said grimly, 'Anything that kills trees, flowers and birds is bad for humans.' But then, I was fighting the gross misuse of all farm chemicals, too. I was an organic farmer-type since 1965.

By the way, I was only 17 years old while advising soldiers about their civil and human rights...gads. They were barely much older, themselves! Tragic, just heart breaking.


Looks like I was protesting in New York City About when you were. I went there often from Danbury. I had a lot of rock music connections, and met up with met Sandra Bernhard. She was so "on," I wonder how much she really knew; maybe less that she thought! Maybe I even saw you there. There was the time all those people blocked one of the huge highways. I didn't go in for that one.

Nixon! Most all my friends hated him totally. Well, he was a creep, but I saw another side. I always knew he was set up, and I even resented it. The Monopoly Mass Media just threw him overboard for not that much. And at least I was smart enough to know it. He had The Kissinger. He was my neighbor when I lived near Kent, Connecticut. It still gives me the willies.

The truth is, Nixon was very liberal by today's standards. Possibly more liberal than Kucinich in some ways. I remember reading, long ago, that the USSR was all set to attack China with nukes, and Nixon threw the huge monkey wrench into that. He basically said we would side with China, as I recall. The world would have been a very different place if that had happened! And I always more or less assumed that that was why they pushed him overboard. I remember when all these hippies were protesting by the white house, and Tricky Dick actually came out and flashed the peace sign (I wasn't there then). Would Bush do that? Nope, no matter how much Jack Daniels...

Small world.

We had a lot of industry during the time of Nixon, and energy was no issue. Now our folks are playing checkers, their's are playing go. How sad. There must be some clever ones in the black agencies who are pulling their hair out. It's so easy to blog with "educated" people who don't know Jack Shit, nor did even meet Diddly. There are a few smart ones, but I think they're busy hoarding rice and beans. I think I'm getting that old Samuel Clemens feeling.

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