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Elaine Meinel Supkis

And honest to god, I found this really hard to write today. Blood broiling over and all that.




I have nothing to add. Just a 'thank-you' for maintaining this rage.

Christian W

Exactly. If Israel/the Zionist warmongers drag the US down to their level and make war crimes commonplace and acceptable, who shall then stand up to Zionist ethnic cleansing? The Zionists could never complete their dream of Gross Israel (Eretz Israel) as long as they were prohibited from ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. But anything the US does is cloaked in virtue by the fact that the US by definition is the good guy and nothing will penetrate the skulls of those who hold this to be an article of faith (faith is tied to our emotions, not the logical part of our brains). This Automatic Virtue Device is one of the main tools for political manipulation of the populace and it is constantly hammered in by the MSM propaganda machine and even society in general. Fourth of July is part of this for example, it gets perverted into things like 'support the troops, support the troops...' no matter what crimes these troops are committing.


Russia also has an angry Elaine (Elena?):


Maybe this was found in their possession...


This type of behavior towards children is difficult to understand. It is unacceptable and inconsistent with civilized society. Yet we find it in the 21st Century.

It is amazing how media and governments constantly remind us about the Holocaust while these acts are being committed under our noses today, and with little or no attention by the media. Unless it suits a particular political agenda. We see governments eating their own children without conscience or shame.

Probably because it is perpetuated by those who purport to have the high moral ground. Image is more important than truth. Perception is Reality. They behave this way and do not live or practice the teachings of their own religions. Just use the same to justify their atrocities.

As the Roman poet and philosopher, Lucretius, put it so aptly, "Tantum religio potuit saudere malorum."

To such heights of evil are men driven by religion.

It is truly sad how nothing has changed through the centuries in human nature.


The behavior of most of our Police and Soldiers in America is
very similar.

Decades of desensitying video games, TV programming and
Radio Rwanda (talk radio) have turned a lot of our young
people in the police and military into almost cyborg like figures.

Little wonder 99pct of cops can only be friends with other cops.
To them, we are the enemy. Same can be said for most soldiers.
Once decent human beings have been rendered into androids.
Just like you can render a horse carcass into Elmers Glue, you
can render a decent human into a sociopath. The ones that
cant be rendered either desert or come down with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome,

God Help America.


One of the Chinese papers informed
its athletes that "Any player who fails
will endure some degree of private or
public humiliation".If you were a pro, I can understand the payment options, but Amature status has a
new meaning. This all came about while watching the Table Tennis Games (ping pong).
Watching the Womens finals between China and Singapore, the women who defected to Singapore were orignially from China ! And
the monetary process goes like this: From the Singapore Govt. You win a gold medal its one million, silver 500,000. The ladies from singapore picked up the Silver, Chinese ladies who played for Singapore..go figure...........out-sourcing players and for what price?????????????????????????


I forgot one thing, I know Iran had a hard time gettin into the olympics because of some political mis-understanding. Maybe the CODIS system found to many of them from the
un-documented prisons....NOT.........
Excellent post elaine.............


The only problem I have is that you seem to have forgotten that the Islamists do employ children this young in precisely these fashions - making bombs, and wearing them into crowds where they self-detonate.

I'm not sure what the answer is, but is sure isn't to go "aww, poor wittul children!" and turn them all loose.

I'm sure the same complaint could be made about incarcerated women, who also make and wear explosives for the Islamist cause.

Just be because the American and Israeli governments are full of evil, power-mad, fanatical assholes doesn't mean the Islamist threat is not real; those countries are mostly run by evil, power-mad, fanatical assholes too. And no, while western Big Bidness exploitation in the Arab world has certainly fanned the fanatical flames of the Islamists, changing this will not remove the threat they represent, because it was not the sole factor in creating that threat.

We have to wipe out the Islamists by all means neccessary, AND we have to refom our own government, purging the parasitic monitary elite from their positions of dominance over it.

I suppose that's where I break with most of the people who oppose the Bushies. I understand all too well how real and serious the Islamist threat really is. There's nothing friendly about Iran's little dictator runt, or the Palestinians, or the Chi-coms or Russians, for that matter.

In short, the world is a very messed up place right now, and by no means is it all America's fault.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Children who resisted the Nazis were hung or shot.

We just park them in tents with no services. And we treat them as sub-humans. If we were REALLY at war, I expect we would simply murder them.

Many small children in Palestine are simply shot dead.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Indeed, we HONOR and claim that children who resisted the Nazis were HEROES.

When a country is invaded all civilians have the HUMAN RIGHT TO RESIST MILITARY OCCUPATION. Period.

The colonialists of America had that right. And knew, if their children were caught, they could be executed. But this is a fundamental basis of all human rights. We subscribe to this when people on OUR side are resisting an invasion. But not the other way around.

