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There are no markets anymore just interventions.


It now looks like our gang of neo-liberal/conservative goons screwed over
Gorbachev much like they screwed over
Jimmy Carter. They were desperate to
resurrect the Frankenstein of the Russian
Grizzly as part of their empire of fear.
Their lives are puny and useless unless they
have plots to hatch, paranoia to whip up and
empires to build

All for what ? No one gets out of here
alive and no-one nation can ever control
the world. Our power mad goons need to get
a life.


Hi, your email looks to be down:

The recipient emeinel@taconic.net had permanent fatal errors.

While talking to

554 5.7.1 : Recipient address rejected: "DOBLOCK due to generic rDNS and multiple submissions (1)"


I came across this interesting news piece

US government has decided to immediately suspend sales of SIX strategic materials, within which platinum is one of them


Are they getting ready for possible large military conflict?



I get the following alarm when I try to connect to the above
website address:

"The certification for this website was signed by an unknown
authority. You may be connecting to a web site pretending
to be www.dnsc.dla.mil.... which could put your information
at risk"

I've never seen this alarm before...

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Do NOT connect to that web page posted by Darius!!!!


It was Donald Rumsfeld who said, “Man and the turtle are very much alike. Neither makes any progress without sticking his neck out.”

Unfortunately for Saakashvili, he is Bush's new turtle. And he was just given the Saddam jig and cast to the wolves, as all these buffoons eventually are once their number comes up.

You can take your history refresher course on Turtle diplomacy here: http://chss.montclair.edu/english/furr/glaspie.html

It is the complete conversation between Saddam and US Ambassador Glaspie prior to the commencement of Gulf War I.

Please take note of the comment by Glapie, "We have many Americans who would like to see the price go above $25 because they come from oil-producing states."

Also of Saddam's, "We do not want too high prices for oil."

These so-called Americans are NOT Americans. They are pirates, thieves and opportunistic parasites. They have no nationality. And they use any country, any flag, to ply their misery creating greed.

Fortunately, there are patriots like Putin who do not put up with their BS. Hopefully, Hu can sell Putin the ideology of "One World, One People", so that he migrates his deep seated patriotism to all men, not just Russians.


Out here in Europe there´s a bit different story on why this happened in Georgia.
On Russian pressure, European members of Nato did not want Georgia to join Nato. (Nato cannot have border disputes with Russia).
US wanted Georgia to join.

Abhasia and S-Ossetia are very useful for Russia in that regard (keeping Georgia out of Nato). They propably don´t even want to make them part of Russia even if they now have the chance.
I doubt Russia wants to invade Georgia either. It takes much more than 20.000 troops.

Saakashvili made a huge miscalculation in thinking Georgia could break the decade long deadlock and join Nato. And they attacked (propably encouraged by Israel and US promises of help).
Feelings are quite mixed on this here. On the other hand there´s understanding for Russia. But Russian tanks going to small neighbouring countries has a pretty bad echo too in Eastern Europe (Georgian propaganda takes advantage of this). Those tanks have a habit of staying for 50 years.

There is so much propaganda on both sides of the war. But I think this time the Russians are a bit closer to truth.

Medvedev and Putin may be many things, but they are not fools. They think a few moves ahead. You know the national pastime is chess in Russia ;).
And they just showed they can play quick chess too. And that the other side may have fallen victim to Kotov syndrome.


Why not Elaine? Its a Defense National Stockpile Center website. Not sure why but they require connection using the SSL (secure socket layer) certificate so the connection is encrypted just like when you buy anything online. Looking at the certificate they use its issued to DOD and looks valid. Even if its not valid it only means that the connection while still being encrypted is not validated. Or the authenticity of the certificate owner is not validated.

The error G is getting means that his browser does not have the matching public certificate . Thats all, I'm using Firefox and have no problems or errors with their certificate :)

Anyway you can go to the home page at:

and then look at the news Releases.

I find it very interesting that the sales of Platinum among other metals is suspended.

"Ft. Belvoir, VA – The Defense National Stockpile Center announces plans to suspend competitive commercial offerings of six commodities and reduce the sale amounts of seven additional commodities. The actions are being taken as a result of an on-going study to address congressional concerns about Department of Defense needs for strategic and critical materials.

Sales of the following commodities are hereby suspended until further notice: Columbium Metal Ingot, Tantalum Carbide Powder, Platinum, Iridium, Tin and Zinc. Sales offerings under the following solicitations are immediately suspended:

• Columbium Metal Ingot - (BOA) DLA-TANTALUM-001
• Tantalum Carbide Powder – (BOA) DLA-TANTALUM-001
• Platinum – (BOA) DLA-PGM-002
• Iridium – (BOA) DLA-IRIDIUM-003
• Tin – (BOA) DLA-TIN-011
• Zinc –(BOA) DLA-ZINC-004


Also looked to buy a platinum American Eagle on the US Mint website (usmint.gov) and the platinum coins have been taken off the page. Silver and gold are still there. I hear reports of shortages of physical metals, palladium, platinum and gold at many suppliers. This is very strange considering the strong down movement of the prices http://www.kitco.com/charts/livegold.html

Any ideas and thoughts you might have on all of this?



JT, following your rationale, the question that needs to be asked is, who fell victim to Kotov's syndrome, Saakashvili or the US/Israel? The answer, will give you a clearer picture of the play.

