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Brezinski reminds me of a demented old dog eating cow pies
and howling at the moon. The "Olde Colde War" resurrected ?
Bloody Hell...How bat shit can our elite batboys get ?

We won Dubya Dubya Two because of the Permian Basin, Kansas,
Oklahoma, Bakersfield, and East Texas oil fields. England would've folded up and gone back to making flat beer and Hillmans with Lucas Electronics without our once vast oil fields.

Now how the hell are we going to do this with an almost empty
tank of gas ? How are we going to fight simultaneous wars with
most of the Middle East, Russia, and Venezuela ? We'll burn up
the rest of the worlds reserves fighting this endless war--even if it doesnt end with the literal Armageddon we will have the Peak


Thanks Elaine for the humorous and informative article. Who knew politics can be this much fun to read!


I add my thanks as well, Elaine. I put you on our blogroll and I'm a regular reader now. Keep up the good work.

geoffery batttams

elaine why our leaders? cannot be as astute as you i dont know.the uk is finished as america is why people cannot see this is beyond me.i read your blog every day .i look forward to it


Why, Geoffrey? Because the "leaders" you CAN see are political puppets reading from a script written by an invisible bunch of inbreds whose mindsets are a cross between Nero and Caligula. It's really that simple.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I come from old 'nobility' stock. My mom looked like a clone of Queen Elizabeth and talked in the exact same funny way complete with the stiff upper lip. Since my ancestors spent their free time killing people or each other, we are a bloody lot.

There is no one who can compete on the grounds of generations of desperate attempts at controlling things via the sword than the Normans. Then there are older tribes: in the Middle East, we see this at work.

The Middle East seems to be a magnet for this sort of people. To earn Jesus' blessings, my ancestors rode off to the Crusades and slaughtered the civilians in an orgy of blood, just for example.

When one looks at the mirror, we can either see the truth or go to the carnival mirror. The truth is, we are like 'Mother Nature, red in tooth and claw.' The British royals [old enemies of my family, by the way] hides this by pretending to be civilized. But the grandchildren really wanted to go to war in Afghanistan and kill someone, anyone!

The princes have blood in their eyes. They would happily chop up the press, too. Just give them a sword!

The old royals of Europe who survived WWI and WWII are still around within the Bilderberger conspiracy, for example. To this day, everyone defers to these descendants of killers.

The rich come and go but the smart rich marry into nobility so they can become part of this system. The sale of sons and daughters of the old nobility to the highest bidders is common and a major source of income for this crew.

For this crew has one major tool: SEX. So long as one member in the marriage bed has this hot ribbon of murder flowing in the veins, the family tradition continues. If it is coupled with economic mercenaries seeking the keys to inherited power, we get some rather troubling coupliings. Like the Medici.

The Real Rulers are a strange bunch, that is certain. Many, many black sheep lurk within this coterie. The black sheep are hated by the rulers with a passion which is truly ancient. The names of those who defied the Thrones are known by the people sitting on these fancy chairs.

Occasionally minor nobility like the very minor Napoleon clan manages to claw their way to the top. But if the marriage bed is infertile, this can fail. Queen Victoria was immensely fertile. Her offspring all ended at war with each other in a massive fratricidal snit we now call WWI.


Georgians may solve the Caucasus crisis by themselves, since now amongst them there is brewing a backlash againsh Saakashvili.


Tkviavi is the closest town inside Georgia "proper" to the border with South Ossetia and its capital, Tskhinvali. Its residents watched as Georgian troops poured up the road three weeks ago in their ill-fated push to regain South Ossetia, and they watched as the army fled, leaving their village undefended....

Now, its people are stuck in limbo. The Russians have established a checkpoint further down the road at Karaleti, preventing those who fled from returning to help their elderly relatives.

But while there was initial fury among the residents at the "Ossetian dogs" who had robbed and trashed their homes, now the target of the anger in Tkviavi seems to be changing. There is a corresponding backlash against President Mikheil Saakashvili, for bring misfortune upon them.

"Please tell everyone in Russia, in the world, that we want to be with Russia, we don't want Saakashvili. He has brought us nothing but trouble," implored Karaman Goguashvili, 77. "We don't need Nato, we don't need America, we need to be friends with Russia."


My understanding is that the British Monarchy was taken over by German power elite sometime before WWI (yah, like 1714!)

And Marie Antoinette was from Austria.

And the Bushes have a long history of relations with German industrial might.


