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See how the Fox news wipes out the reality of Georgia's acts of aggression when they interview 12 year old California girl who was there when Georgian bombs fell and killed thousands.



You called it a few days ago."commodities are being manipulated lower" Check this out. http://silverstockreport.com/2008/disconnect.html Silver shortgaes reported nationwide for retail invenstment silver. US mint stops producing 1oz. gold coin. This is orwellian. Physical demand surging, while the paper price collapses? Reeks of manipulation by wall st. fraudsters.


Oh Holy Fucking Shit of God!

What the fuck else could you call the fuckers?


Demons dancing over the torch of hell!

40 years on, I used to watch the fraudulent "Joe Pyne Show." Every two weeks he would have this poor old coot ranting about the Illuminati conspiracy. Joe Pyne pontificated relentlessly about how we had these poor psychotic conspiracy mongers in our midst.

Now we know the psychotic old coot was right on the money. Death to the Illuminati!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Poor old coots were called 'prophets' in olden times, Blues.

Ralph, if the news is true that the Treasury has been unable to make silver and gold coins due to 'shortages'....I am looking into that story. Amazing, if true.. Just amazing!



All that silver has been sucked into the effort to crank out as many "9/11 Commemorative Dollars" as possible:


I weep for the future.


Th Bush Neo Con alternate reality has disemboweled the USA. If Elaine's voice of sanity and reason was the mainstream.....

"This army of wretches infest all our political commentary about international politics."

Reminiscent of Thomas Jefferson....In 1812, Jefferson condemned both the French and British governments for trying to “draw to themselves the power, the wealth and the resources of other nations.” Three years later, he called Napoleon “the wretch…who has been the author of more misery and suffering to the world, than any being who ever lived before him. After destroying the liberties of his country, he has exhausted all its resources, physical and moral, to indulge his own maniac ambition, his own tyrannical and overbearing spirit.” He did not, however, have a favorable view of the British government and other opponents of Napoleon. Jefferson condemned the imperialism of all the leading countries of Europe: “The will of the allies? There is no more moderation, forbearance, or even honesty in theirs, than in that of Bonaparte. They have proved that their object, like his, is plunder.”


"US foreign policy...........has utterly devastated our Constitution which was drawn up so as to prevent Presidents from roaming the planet, entangled in many foreign treaties..." Elaine

Just wondering Elaine who would you consider the top 5 american patriots to positively influence our once noble Republic?

“If there is one principle more deeply rooted in the mind of every American, it is that we should have nothing to do with conquest.”Thomas Jefferson

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Well, the Indians knew better, didn't they?

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