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So do you think the DARPA in involved in NIST's historic analysis the building 7 was the FIRST BUILDING IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND TO COLLAPSE FROM FIRE?

The actual NIST site has a Q&A section where someone asks, how about using Thermite to vaporize the steel columns?


They say 'that would take 100 pounds of thermite per 1000 pound/foot of steel column and that is 'unlikely'.


So by your analysis DARPA is out promoting all these conspiracy theories on Building 7 and NIST is working against them to say that it collapsed for exactly the same reasons that the Bush/Mossad gang said it did, namely fire?

Maybe you need to take me a little more carefully through your reasoning on B7. Namely what do you think are the true facts and what is produced by 'DARPA' to mislead us all?

I will start with my view of reality:

-Heat mapping shows massive heat on site.
-Building collapsed at freefall speed.
-BBC reported on collapse 30 minutes before.
-Building owner said on TV it was 'Pulled'
-No steel building has collapsed from fire.
-100 pounds of thermite per column could silently pull down this building.

-Shock Doctrine.
-Radicals from middle east hijack airplane.
-Planes crashed into WTC1,2 triggers 7 fall.
-We need massive war in Middle East.


"NIST admitted that it hoped its 'findings' would finish off critiques of the official conspiracy theory! Guess again, NIST! The fight has not yet begun!"

Chris Q.

Right on GK. F the blind and the trolls.


Where the chinese are really getting a belly laugh is wondering when Nato works out how they going to support their forces without being able to fly through Russian airspace.


Good summary,GK.
One thing is abundantly and undeniably clear, the building(s) did collapse at freefall speed. Unless the laws of physics regarding gravity have been repealed, this fact all by itself negates a 'case closed' ruling.
Steel structures do not collapse instantaneously since steel (and many other materials) must first reach their yield strength limit (knee curve) and this takes time. That time must be added to the freefall time, thus giving a greater-than-freefall event time. If the steel support is instantly severed by some demolition technique, then the yield time is bypassed and gravity is the only remaining factor. All the floors pancaked at the same rate including the fire affected floors, so the fire could not have been the initiating cause.
From that conclusion must flow the realization that we have a massive cover-up ongoing. Whatever the cause of the collapse(s), it wasn't fire and this begs for a belated CSI.



WTC buildings have fall out by controled demolition. It could be still a terrorist attack but a high tech one.

I understand your desbelive on conspiracy theories. Even you can't dare to show them to other people.


I'm a "bombs in the buildings" believer. Actually, it was just so obvious from watching all the video. There is a huge amount of evidence of thermate in the #1 and #2 collapse. But none at all in the #7 collapse. Still, #7 is the only "typical" controlled demolition. Maybe that one was done with detcord, or whatever.

It doesn't matter really if you think there were bombs or not. You can get to the essentials by just following the money!

Why argue over these technical details with that big green trail of dollars running from the Beltway right across the G.W. Bridge?


When you buy a set of Ginsu (sp?) knives
theres a very strong chance that the steel
comes from the columns of the WTC. The steel
that was immediately, and under guard, trucked away as soon as possible in trucks
each fitted with GPS's to make sure the truck driver stayed on his route.

Something stinks in the Big Limberger Pie of
Denmark here.At the very least they (neo-shits) knew it [911] was coming and did everything possible to ensure it happened.


The fire which had spread through the sub-structure from tower 1 & 2, ignited a storage tank of diesel fuel. It was the intense heat from this fire that popped open the old NSA storage cabinet containing evidence proving Oswald shot JFK. The heat then proceeded to re-fire the 'magic bullet' which then, true to its miraculous nature, took out every column in the building...at the same time.

Come on Eileen, I know you can do it


The fire which had spread through the sub-structure from tower 1 & 2, ignited a storage tank of diesel fuel. It was the intense heat from this fire that popped open the old NSA storage cabinet containing evidence proving Oswald shot JFK. The heat then proceeded to re-fire the 'magic bullet' which then, true to its miraculous nature, took out every column in the building...at the same time.

Come on Eileen, I know you can do it

for Joe


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Gads. The need to believe is OVERWHELMING. Enjoy it while you can. I happen to believe in Pegasus because I saw him when I was hit by a lightning bolt. It is closer to the real truth about the universe and history than beliefs in bombs in buildings on that magic number day of 9/11.

