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Destroy the destroyers. 1,2,3, go.


This child torture is a low as it gets. These people are capable of anything. Do we hear anything from Obama about this? No?

I did a little "study" on the black helicopter thing. The thing about the black helicopters is not that they are black, but that they appear to be completely without markings. Some say they are really very dark green. (See a link below about that.)

Alex Jones had a big block of stories about these helicopters flying over Denver (and Florida) in great numbers. People have said it was all a joke, "black helicopters"!!! However, this liberal-seeming (I'm not sure of their political stance) group of video camera toting activists called "We Are Change" actually went to Denver to film these helicopters. This group seems very credible to me. They just find stuff like this and go out and get it on video. And they were practically screaming that their videos were being systematically taken down.

I did a fairly extensive search of the web for black helicopter videos, which only got me one link, which purported to be YouTube, but had a "non-YouTube" look. When I went to play this video, my seriously sophisticated script blocking software (Firefox with NoScript) went crazy in ways it never had. It would not let me even try to play the video unless I totally disabled it, which I declined to do! The "list" of very suspicious scripts was three pages long. But I have finally come upon a real YouTube link that works for now:


(It took a LOT of time to find it.)

One very strange website seems to have a lot of information about these helicopters:


With all this awfulness going on, I just came upon something a little humorous; Jim Cramer has finally flipped! (“Sell everything. Nothing’s working!”) Here's the link:

((----- Copy & Paste - W/O The Line Breaks -----))


I remember back before the "start" of the Iraq debacle (they just "start" all by themselves) I was (for some odd reason) being treated to a dose of Rush Limbaugh's weird rant, and there was talk of torture in the air. The concept was being germinated by some evil cartel.

The odd thing was that Rush was struggling to find the memo on this particular topic, so he had to just wing it. He chewed on it for a quarter of an hour, and then concluded that we couldn't do torture because that [approximate quote, not quite paraphrase] "would make us as bad as the terrorists." A lot of degeneration has set in. Children? Seven years ago I would not have even believed it. This kind of scum comes only from the very bottom.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The history of the US massacre of Indian children rises to one's mind here.....

Carolyn Damon

Just a comment of Blues analysis. This does not come from the bottom. Ever heard the saying "the fish rots from the head down"? It aptly applies to the fact that those who run governments and rule people are the ones who initiate corruption and torture. You are right Elaine, I too thought of the massacre of Indian children and women. This all seems to be a theme in this country. The days of the Barbarians re-visited.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Irish Potato Famine rises to mind, too.


Elaine, I would be forever indebted if you would also discuss the arrest, torture and organ harvesting of the Falun Gong by the Chinese Communists.


I have a friend from Singapore who says that it is basically a set of exercises, but it is associated with the Chinese Nationalists that lost the battle with the communist Mao and had to escape to Taiwan.

Hundreds of them are protesting in Wellington New Zealand to stop this.

But now the US has frozen arms sales to Taiwan to help the Chinese Communists finish exterminating the nationalists.

This will be an immense crime against humanity and it will not be broadcast due to our TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of debt to the communists.


"The United States has frozen on arms sales to Taiwan following concerns expressed by China, top US military commander in Asia Admiral Timothy Keating said Wednesday."

Oh, and I just could NOT HELP WONDERING how the France New Wire got this AMAZING one hour lead on breaking the following story in 1972? Hmmm, can anyone think of a fancy winery in France? Chateau Laf...


"On September 6th, AFP breaks the news of the Israeli hostages' deaths at the Olympic Games in Munich an hour ahead of the rest of the media. On November 22nd, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times sign-up for distribution of AFP news in the U.S. "

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