This is why the US massacred Indian children. Not to mention bombing cities in WWII.


"aww, poor wittul children!"

That's what our enemies will be saying about our own children someday when we use them to help us defeat and drive out the occupying forces that raze our cities, steal our resouces, rape our women and children, imprison or murder all able-bodied men and claim that they are here to help us.

Thanks for giving them a pre-packaged slang term to use in the future, John. They probably will not know much English.



America has the same proportion of religious zealots as the Middle East.

If we were impoverished, occupied and terrorized, our religious zealots would be using any means at their disposal to fight back.
You dont realize how crazy things here could get if we were
occupied and jacked around.

People are the same everywhere and when we think we are
so civilized, high, and mighty we are bullshitting ourselves.



You guys enhanced and abetted the "Islamist" threat.

Firstly, in the name of anti-socialism, you thrwarted every
secular govt in the ME. Does Mossadega sound familiar ?
The democratically SECULAR leader in Iran you deposed in
the 50's.

Secondly, In cahoots with the despots in Saudi and elsewhere
you furthered radical Islamism because, at first, it was not
a challenge to the corporate power that was linked up with
our approved list of despots. Radical Islam was opposed to
secular/sociialist type of society. Much like our own home
grown radical "christianity" is opposed to social programs
in the US !

When you invade an area of the world under false pretenses
for reasons that are blatantly corporate and hegominic you
do not have the Proverbial Pot-to-Piss-In when you complain
about the methods used to fight back


Not Americas fault, but look at our own government websites: CDC, Library of Congress etc, and look who gave lots of Chemical Weapons to Iraq. The only thing we export is DEATH! We are awfully generous with machines and bio-chem crap when it benefits us, then when it doesnt we can wage war and take it away again? Yaaaaaay now that's foreign policy kids.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Good analysis, G.

Correct, TL. We export commodities like wood, oil, scrap metals, food. And war stuff. This is a bad combination. And very similar to Russia, incidentally.


The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood--the
pre-runner of the modern Al Queda--was
paralleled in the US by the Chicago School,
led by Leo Strauss, whose doctrines are
Machiavellian at best. Olde Uncle Leo stated
that the only way "leaders" could "lead"
was by deception and using "christianity"
and "patriotism" was a great way of "leading
by deceiving". When the peasants are always
riled up about "queers gittin' married,
dem librulz takin' away Christmas, and those
wicked Muslims attackin'our oil, they will
never look to the real source of their misery
which is the relentless class warfare of Amerika's elite in wrecking our middle class and offshoring jobs.


Correct, G.

back to the post's subject, can you BELIEVE that the US is treating these men and boys like this?? I mean, all they get are these miserable tents that let the sand in, whereas in WWII, the Nazis actually BUILT BARRACKS for their prisoners! Cheaper than the Nazis. And I'll bet KB&R charged us TEN TIMES what it cost the Germans to build a Nazi Koncentrationzahler (camp) of equal size, even AFTER accounting for inflation.

And those uniforms made our troops look like clown versions of the stormtroopers from Star Wars. If the REAL Nazis were running the show, the troops would be wearing smartly-designed butternut uniforms and the prisoners would be in BUILDINGS, NOT TENTS.

Speaking of our troops, one of them must have IMO called one of the prisoners a "sand n-----" or some other racial slur, for he complained to the physician that he was not a monkey!


OK the Nazis made the prisoners build the barracks themselves. But at least they were buildings that kept out the snow!


my poor baby! Omg i feel really bad. Fuck amarica. They think everyone is a terrorist.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA... you people are freaking idiots. You would believe anything if some poor muslim said it woudn't you. You simply hate the USA and will beieve anything anyone says that is bad about it won't you. The place you are seeing in the video is Camp Bucca, Iraq. I know I was stationed there for a year. You people have no idea. Those people will claim anything and lie out their teeth. So wow surprising that they say they are innocent or they are 9 years old... Hogwash. What the video leaves out is that they religious education very nice tents with AC to live, better food than the soldiers get to eat, better health care thatn the soldiers get, daily education classes, they are all getting paid during their time there, visitation whenever they want, and the IRC comes in their all the time. You sheeple have no idea what is really happening, try not blaming everything on the hated devil USA and actually look and think, not everything is the zionist capitalist pigs you sorry F*&^%S.


"I am my mother's only child," says another, at which the American soldier breaks in, "And he is the most dangerous. We know about him."
For soldier-jailer an orgasm is from that he guards such dangerous captive

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It's one thing to sit here and complain about everything going on in the other countries...it's another to auctually stand up and say that we as Americans are not helping the cause any. Yes boys and young children probably ARE forced to bomb themselves, but at the same time here in America there are also small children living on the streets because people can't GET OFF THEY'RE ASSES and take responsibility... so i say, let's fix America before we try to fix other countries.

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