Believing in magic is fun, too. Try it. I do it easily. And believing that 9/11 was a mega-magic day desired by Bush, bin Laden, the Zionists, the black magic people and the Christians desiring the Apocalypse is probably far, far, FAR more important than who did exactly what to promote this.

For MANY MANY people desired for 9/11 to happen and do its worse.


I don't just "believe in it," Elaine. I live in it. 24/7. I'm not fucking playing here!

And guess the frick what? I know about the damn numbers too. No big deal or anything. Just business as usual. Until it's not.

Come on, you know the routine! Not gonna play, dammit!


Hi Elaine, I am trying to remember which lodge your father was a member of; was it the Grand Orient or Scottish Rite?




larry, dfh

And former president Jimmy Carter was not allowed to speak at the convention, because he don't toe aipac's line.


This definitely does not toe the line.



The real truth about the WTC is that the fall of the towers was mostly a symbolic event. 3,000 died, but 42,000 die on the highway every year. And we just killed 1,000,000 Iraqis. From everything I have been led to understand, the WTC complex was a total financial white elephant. It was probably about 15% occupied at the time of the attacks. This is because NYC has ceased to be a center of industry and industrial finance. Now people just live there. Not much gets produced. I don't want to return to the city now. Thirty years ago, The buzz and hum and bang and clang of industrial commerce was everywhere. And under all that cacophony, the hippies and oddballs found niches for their wonderful and peculiar little enterprises. Now? It's probably just a nursing home for clerks and service providers who bide their time until the trucks and barges stop bringing in the booty. The thing is, by 2001, there were very few US industries for the offices at the WTC to coordinate.

Come to think of it, one of these days, one of these now-pointless skyscrapers will be taken over by a motorcycle gang. I would not be too surprised. Most people in the US are unaware of the very large motorcycle militias that are forming. Just Google ' Sons of Silence ' and see all the hundreds of chapters.

After the last barge from China arrives, the US will probably make Iraq look like a picnic. It's time to get scared! All those callow and feckless young political dupes sicken me. There won't be any 3AM text messages for political weenie dupes when 1,000 gangsters with AK-47s ride into town on motorcycles.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Blues, look at what happens when you look at DARPA-sponsored misinformation online! Who on earth told you the WTC was 15% occupied? Elves?

GADS. Misinformation is so easy to avoid. Try it sometime.


Several sources indicated that #1 and #2 were riddled with unused floors, or that the buildings were not generally attracting many tenants. I don't know why DARPA or anyone would want to make up that information.

My real point is that the nature and character of NYC and the big US cities generally, regardless of their economic "success," are not really cities anymore, since real cities exist to facilitate industry or production of some kind.

I do know someone who is has an inside perspective on what goes on in skyscrapers, and I was a bit shocked when he told me that many of the skyscraper "offices" are really light industry factories crammed with migrant workers. No white guys in tie and jacket up there! Just very busy little hands. Wow.


Elaine I am really beginning to think you may be a DARPA sponsored blogger. Not sure how to respond when you proclaim that the need to believe is overwhelming. You then follow that up with pure beliefs????WTF

I agree with you on every aspect of that event. Magic numbers, black arts, Bush CIA underworld and the plethora of interest that were praying for it to happen. What I can't understand is how you can completely ignore the obvious demolition that took place with building 7. They counted down the frickin event. Come on. I understand how DARPA puts out bullshit to misdirect people but it is absurd to ignore reality just because you think it may distract from your agenda.


I have posted 911 missing links on several personal forums and websites to which I belong. It is amazing how the average American condemns censorship yet my postings are repeatedly censored. I founded a fantasy football league with 12 friends many years ago. I gave up running the league and now upon sharing this type of info I have been kicked out of the league. I really could care less about fantasy football at this stage in my life but what is going on that friends can't even discuss things anymore. I am in great fear for our society.


"His speech was the liveliest of the evening so far..."

And you gotta wonder why he can't speak like that when he's campaigning on his own.

"I remember the sixties."

You DO? Didn't people used to say that if you remember the Sixties you weren't there?

Be that as it may... the Sixties ended 48 years ago. Been a while, you know? History-book stuff, for today's young people.

And I see from the previous comments that the usual douchebaggery still prevails...


Hey Joseph Smith...

Your Nikes stink ! You better stop and
clean out the dog do-do off them.

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