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geoffery battams

palin the female of the species is far deadlier than the male.looking upon this woman i can see that big trouble is ahead mcsane is likely to die in office or will go from 75percent senile to completely senile and she will take the reigns once the whip is in her hand god help us all. i have met many people in my life but out of all of them the top predator was a woman they walk around town in winter in mini skirts and thin blouses and dont seem to get cold they have the ability to nag continualy untill a male will just give in. they carry children for nine months give birth and outlive men mcsane looked decidedly unconmfortable in her presence and i can see bodicea wanting to run the show .a black cat moans when he is burning with the fever a stray dog howls when he is lonely in the night A WOMAN WILL GO CRAZY WITH THE THOUGHTS OF RETREBUTION but a man starts weeping when he is sick and tired of life THIS ALL REMINDS ME OF SPITTING IMAGE RONALD REGAN THE PRESIDENTS BRAIN IS MISSING/RONALD REGAN MK 2 SENILE JOHN MCAIN

Christian W

The maniacs are serious. They really are planning war. If they cut Russia off from the West it leaves Europe with only one option for energy. The Middle East. This is just a bullshit plan to ensure that Europe jumps on the 'conquer the ME and Central Asia' plan with Israel and the US. They are definitely planning to put the squeeze on Iran. Isolate Russia, conquer Persia.

The British leadership KNOW they are screwed, their Chancellor of the Exchequer even admitted publicly yesterday to the Guardian that Britain faces the largest economic crisis since WWII.

Screw Bush/Brown and the zionist neocons. It is obvious they can feel the sand shifting beneath their feet. Looks like war is their answer, how unsurprising.

I think this is an attempt to radicalize the EU. Interestingly I saw comments recently where the Finnish Foreign Minister said Europe should be careful with Russia.
But it looks to me as if it is the US/British that are the main force behind this move again. Wonder how long they can pull the rest of Europe with them, if they can at all. I don't think many Europeans are really buying into this bullshit yet. But if there is another false flag operation who knows what will happen. If things keep going on in this direction there will be a major war within 10 years.

geofery battams

THE OASIS/in october 87 i started to see arabic writeing in gold in my minds eye.this was followed by a vision /it is early morning and just getting light in the desert a boy of about six years of age is standing waiting as he did every morning to see the sun rise.he loved to see it rise and to be anointed by its rays. as the sun starts to rise a small speck is flying low across the desert floor it is a huge golden eagle the biggest bird of its type ever seen .it is now screeching and riseing up higher and higher into the desert sky it glows as red gold in the riseing sun now it is diveing towards the boy at very high speed just as she is about to hit his head she rises up he can feel the incredible anointing power in her wings .she has gone so high she has flown into the eye of the sun.now across the desert race 3 animals a pure black saluki and a pure white saluki are chaseing a golden gazelle into the oasis the three plunge now the water has turned blood red it is boiling mist has formed and a white horse comes from this mist upon it sits side saddle? a very old arab warriour in his right hand he holds a gold scimitar.he speaks many years ago the knights of the cross came to our land they spoke of gods love and honor out of respect many fine robes and foods we gave to them but the love they spoke of was of themselves thier honor is as solid as the fine desert sand that so quickly falls thru the hand i tell you this the rabid desert dog is not as mad as they/then a soldier is seen blowing on a gold horn on a desert dune a ray of light has descended from the heavens he is vaporised the sand has all turned to glass a strange wind of death blows across this land it is a completey destroying wind of death eventually the sands blow from farther away all is coverd by sand even the sea is dead nothing lives just silence absoulute silence


It Is All Bullshit, My Friends!!!!

The Barby Ken & Barby Doll Game is A loser!!!

They are the Truly Fucked of this world.

The chips still sit upon the table. The game still goes on.

But God knows exactly how fucked they are. It is total.

As in 100%.

Not just their next-door God. I mean ALL of them!


Your cartoon says it all. I really like Iran kitty being coddled by the Dragon, its awesome! USA can end the insanity and do the right the thing, step down quitely with grace. However, we all know they will do the opposite. Lash out. Strike hard. Try and preserve hegemony. Hopefully they fail without using nukes, and we go on with our lives.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

All my life, ever since I learned to read and went to the Chicago train station in 1954 and saw [I was only a few years old] 'Cold War Heats Up' I was jolted into trying to understand basic power contradictions. Then, by 1967, I was jolted again and got to see the consequences of Nuclear Warfare. I have struggled since my fifth birthday to fight this event.

It always lurks on the horizon. Sometimes, we hear the distant thunder and boom of the bombs. Then the winds shift and it fades. But it is still there. If we stand on a mountain and look to the West, we can see the storm clouds moving restlessly in this hideous storm I call WWIII.

It is very visible right now.


"Obama signed his death warrant by choosing Biden"
Took me a moment to understand what that meant, but when it dawned on me, I couldn't stop shaking for a full minute.
Looks like democracy can't right itself after all.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Well, look at the LBJ-Kennedy arrangement.


The Americans and Europeans have failed to finish off the Evil Empire in the 90s. Instead, they left it crippled, angry and humiliated...desiring blood and vengeance...

They stood by, idly, as the crippled beast sunk its teeth into Chechnya and tasted blood again...and there, somewhere amid the cries of terror, the bombs, and the destruction...the beast was reborn.

And it is hungry.


The U.S and the Europeans have a club. The Russians and Chinese aren't in it.

Pat O'Meara

I predict the CIA or some western intelligence will asassinate Saakoshitvali and blame the Russians. He has almost outserved his usefulness to the west. Perhaps they would like him to give a few more interviews condeming the Russians. He tries to say all the right things in interviews for the west but I sense he is scared to death. WW1 teaches us what can happen with such an assassination.

I guess it won't be the Dutch secret service because they hilariously announced that their secret service was leaving Georgia. LOL.

Elaine Meinel Supkis


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