"Having depended on professional Roman soldiers for centuries, the Britions were unable to deal with these raids and in desperation called in Germans (Saxons, Jutes, and Angles, for the most part) from northwestern Germany and Denmark (areas still known as Saxony and Jutland, the Angles living in the '"angle" between the two) to help them out. This turned out to be a big mistake, because the Germans were so impressed by the place that they went back for their families (and more warriors) and came back to take Britain for their own."


"The monarchs' family is known as the House of Windsor, a name chosen for its supremely southern English and royal associations. In fact the House of Windsor was created in 1917 to give an English colour to the family. Since 1714 the monarch had been German. The first member of this line to speak English without a German accent was George 5, who became king in 1915. He gave British aristocratic titles to many of his relatives so that they would not seem German. "


German Media is reporting today that Russia is preparing to shot down a major oil pipeline to Germany that also supplies oil to Poland (source in German):


The article says it is a reaction to EU threats against Russia - it does not put it in relation to the US Military presence in Poland.

Incidentally this source says that the Russian reduction of oil supply may occur as soon as this coming Monday (!). Let's see - when is 'Gustav' due to hit?

May I suggest that we may just be a few trading hours away from $ 200+ a barrel?


"The wars of the Bush administration were,...
The new administration will unchain the real war. The war to confront the emergence of Russia, China, India." Biden

What a horse's ass. Hey Joe, can you say Walmart? How about NAFTA & WTO (Bubba's revered there), and CAFTA? Treasonous corporations that avoided US taxes, unions, living wages, and profited from foreign slave labor in offshoring of American Industry. China and India's economic bonanza is the end result. The USA is a dilapidated McMansion. Americans have two choices; 1. gut the interior (politicians), rid the structure of cockroach infestation (AIPAC,corporate lobbyists, etc...), and painstakingly renovate and adhere to codes and regulations. The restoration could be magnificent! Or Biden's way, ignore reality and blame the creditors and threaten them until we are all evicted.

Hey Joe, you seem to be articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.... too bad when god was handing out intelligence you ran to the back of the line.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The German factor: Germany was very weak since the collapse of the First Holy Roman Empire. Germany split into tiny principalities and didn't reunite until after Napoleon changed Europe's royal maps.

Once united again, influence grew. I am half German. Went to school there, by the way.

When I look at pictures of our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, I wince. Talk about looking like mud, looking lousy. This irritates me. If one is going to occupy a nation and rule it, one better look the part, not try desperately to blend into the mud walls of the slums.


I am unsure about who to vote for in this upcoming election. I am not a fan of Biden, I am certainly not a fan of McCain and his unheard-of running mate! I don't think any of them will be able to deal with Russia and China. I think America is quickly changing and trapped in a downward spiral. I think it is safe to say that China will be calling the shots from now on.


I come from two races of fighting swamp
dwellers----Frisian and Louisiana French.

The Frisians were so well protected by
their tidal swamps that even the Romans
left them alone. The Frisians originally
lived on built up mud and reed island humps.
We were also the last European race to be
Christianized and to this day, Boniface is
a saint because he was burnt at the stake by the pagan Frisians. Friesland was also well known as a hotbed of Anarchism and Socialism during the turn of the last century.Today its a tourist area well known for good boating recreation.

Its little known that the Cajuns tried to
rebel when Louisana was sold to America by the French. The Cajuns rightly thought that,
once again, the Anglos were going to devastate them like they did in Nova Scotia.
Belezaire led a short lived rebellion against the new rulers that was surpressed but put enough fear in the Anglos that the French were left alone in their bayous.

The culture finally died out when the I-10 Atchafalya Bridge was built and the gas and oil production was ramped up out of Morgan City. Only the old timers speak French today.
They try, like the Irish, to bring the language back through the schools but it seems to be a losing proposition.


I thought the House of Saxe Coburg-Gotha (Albert) /Hanover (Victoria) was changed to the House of Windsor during World War I to hide its German heritage.

Fun facts: When he would become King, William will be the first monarch to descend from King Charles II since Queen Anne. His royal bloodline will be traced up not on the Windsors but on the Spencers because the Stuarts preceded the Hanovers. The Hanovers, Queen Elizabeth II's direct bloodline, mounted the British throne when the last Stuart monarch, Queen Anne died without a direct successor

Elaine, I stumbled upon questionable internet babble about the Kind David bloodline passed thru jesus and his lineage, holy grail blah blah, or rather yaddha yaddha, and british royal lineage via the Stuart bloodline Mary Queen of Scots, James VI(Scotland)/James I(England),Charles I, and Charles II.... The House of Windsor/Hanover/Saxe Coburg-Gotha are the imposters of royal bloodline and the Stuarts are the true King David heirs. Princess Diana was descended from the Stewarts (Stuarts), and hence had the Sangreal (Blood Royal) and hence Princes William and Harry.

