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Elaine, please talk about South Ossetia.


I don't know all the specifics, but it appears as though Russia is backing Georgian rebels in South Ossetia.

Maybe the "Orange Revolution" will get rolled back after all?



Two more things:

One more tiny sign of our degenerate media is their apparently inability to distinguish between the Australian and NZ national flags. This is clear in the mislabeled photos up on Yahoo's Olympic coverage.

The new US embassy is a modernist piece of crud. This is not surprising since all the starchitects now are disciples of the worthless Le Corbusier.


Portland Indymedia doesn't quite get it on this China business!:


See my input, and various other responses here (some are over-long):


Good Lord, that embassy is the ugliest thing I've ever seen. It wouldn't even get patients if it was a hospital. Can't USans do anything right anymore?

Oh, and Russia is "nearly" at war with Georgia over South Ossetia. Tanks are in, and planes are dropping bombs. The Russians made it quite clear that they would use force to prevent Georgia from overtaking South Ossetia, which is technically part of Georgia due to a decree by Stalin. But the South Ossetians mostly have Russian passports. Story here:



The Olympics lost its luster when the
committee started adding volleyball, tennis,
etc. I don't think the Greeks intended
these sports to be added. What a shame..
As a golfer I almost threw up when I heard
that the PGA wants Golfing in the next
Olympics..next up the WWF................



Totally agree that there are a lot of so-called "progressives" out there who just don't get it. Last weekend I was at our local farmer's market and there were several members of the World Socialist Workers there holding up flyers with Obama and his promise of change. I didn't have the heart to tell those poor misguided souls that BO is owned by the parasite class.


I have to disagree with you on Olympic sports. Women's beach volleyball is definitely a plus in my eyes. I have fond memories of staying up late to watch those contests in 2000. Hahah.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The original Olympics were in the nude. HAHAHA. THAT would be a huge TV hit! Absolutely.

As for Russia and Georgia: the news came over the wire as I was finishing the story. Will discuss this soon. Many more thunderstorms here today, they are messing up my ability to post stories since I have to shut down all my electronics every time these many storms come. This is by far, the stormiest summer I have ever seen up here!

Daily thunderstorms!

AF: that embassy is not only stupid looking, where is its security? Eh? HAHAHA. Seriously, I bet the US asked China how to do it and the Chinese said, 'Put in nothing but windows. Thanks in advance.'

I had to deal with the Chinese secret police more than once, by the way. They are easy to spot. Seriously, they NEVER ring doorbells, they just walk in. One once appeared in my home, I grabbed him by the arms and threw him, literally, out the door so fast, he head was spinning.

Sheng laughed his head off afterwards and then reported the poor man's humiliation to the people upstairs in Beijing. I suppose the guy ended up on patrols on the Russian border.


People are so tribal its fuc*ed up. When large country A holds olympics, the citizens of large country B will mumble that if they were the leaders, they would be nuking country A instead of taking part. If they happen to be allies, they'll usually resort to attacking country A people's appearance, cultural habits, etc. If country B happens to be in a wee bit of trouble, this becomes even worse, because during bad times, citizenry cling to demagogues.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I personally think the Olympics should be terminated. I am sick and tired of the hyper-nationalism that surrounded it from nearly the beginning. It is particularly sad to watch people in the US accuse other nations of politicizing it when we are huge violators of the 'non-political' stuff. I remember the Winter Olympics: the US paraded around with the big flag from the WTC and was extremely bellicose about everything.


Elaine: If the Pollution content in China
is so bad, why is the country polluting it
with over 50,000 fireworks for the
opening ceremony? Or did China invent the
non-polluting, non-smelling fire-cracker?
Something smells funny here.............
If the first Olympics were in the nude,
I would like to be re-incarnated by a time
machine with front row seats..............


We should include finance in the Olympics

One event could be the bad mortagage re-bundling contest.Those able to offload
the most mortgages thru debt securitizing would win.

Our congress could participate in bag-man carrying contests.


Images not so hard to find.

US embassy, Beijing

Below the smaller pic on left you can click for more images. Looks as big as the Forbidden City!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

HAHAHA. It has a moat? I hope it has a drawbridge.

Also, people in glass houses shouldn't be throwing human rights rocks.

D. F. Facti

mcdonald's ad for opening ceremony: "the more we get together, the happier we'll be."

and w and poppy both are there with pootie-poot to pay homaage to their boss

Gary W

Re the ancient nude Olympics: only men were allowed to compete. They were only made nude because a woman snuck in! Hahaha!

The Olympics has definitely passed its "best before" date; it's just a giant franchising operation now, a machine for converting nationalistic fervour into money. No resemblance to the ancient Olympics at all.


"The US coverage of the Chinese Olympics has been a marathon of propaganda aimed straight at the US audience."

Jesus. I suppose there's no way you could just crack open a beer, sit back in the recliner, and watch the bike races and the swim meet?

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