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Powerful states can apply either military or economic coercion aimed at punishing civilian populations or threatening future use of force against civilian populations through risk manipulation ultimately fail. Demonstrating to the enemy that he cannot win the war militarily elicits the greatest concessions. Large armies supported by air and naval elements can exert an enormous amount of coercive military power, as has been well evinced by the Western Great Powers. However, such forces demand large expenditures on equipment, manpower and logistical support. The weapons are large, immobile and difficult to maintain. They are out of phase with terrorists capabilities and needs.

What the terrorists lack in mechanization and firepower, it recompenses with mobility and popular support. Small units are able to operate with near impunity, attacking smaller enemy formations on ideal terms and then quickly melting into the background. Popular rural support is the essential element of the terrorists.

The ability of the "terrorists" to engage the enemy only at their choosing is enhanced through a vast network of intelligence operatives. Every peasant is a potential spy and source of information. Terrorists use the people as a sea in which to drown the enemy. Thus, the terrorist soldiers’ inferiority in size and weapons is transcended through reliance on popular support. This provides two benefits to the terrorists. First, they obtain advance warning of enemy movement. Second, it further polarizes the national population from the incumbent regime. If any peasant is a potential intelligence operative, then the enemy is forced to assume that all peasants are spies. The result is increased popular oppression by the enemy, which pushes the national population closer to the rebels – it reinforces the rebel political ideology that the enemy is detrimental to society and must be expelled.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

As that ancient terrorist and revolutionary, Mao, said: 'The revolutionaries swim in a sea of the people.'


During the height of the "troubles", England had over 20,000 troops in Ulster. They were arrayed against less than 500 actual IRA fighters. Yet, they lost because the IRA had support from the

You always heard about IRA "terrorism" but never about UDF terrorism or the terrorism of the English army allied with elements of the UDF dominated Ulster constabulary. I'm not in sympathy of the present day IRA which has degenerated into thuggish behavior very similar now to the always thuggish UDF of the good reverend Ian Paisley.

The destruction of mostly Republican Catholic neighborhoods
during the height of the troubles in Derry and Belfast was the
worst destrucion of housing in Europe since WW2

This conflict is essentially over horrendous crimes on the part
of the British in the recent and long ago past. It only seems to
be about religion because that is an emotional rallying point

Prior to the mass evicton of the Irish from their land, the Irish
were no more church going than the rest of Europe, probably
less than a lot of countries. But in the face of deprivation and
horrendous poverty, they were driven into the arms of the
church whose higher orders often sucked up the the English
and controlled their parishoners for them with superstitions
and other fear mongering manipulation. We see this today when
popular movements in the third world are crushed. People start
cllinging to all kinds of messianic beliefs as that is all they
have left to believe in. They are not allowed to believe in themselves and their future anymore

Sound familiar ?

Elaine Meinel Supkis



"Terrorism Is In Eye Of Beholder"

Or, as they say, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Which doesn't mean there's no such thing as terrorism - it just means you're on the receiving end.

"Like the Crown of Britain, the wealthy Jewish supporters of invading Palestine are extremely ruthless and brutal. They hope that they can live in 'peace' while oppressing a huge number of people. They hope that the natives will 'forget' the past and not bring it up in the future."

Oddly enough... the Jews are actually native to that region. I suppose they renounced their claim after the Diaspora, however. Move your feet, lose your seat.

"More than 100 nonaligned nations backed Iran's right to peaceful uses of nuclear power on Wednesday."

They could probably find that many nations to back their NON-peaceful use of nuclear power. "You want to nuke Tel Aviv? What are you waiting for?!"


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