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"First question here: this guy was a MASS MURDERER! And the FBI didn't arrest him????"

I can't believe you are willing to jump to the conclusion that this guy Ivins was indeed the anthrax killer.

On the basis of what evidence? On the basis that he was accused? That he worked in an anthrax lab and may have had emotional problems? That when accused, he commits suicide?

That means he's the one? No more than that, and we have established his guilt?

What are trials for? You remember them? Back in the old days, for people who had been accused of crime, but not determined to be guilty until their guilt had been established in a court in accordance with elaborate and absolutely necessary procedures of law?

You criticize the government, the FBI, etc. for not being willing to jump to the same conclusion. I have to applaud them for upholding a fundamental premise of our society--our very way of life-- you seem to have completely forgotten--innocent until proven guilty.

Proof-not the same as conjecture or speculation.

Proof of guilt--not the same as establishing someone was less than perfect in other areas of life. Not the same as making wild associations, with "psychic" ability or not.

And then you go further. Based on the refusal of the FBI to jump to conclusions, to fail to follow the laws which govern and regulate their enforcement of laws, you "indict" them with wide-ranging complicity with evil.


There's a news story on yahoo.com about the Justice Dept. They are considering closing the investigation now that the prime suspect is dead. How convenient.

I suspect there will be a lot more mopping-up operations before Bush leaves office and retires to Paraguay. It's always a good idea to cover up your tracks.


Oh...didn't get a chance to see your rant before you posted, Yusef. Perhaps you should email your rant to the Justice Department, as they seem to think he is more guilty than Elaine does, or anyone else for that matter.

Will you do that for us? Don't let them close the investigation just because someone committed suicide. You are absolutely right! Justice must be served!

Go get'em!


Ponerology; "“In the author’s opinion, Ponerology reveals itself to be a new branch of science..."

In the author's opinion it would, wouldn't it?


Don't get me wrong--the anthrax investigations reveal great weaknesses within the FBI, the justice department in general, the government in general.

Look at the Hatfield fiasco, for example. Shameful. Destructive. Incompetent.

If the justice department does indeed now close investigations, that will raise enormous questions in my mind about what's up.

But all of this does not lead me to conclude what Elaine appears to conclude here,to think in the manner she thinks, above.


From the Yahoo.com article mentioned by Devaul,

"David R. Franz, a former commander of the Army's lab biological warfare labs at Fort Detrick, Md., where Ivins worked, said Saturday he thought it was 'very important that the FBI present their case against Bruce and not just state that the investigation was over because it was him and he's gone.'

Franz added, 'I'm concerned about what closing this case without conclusive evidence might do to harm our life sciences enterprise. ... I think we as Americans need to see the proof.'"

I meant Hatfill, not "Hatfield", in my post above.



Elaine Meinel Supkis

Citing the ruling elites by name is dangerous. They all retain lawyers who are quite vicious. In England, you can't write virtually anything about the Queen, just for example.


Dr. P.M. Zack
Dr. M. K. Rippy
The fabled "camel club" of Fort Detrick.
Dr. B Rosenberg
Mr N.D. Kristof (NYT)

Elaine Meinel Supkis

As for me thinking Ivins did it: NONSENSE. As I keep saying, there is little proof! Why would he kill the photo editor who enraged the Bush clan? They had the motive!

They had access to people who had anthrax.


This book (pdf excerpt linked below):

Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes


finally provides a logical explanation for evil continues to dominate the world scene even though most of your friends, family and neighbors are really nice people.

The people with charm, intelligence and NO conscience have a HUGE competitive advantage in a money, legal and market based economy.

My guess is that this is the genetic 'advantage' along with the secret masonic-like training that teaches the elite how to leverage the power of psychopathic energy to eventually dominate everyone around them.

How many orphan billionaires can you think of? There are a lot. Being without parents leaves a hole that no number of yachts and private jets can fill. Only the glee of crushing people, companies and nations can temporarily fill the void.

Also, they psychopathic elite parent is so obsessed with filling their empty void that they have almost nothing to give their children who therefore become defacto (Gulfstream G550) orphans.

Not sure how much personal experience Elaine has with these types, but I have my guesses.

"Let us assume that in a dispute, one side is innocent, honest, and tells the truth. It is obvious that lying does an innocent person no good; what lie can he tell? If he is innocent, the only lie he can tell is to falsely confess “I did it”. But lying is noth-ing but good for the liar. He can declare that “I didn’t do it”, and accuse another of doing it, all the while the innocent per-son he has accused is saying “I didn’t do it” and is actually telling the truth.
The truth, when twisted by good liars, can always make an innocent person look bad, especially if the innocent person is honest and admits his mistakes."

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