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Hey Elaine, you're not the only one with predictive powers. Way back when the US first invaded Afghanistan one of my first thoughts was that the Russians had a wide open opportunity for revenge against what the US did to Russia when it invaded Afghanistan. Our imperialists crow in public, even to this day, about how clever they were to lure Russia into that trap. Being social idiots, it didn't occur to them that REVENGE would be on Russian military minds once the US was lured into the very same trap. So now Russia is making its move, along with so many other of our justly earned enemies.

I like to call WWIII WWW (pronounced dubya dubya dubya, like the nickname of our disastrous simian president). The best we can hope of WWW is that nukes won't fly.

WNC Observer

So, with this "IOUSA" thing, we see the opening play in the campaign to kill off Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid. It has been well known for decades that these programs were unsustainable and would bankrupt the US unless something was done to put them on a more sound footing. So why was nothing done, year after year? Now we know: because the powers that be (TPTB) never had any intention of fixing the problem. They have planned all along to kill off these programs when it finally came to the point that the red ink became too great. That's the only fix that they've ever had in mind.

Many of us have been saying for years, half joking and mostly cynically, that there wouldn't be any Social Security for us when we got to "retirement age". Now we know for certain that it isn't a joke, that is in fact the plan, and we can count on it.

I always have assumed that I wouldn't get very much Social Security for very long, so I've tried to plan accordingly and make other arrangements. The trouble is, though, that a very large number of people have been living their lives under the assumption that Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid would be there for them. If they had known the truth of the matter, how differently would they have lived their lives? Would they still have bought the McMansions, and the SUVs, and the big screen TVs, and taken the vacation trips to Vegas, and on and on? No, they would have had to live much more frugal lives, and saved a bigger nest egg rather than running up the debts.

And so now we get to the real truth of the matter. What would that have done to the economy? Well, it would have meant fewer sales of McMansions, and SUVs, and big screen TVs, and Vegas vacations, and on and on. And this, of course, would have ultimately meant a much diminished flow of profits going into the pockets of TPTB. THAT is why they haven't been able to be honest with people and tell them up front that they had better plan on not having Social Security or Medicare or Medicaid. It was more profitable for them to continue to deceive the people, then pull the rug out from under them at the very last minute and leave all of us (except TPTB, who are all wealthy and well-connected enough to have made other arrangements) in the worst possible of circumstances.

I cannot come up with the words to express my contempt for the evil, lying, thieving, scheming parasites responsible for this.


The Bush Crime Family are tasteless low rent hoodlums who will slink off to their family compound in Paraguay at the first sign of DubyaDubyaDubyaThree.

That is their 'Green Zone'. To bad the Russians and the Chinese have the GPS co-ordinates of the place locked and loaded.

Patrick O'Meara

You are so right, they are afraid of their own citizens and with good reasons. A few years ago I read a biography of Harry Truman. At the end of his presidency in 1953 he got in his car and drove himself home to Missouri without even police escorts. Things have sure changed in a mere 55 years.


We could save a lot of money by having both coronations,er
conventions, held in the same city.

Glorious Party 1 could be held one day or at one venue

And Glorious Party 2 could be held the same.

All Heil to the one true Party with two wings.


After watching the documentary, America: Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo (you can access here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1656880303867390173&hl=en), I have come to the conclusion that USA stands for either of two things, 1.) Unbelievably Smart American, and 2.) Unbelievably Stupid American.

I.O.U.S.A. is just another distraction and confusion strategy perpetuated on the American public to distract it from the real TRUTH. It is by design a good cop, bad cop scenario that suggests choosing the lesser of two evils. Well, there are NO TWO EVILS, THERE IS ONLY ONE.

And I have to say, the Unbelievably Smart American, who makes up a minute portion of the US population, while smart, is neither patriotic, American or a good cop. He is a part of an international cabal of bankers who look at the rest of humanity as milking cows, cannon fodder, and chattel. They are unconcionable, ruthless and evil. They are not human in any sense of the word.

Watch the documentary and judge for yourself just how stupid, you and me, and the rest of the world have been. The degree of deceit is unfathomable.

Steelers Wheel

Obamba's campaign and the "Liberals" remind me of the Steelers Wheel song

Clowns to the left of me
Jokers to the right
And here I am
Stuck in the middle with you

Fasten your seat belts Muchachos...Its going to be John Wayne
Wackain for the Glorious Leader of the Fee World.


After looking at the photos of the children, both Georgian and Ossettian, made homeless by our sneak attack in Georgia, as well as the adults standing in their shattered homes, I started thinking about human history again.

It seems to me that for all of modern human history, the vast majority of ordinary people have been caught between two criminal syndicates: either a public or a private one. The private ones we call "The Mafia" or similar names. The public one we call "Our Government".

There never seems to be any other choice, other than death.


