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I believe that if Israel bombs Iran, Russia will take over Georgia's

Too bad. We missed an opportunity to ease the Russian's paranoia
after the loss of their colonies. Instead we re-colonized them and
now have NATO, missles,and other sharp things pointed at their jugulars.

Maybe Israel wants the Grizzly bogged down in Georgia so they
can pull off their BBB stunt on the Iranians.Maybe afterwards they will try to re-enlist our help in getting the pipeline back ? Fat chance. Russia will be there to stay if that happens.

Most of the G7's leaders are wacked out of their minds with stress and subconsciously desire a little WWF as a respite from all the
hard work maintaining this financial Stoogery show. Too bad. Rasslin' can be contained on a Texarcana stage but not on the world stage

On the world stage it will be more like a bar fight in Sturgis
between the Hells Angels and the Pagans.


Guess the Iranians will soon get their Russian SA-300 anti-air systems pronto courtesy of Russ-FedEx. I wonder if the Russians will throw in a few EMP nukes as housewarming gifts? I guess the phrase "Those who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones" is appropriate.

The Three New US Flotillas are due this week in the Middle East. This is much sooner than I expected.


As expected oil and gold are being crushed while the stock market is getting pimped prior to the main event. The average person can only continue to prepare for the food and fuel fiasco coming this winter that will result from this mis-adventure.


Watch what this American from Florida has to say about the South Ossetia incursion by the Georgians:


Interesting analogy between Georgia and a possibel independence of latin East LA, California: http://www.energybulletin.net/node/46194

Very useful for americans !



I agree with you.

Israel, not US, will attack Iran. US will try to keep the gulf open for arab allies, but not IRAN. Israel is trying to re-open a pipeline between northern Iraq-Jordan-Israel and also BTC pipeline. Israel knows that Russi will help Iran, so they asked Georgia to provoke a conflit with Russia to keep them busy.

I think this strategy won't work. There are a lot of smart and strategic enemies around Israel. Israel thinks they are smart as american foreign policy politicians... This is a big mistake.


Israel manipulates US foreign policy and thinks Russia, Iran or China are similar to US politicians. It's a huge mistake.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Many years ago, I had this awful vision of WWIII. At the heart of it was the US and Israel deliberately launching a massive military grab for all the world's oil systems.

So I dedicated myself to trying to stop this stupid thing. Europe desperately wants the US to be a good buddy. Europe is desperate to please the US and this always means pleasing Israel. The last year, Israel has taken control of more and more of Europe's foreign policies and the Europeans are OK with this since it pleases AIPAC and the CFR.

So everyone is in concert with starting WWIII. Europe and Japan started WWII and Europe alone started WWI. Europe, far from learning any lessons here, seems bent on experimenting with WWIII to see if they can be totally destroyed rather than partially destroyed.


If Israel bombs Iran, heaven help us all.
But I dont see that happening. You are
under Estimating Iran's fire power on the
ground and in the Strait. Oil will go
to 200.00 a barrel in one week. Want a
Global recession, you just asked for it..



Japanese working classe is becameing ware of its own situation... Marxist novel is a bestseller in Japan:







Dear Elaine,
Did the German people know during the 30's that their Army was murdering millions in Poland etc.? Or was the propoganda similar to what we have today or worse? This topic shakes my very soul. Please shed light on this. Thank you. You Rule!!!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

We hung the editor of one of Germany's biggest newspapers after we won WWII. We said in court, lying about war is grounds for executing editors.

So let the hangings begin!

Christian W

If the US/Israel is going to attack Iran it will be now, with maximum US forces present to guard the Persian Gulf while Israel does the attack itself.


I have heard that George Soros is behind the leader in Georgia and that the British is behind Soros.
It that true?
And is it really the British Financial Families behind whats going on?
Just wonder?

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