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Putin is a germanophile. Likes beer over vodka and germany and france got more military manpower and technology right now than russia. Notice how german corporates don't get taken to the cleaners in russia, only the anglo-american conglomerates.


The "I Won" cartoon is outstanding.

Putin as csar/caesar.
(I know they have same root).

Elaine Meinel Supkis

France and Germany always think they have more manpower and military muscle than Russia. And always end up crushed by Russia.


Thirsty is right.
Think about BP for example, they were just ousted from BP-TNK in Russia. And now Russia is closing in on BTC-pipeline in Georgia (BP owns 30%).

My all time favorite Bush-Putin moment is this.
Bush is such an embarrasment.

US is the greatest country in the world by far. You just need a better president.



With the USA pushed on to the back foot, is the USA likely to react more aggressively next time?

In Georgian crisis, the USA has almost only employed rhetoric which everybody knows that and two dollars is needed to buy a cup of coffee.


Let's look at some of the most ignored achievements of Putin:

1.) Bringing his country out of debt in 10 years (Clinton tried and after two terms just barely dented the US debt; more pretend economics than anything)

2.) Jailing Russian oligarchs and criminals who aided the West in looting Russia (I suppose Martha Stewart would count as a US version, I am crying just thinking about this comparison!)

3.) Destroying the warlords of Chechnya whose sole income was generated from illegal arms trade and the narco trade coming out of Afghanistan. Do we need to go into who controls that trade today and how it's No.1 market is the US. How $1 Trillion of this money is laundered in the US through Wall Street every year?

3.) Serving his people, not his friends. Lee Kuan Yew is another example of this type of leadership. (Bush, Cheney, et al ONLY serve their own interests and their friends). Carlyle, Halliburton, etc.

4.) Paying attention to TRUTH, not IMAGE. Hollywood is not TRUTH, Hollywood is ILLUSION. He has acted on the truths of Palestine, Iran and Venezuela, and to a degree Lebanon.

Is Putin ex-KGB? Yes.
Bush Sr. was ex-CIA.
Is Putin authoritarian? Yes
So are Bush, Cheney, & Rumsfeld.
Don't believe it? Try asking them a real question in front of CNN & Fox News.

Actions speak louder than words. Between what is said, and what is done is a very fine thread. It is pretty clear to me who Putin works for.

The Russian people.

Who does Bush work for?


Putin is light years better than Boris-One- more -Vodka-comrades- Yeltsin
But he is a nasty authoritarian like our own You-know-who.

But Putin is what the American govt richly deserves for the
fucking over they gave Gorbachev. We could've slowly defused
Russian paranoia over the loss of their former colonies. But
nooo, we want to put NATO troops and Nukes right at their
borders. And turn their colonies into our colonies. And turn Russia itself into a low low wage colony. Right now
Poland and Russia are emerging as a colony of low low priced tool anddie quality machining. But at least they have the skills
to pass onto a younger generation. Where I work no tool and die
makers are under the age of 55---NO exaggeration here.

Russia should up the ante and threaten to put nukes back into Cuba and Venezuela. This would be appropriate payback for
these stupid Texas gringos/gangsters.


This attack by the US was staged to get the sheeple to fall behind the national security blanket of John the warmonger Mccain. The timing is too ominous. The manipulations in the markets crashing commodities/rising dollar, goes hand in hand with scratching Russias eye. All to fleece the populace into thinking all will be ok if we get a strong president in office to deal with Russia. Its a sick mental game, that our evil zionist media portrays. Silver/gold crashing in paper mkt while all major refiners and wholesalers dont have any metal for sale, and US mint stops making gold eagle coins? Please. Americans are waking up and realizng their cash will be obliterated in a new cold war military spending spree.


"It is pretty clear to me who Putin works for. The Russian people. Who does Bush work for?"

Bullseye Carli! The Bush Clan has disenfranchised, devalued, and denigrated the citizens of the USA. He willingly allowed US citizens deaths in New Orleans, the premeditated demise of soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan, WTC towers, and shipment of bumper crops of opiates from Afghanistan into the USA as the young people die from addiction. The USA is unprotected as troops, the National Guard, Navy, and all are equipment are protecting Bush cronies in crime abroad. Well, we all know what happens when the God of Wealth (Precioussssss) is your true Master. We've been dealt a disastrous outcome via the Cave of Death where wealth resides. We all lose.

"......It can never be too often repeated, that the time for fixing every essential right on a legal basis is while our rulers are honest, and ourselves united. From the conclusion of this war we shall be going down hill. It will not then be necessary to resort every moment to the people for support. They will be forgotten therefore, and their rights disregarded. They will forget themselves but in the sole faculty of making money, and will never think of uniting to effect a due respect for their rights. The shackles, therefore, which shall not be knocked off at the conclusion of this war, will remain on us long, will be made heavier and heavier, till our rights shall revive or expire in convulsion." Thomas Jefferson

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I you click on my stories, it is quickly clear that I correctly called Putin a 'patriot'. He is a patriot for...RUSSIA. Indeed, this is very important. Hu and Wen are despotic but PATRIOTIC.

Our leaders are TRAITORS and despotic.

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