"The I.O.U.S.A. propaganda push is set up to convince Americans, we can't afford social services...,)

The DC mafia is impaled on the two-horned dilemna in their wish of destroying social services. Why? These nutjobs expect Christmas every two weeks when payroll deducts SS and medicare I & II from the working stiffs. Anyone that's paid into social security, medicare I & II would DEMAND their hard earned labor/money returned with interest. The pharmafia drug lord lobbyists would send their hatchetmen and congress would sing soprano if medicare/medicaid were wiped-out.

Finally, if the last vestiges of our only working government program, social services, were destroyed with congress approval and the king's flick of a pen, chaos would ensue with the poor, ill, disabled, elderly, and children tossed into the streets to beggar and die. Citizens would have nothing to lose in mass rioting. The deep southern states believe that SS & medicare is their god given right. Ha!, the French revolution would look like a cakewalk ;)

Remember Gore's dream of SS's lockbox? The Decider's foolishly opened Pandora's Box to the four winds. Nothing more than IOUS in a file cabinet, ehhh Georgie?


After looking at the photos of the children, both Georgian and Ossettian, made homeless by our sneak attack in Georgia, as well as the adults standing in their shattered homes, I started thinking about human history again.

It seems to me that for all of modern human history, the vast majority of ordinary people have been caught between two criminal syndicates: either a public or a private one. The private ones we call "The Mafia" or similar names. The public one we call "Our Government".

A Klee drawing named “Angelus Novus” shows an angel looking as though he is about to move away from something he is fixedly contemplating. His eyes are staring, his mouth is open, his wings are spread. This is how one pictures the angel of history. His face is turned toward the past. Where we perceive a chain of events, he sees one single catastrophe that keeps piling ruin upon ruin and hurls it in front of his feet. The angel would like to stay, awaken the dead, and make whole what has been smashed. But a storm is blowing from Paradise; it has got caught in his wings with such violence that the angel can no longer close them. The storm irresistibly propels him into the future to which his back is turned, while the pile of debris before him grows skyward. This storm is what we call progress.

— Walter Benjamin,
Ninth Thesis on the Philosophy of History

sorry but I'm in a melancholic mood at moment....


I have simply assumed that 08/28/08, the last day of the democratic convention, and some kind of magik number, was the last day of the US republic.

So many things point to preparation of a Nazi takeover of the country, just like happened to Germany.

1. Financially weaken the host. Done.
2. Engender envy of the rich. See 1.
3. Create hated of Foreign people. See Iran/Israel.
4. Join military and government interests. Done.

Denver is chosen due to the huge underground bases under the Denver International Airport (DIA) and many military bases, NORAD.

This will serve as the new Masonic temple for our new dictators.

The riot police are the first line of defense against any angry citizens who realize what has happened after the entire democratic party is vaporized.

Then it is time to ‘avenge’ whoever ‘did this’ and start WWIII in the middle east and finish the depopulation of the world from 6 to 500 million as depicted on the artwork in the DIA.

Now people will start cheering the new dictators “Save Us!”, “Go Get ‘Em!”, “Nuke’m to the Stone Age!” and other text message friendly sentiments.

What I cannot figure out is if Israel is being groomed as the new military ruler of the culled Middle East, or if they are being herded there for additional vaporization. Due to the strong Masonic imagery in the Knesset, I believe it is the first scenario, military ruler.

Arnold ‘Death Skull’ Schwarzenegger will rule the west coast military industry scientific industries. London will take back over the EU and reassemble the Holy Roman Empire. Israel will rule the Middle East and China will make stuff with slave labor and no complaints.

All the signs are in place, this thing looks locked and loaded. It is so perfect, in a satanic way, it probably brings tears to someone’s eyes.

Or then again, maybe Obama will bring Change We Can Believe In.


“When Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, his Nazi Party was in the minority. The Nazis had just suffered setbacks in the German elections of Nov. 6, 1932, losing 34 Reichstag seats. President Hindenburg had appointed Kurt von Schleicher Chancellor.

Yet, less than three months later, on Jan. 30, 1933, after a well-financed Nazi propaganda and armed-terror campaign, Hindenburg appointed Hitler to take Schleicher’s place. The Nazis got Hindenburg to schedule new elections for March 5. With streams of money for their propaganda and guns, the Nazis “won” the election, and Hitler seized power.

The two principal German organizers of this Hitler takeover, were Hjalmar Schacht and Fritz Thyssen. Both men were operatives of the British Empire, through Bank of England Governor Montagu Norman, and of a British-controlled Wall Street grouping at the center of which were Averell Harriman, and Harriman’s partner, Prescott Bush, the father of the later U.S. President George Bush.”

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ah, the demons of history. When there is something totally off, totally dire, new leaders arise. But the danger of this is, many of them are psychopaths.

George Washington was not a psychopath. He saved our collective souls, even freed his poor slaves. Unlike Jefferson, the dreamer who went bankrupt and all the slaves who were the sons and daughters of himself and his father in law were sold into deeper, darker slavery. This is the foundation of the US, and a very bloody one, at that.

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