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"With Russia threatening to redraw the post-Soviet map of Europe"

ROFLMAO! Could the New York Times be any less self-aware? Can you say Kosovo?

All Russia did was defend themselves against a US-sponsored attack from Georgia, making sure they gave Georgia a well-deserved bloody nose in the process. But the one neocons can't stand it when people defend themselves, so the propaganda machine is going full bore.

They've already compared Puting to Napoleon and Hitler. What's left? Ming the Merciless?

Christian W

Hehehe, Masada anyone? lmao!

I saw an article in the Guardian where the writer lamented how hard the Chinese were against their Olympic losers. The Chinese need to learn empathy and love he crooned.

This reminded me of the old story from Vietnam about some Vietnamese NVA coolie spending weeks on the Ho Chi Minh trail transporting 3 mortar bombs strapped to his bicycle, only for a regular NVA mortar platoon commander to shoot them off in three seconds flat. The US officers in Nam laughed their arses off at this story, failing of course to see the obvious point. When an enemey is that determined to win no matter what you have to ask yourself some hard questions. The US failed to do so then just as it is failing to do so now.

The Chinese intolerance of failure may be overly harsh, but it carries the same lesson of Determination. The Chinese will to win is second to none. The current Chinese leaders have all been through the hell of the Cultural Revolution and other (mostly irrational) politicial upheavals in the 50's, 60's and 70's. They are now determined to go a rational route, and they will not fail.

What is clear is that the US is on the brink of it's own irrational domestic upheaval. Irrationality is the leading star of US leadership. All systems are go towards it's own collapse. They imagine they are in control of chaos but just as with Iraq the unintended consequences will devour them in the end. The US is betting that the power of their guns is going to see them through the rough times ahead (they will point the gun at anyone coming to collect the debt they are owned). But this obvious hypocrisy will eventually destroy the US. What will rise from the ashes, if anything, certainly won't have any resemblance to the ideals of the founding fathers.

Just like with Germany post WWI, where the Shadow of the uber civilized, uber educated and uber refined German culture materialized itself in the form of Nazism, the Shadow of the idealism and liberalism of the Founding Fathers will materialize itself in some form of destructive darkness.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ming the Merciless! HAHAHA.

Correct, Christian W. Germany had no excuse for being vicious. But then, few religions have a concentration of wealth, intellectual power and 'civilized' attributes than the European Jews!

And look at how they turned themselves into monsters! So easy, all too easy. NO ONE IS IMMUNE. Every human must fear this process of dehumanization that runs right next to 'humanism' and 'religion.'


Glenn was not the 1st US man in space - he was the 1st to orbit ( 3 times)

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ah yes, this is what happens when I try remembering stuff from when I was a kid! Sorry. you are right.


To my childhood hero
a song from the early 80´s

-Lyrics in english-
What do the stars smell like?
And the bony Moon?
Does the movement of the Earth play a faint fugue?
What does Africa look like?
Are the hips of Finland swaying?
Or have the clouds made their nest over here?

Fly, Yuri Gagarin
Fly, Yuri Gagarin
Please, Come home alive
Fly, Yuri Gagarin
Fly, Yuri Gagarin
Please, Come home alive

Do you see the traces of bullets, as they weave the Earth in to shreds?
And humans ashamed by their innocence?
Do you see the flow of money?
Can you see where it goes?
Shipments of weapons exchanging hands...

Fly, Yuri Gagarin
Fly, Yuri Gagarin
Please, Come home alive
Fly, Yuri Gagarin
Fly, Yuri Gagarin
Please, Come home alive

Can you see my gaze from there?
It is still warm.
Do you see lovers on top of their cities?
And when you put on your headphones and turn the volume to ten...
Can you hear babies being born here?

Christian W

Sigh. Bazooka Hank, Helicopter Ben, Evil Eye Cheney, Dubya W, Mz SS Dominatrix... Ming the Merciless fits right in!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks, JT. Yuri Gagarin. When I was a child, I accidentally called him 'Yuri Aspirin.' This must be why I get migraine headaches.


All day on the mountain.

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