In my view, Saakashvili is way out of his depth. Further, he is not good copy, watching the edited video on him and you see a frightened street hood. Saddam had much more intelligence than this guy and they ate him for breakfast.


Saakashvili graduated from Columbia University Law School. Nice one!


"It was a pleasure to listen to President Saakashvili describe his kinship for the Jewish people," noted Tisch and Hoenlein. "He shares the dedication of the American Jewish community promoting democratic values, the rule of law, and zero tolerance for terrorism."

In his remarks, President Saakashvili described Jews in the United States as "the best of Americans," noting their love of country and concern for events abroad.

A graduate of Columbia University Law School, the 36-year-old leader promised that he and his Western-educated ministers would act as "the guarantor of the rule of law." He described efforts to remove violence from Georgian society, crack down on corruption, and reform and streamline the bureaucracy so that Georgia will provide a welcoming environment for foreign investment. He urged the Jewish leaders to help his nation in this ambitious undertaking by nurturing closer business ties between Georgia and the West and Israel.


GK, thanks for the info. Intelligence is not necessarily reflected by the school you graduate from.

Case in point, G.W. Bush. Also, We are almost certain Saakashvili's father didn't donate a library to Columbia, so the assumption that he is intelligent.

Which begs the question, so what's his excuse???

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Sorry, Darius. Glad you explained what happened when one clicks on the site you posted here. I am rather paranoid because of the potential of cyber attacks here. I pay a bit of money for security which is why I don't use the 'free' sites.

Thanks, everyone, for the insights from Europe. Yes, Russia is scary. But Europe forgets who is also scary: EUROPE. Anyone with half a brain, reading all of Europe's history, can see clearly who is the party that invades whom over and over again!

It is NOT RUSSIA. It is EUROPE. Between Germany and France, in particular! Russia's paranoia is not crazy nor stupid. It is firmly based on a correct historical appraisal of their dangers from European SNEAK ATTACKS. For always, always, always, European rulers think, 'If only I can suddenly rush into Russia, I will win.'



Here is a link to Tolstoy's War and Peace
War and Peace

Christian W

From the Guardian:


While Russia walks tall, Saakashvili will struggle to survive as one of the world's youngest presidents. The Europeans are already divided and vulnerable to charges of indecision and impotence. Nato splits over Georgia and Ukraine will widen. American policies in the region have been severely set back. Western energy policy is looking flaky.

"This was a proxy war, not about South Ossetia, but about Moscow drawing a red line for the west," said Alexander Rahr, Russia expert at Germany's Council on Foreign Relations and a biographer of Putin. "They marched into Georgia to challenge the west. And the west was powerless. We're dealing with a new Russia."


"The Americans suffered a rare defeat in April at a Nato summit when George Bush argued strongly for starting Georgia towards alliance membership and was defeated by Angela Merkel of Germany and Sarkozy of France.

"This is the first time ever that an American president's request was rejected because France and Germany stuck together," said a senior source at the Elysee Palace in Paris.

In a tough statement yesterday, John McCain said the Nato rebuff to Georgia "might have been viewed as a green light by Russia for its attacks on Georgia. I urge the Nato allies to revisit the decision."

But the French and the Germans feel vindicated in rejecting Georgia and are unlikely to bend.

"A country that has such problems and is led by a hot-headed militant does not belong in Nato," said Rahr in Berlin. "It could take the whole alliance hostage and start the third world war."

EU foreign ministers meet tomorrow in Brussels on Georgia, but are riven over how to respond.

"The spectrum of views in the EU is very wide. It ranges from cold warriors to appeasers," said one of the European officials. "It will be hard to get a consensus."

Four EU leaders from the Baltic states and Poland went to Tbilisi today to show solidarity with Georgia and denounce the Russian "imperialism" they have all been victims of in the past.

The Italian government, by contrast, said it was "close to Putin's position. This war has pushed Georgia further away from Europe."


What I think we might be missing here is that this is a calculated move by the neoclones, if reported correctly Condie was on the ground 3 days before Saakashvili cracked a bottle of moet on one of his new tanks to launch the affair. Israel and the US knew that he would go in boots and all, that's what they wanted. This was just a test of the RedBear to see how it would react to real military provocation and to observe the performance of the RedBear's troops and weapons and in particular to look for and assess any new military toys that the RedBear might put into play BEFORE Israel and the US launch the real show in Iran. Hang on to your chairs kiddies 'cause you ain't seen nothing yet, we are in for one hell of a show, coming soon to a middle eastern theater near you.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

They didn't expect Russia to respond strongly. Idiots.

The sneak attack on Russian soldiers was just like Pearl Harbor. Remember, Hawaii was NOT a state when we used it for a naval base in 1940. It was a 'province'.


"Europe is responding to this by the simple method of hyper-over expanding the US treaty organization, NATO and their own little reconstruct of the Napoleonic/Holy Roman Empire which is now called 'The European Union'."

You will have course have noticed that the nations in 'The European Union' all asked to join. Rather unlike the nations of the old USSR who weren't offered a choice, eh what?

Damned ungrateful of all those former-USSR nations who Russia saved from capitalism to go running off to join the capitalists at the very first opportunity!

Christian W


BBC shows Saakashvili chewing on his tie...

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