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David Rockefeller has asked the Japanese Emperor for permission to use 2000 trillion yen worth of Japanese gold that is held on US territory. The gold would be used as follows: 500 trillion yen to deal with the sub-prime crisis, 500 trillion yen to get the cabal out of debt, another 500 trillion yen to finance a vast space exploration project, 350 trillion yen to pay off Iraq war debt and 150 trillion yen to invest in China.

Furthermore, control of the US cabal would be handed over to a younger, and supposedly more enlightened generation.

This is the same source who promised last autumn that Al Gore would be made president. While that did not happen, he did subsequently get a highly publicized movie, a Nobel Prize, an Academy award and a big advertizing budget, indicating serious power in the hands of the faction that made this promise.


What do the Japanese get in return for giving up their gold?

Continued patroling of the Sea of Japan by US warships? More US soldiers guarding Fortress Japan? Nuclear weapons?

Sounds like extortion: you help fix our problems or else....


Japanese govt. is offering a stimulus
package worth 10 Trillion yen..95 billion
dollars....slowing global and Japanese
economy..you headed on the head Elaine..

Elaine Meinel Supkis

$95 billion isn't all that much. Japan holds over a trillion dollars in FOREX reserves.



Think this sums up where we are going pretty well.


We all know what happened to the UK when their empire died (WWII Luftwaffe).



The military industrial complex finally admits the true rate of inflation as only the people building the weapons to destroy us physically or financially (they don't care which) are kept alive.


Boeing Final Offer Raises Machinist Compensation 38% (Update2)


Corporate Socialism continues:


G.M.'s Bob Lutz says carmakers "deserve" loan guarantees.


1. Produce technologically inferior cars with crappy designs.
2. Make your whole business model rely on hugely profitable , low gas mileage behemoth SUVs and refit military type vehicles.
3. Pay management huge salaries and underfund pensions.
4. Kill the first electric car and set out to reproduce 10 years later at a higher price and less efficiency.
5. Lobby for the Ethanol scam, diverting resources to ADM and corn growers instead of investing in real alternative energy.
6. Transfer jobs out of the U.S. and lower worker wages in the U.S.

And to top it all off: He says the following at the end of the article.

" Mr. Lutz said small cars would ultimately become considerably more expensive, filling some of the void created by the evaporation of big profits from trucks. "

Elaine, you would do a great article analyzing the American auto industry and how they are more pigs at the tax payers ( think debt) trough.



Looks like Russia got Chinese support by diverting European oil and gas supplies to China.

' Russia may cut off oil flow to the West '

The claws are coming out!!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

HAHAHA. Gads. What on earth do they expect? Germany hisses at Russia, 'Ve vill destroy you, ja!' And Russia stomps Germany into the ground. History says, 'Anyone picking a fight with Russia should expect a long march out of Moscow in the dead of winter.'


Great article Elaine. Your insights on the news are unmatched anywhere on the web. Had a good laugh too when NYT referred to Cheney as "that master of diplomacy".


If Putin were as ruthless as Bush & Co., he would offer 70% of Russian oil and natural gas production to China and India, on condition they help pay down 50% of Russian corporate debt, and invest in the balance. Then he would tell the UE that it has 6 months to disband NATO and join the SCO or face a frozen winter for the next 10 years. Is that about right?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Why be so obvious? Russia is triangulating. Only if Europe has total amnesia and doesn't remember WWI and WWII, will they not figure out the obvious. And cease harassing Russia so much.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Hitler was VERY popular with many leaders in the 'west' because he said he would destroy the communists. This is why the West didn't say a peep when Hitler helped the Spanish fascists crush the left there. Nor did they complain when he destroyed the left in Germany.

When he decided to roll over FRANCE instead of going straight to Russia, this was the shocker! The joint invasion of Poland by the Soviets and the Nazis took all the West by surprise. Totally.

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