"The Knights Templar were and are the guardians of the Sangreal-Holy Grail(Blood Royal)....the Knights Templars became "the most influential body the world has ever known" and established "the first international banking network." True or false?
the monarchy strongly maintained their rules of succession not to include Roman Catholics in the line of succession. True or false?


Elaine, I'm curious as to whether the above fun facts are valid. Is your bloodline sangreal or instead advisors to sangreal royalty or imposter royalty (the Germans), or neither?


To 'G.': Do you know of Theodor Storm's: 'Der Schimmelreiter' (The Dykemaster)? It is a classic German tale about a Frisian dyke lord, who goes new ways in building more profound and sustainable dykes to protect the land and the people of flash floods. I wonder what all can be learned from this story for the American Louisiana of today?

On the matter of faith, this dyke lord lived his own religion, he did not comply with Christianity - he does however seem to be a faithful person.

If you don't know the book or if you haven't read it in a while this may be a handy lecture for this coming weekend.


The Bayous are eroding due to the constraining of the Miss Riv in near
constant levees--along with the channelizing that goes with the oil and gas biz.The mud doesnt get a chance to replenish the bayou
so it shoots straight into the deep water
of the gulf. The old timer cajuns,the fishermen, and naturalists know this but the younger ones
depend on oil and gas for employment and the river traffic depends on keeping the river in its present straightjacket.This will eventually fail. They almost lost the "Old Man" Atchafalaya Red River control structure up by Angola about 15 ys ago and spent 2ys pumping grout into the base of the thing.

At least the Dutch and Frisians have coped
better and have raised their dikes tremendously in the past few years--along with building huge sea gates at river mouths.
I dont think the dikes will cope with Greenland melting but they have done far
more than Louisana,the Army Corpse of Engineers, and the US Gummint.

I guess the moral is that people who live
in swamps must stay bouyant rather than building too many levees.

The money boyz thru CDS' and Hedge Funds
built way too many of their own financial
"levees" and did nothing but make the money
river run faster.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ach! Der Schimmelreiter!

A book about money and the Cave of Death and the 'Flucht' which is also a word used to describe monetary melt downs. It also is a side throw towards Dr. Faustus.

I read that in German in the fateful year of 1967 when I found out about all this stuff the hard way. It was most suitable.

I said to my professor, 'Der Schimmel ist Pegasus.'


To PhD.....I will check out that little
tale. Thanks

Elaine Meinel Supkis

In Dr. Faustus by Goethe, part II, the old wizard tells the Devil, he has found a good thing to do: to dredge out the Frisian swamplands. As the devil's minions dig and dig, the devil hovers ever closer to his victim.

Suddenly, the very tired old man says, 'Ah! This is the most beautiful day in my life' and falls into the ditch which was really his grave.

The many references and echoes in different literatures put a different color on a culture. Just like reading Japanese literature helps me enjoy Japanese anime. Also, I go to a Japanese nun to bang on drums and chant stuff. This gives many clues to what is going on in Japan's cultural matrix.

The foundation story for Germany is the Medieval singer/knights and then Goethe's works. All other things swell out of these two rivers.


Ha ha..

The Frisians should've stayed living on their
raised mounds and boats rather than imitating the solid land dwellers.

And the Cajuns should've stayed on their
houseboats and houses built on pilings rather
than building levees and channels.

Life needs to be very portable in those kind
of places.

geoffery battams

hi elaine/it is most strange that you should mention Nero and Caligula..several days ago i recieved a message telepathicaly some people were talking in the ?and they were saying well we have tried to reason with him he is as evil as caligula and as mad as nero for our sakes and the american people he will have to go he is so mentally unhinged he could cause ww3 at any time friends romans countrymen ?


Remember when the good Doctor Hunter Thompson called
Nixon's Cabinet, "Caligula and the Seven Dwarfs" ?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

G: HAHAHA. Yes, with Bush as Little Boots.

Geoffery, please watch out when channeling nut cases. They are very demonic.


You think like Chinese...... Very impressive.....

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