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An interesting article in the Independent today about old Europe and new Europe and the war in South Ossetia:



Russia will bide it's time, and play the diplomacy game which it is learning quickly. It will will build the oil pipeline to China through Kazakhstan, and later on to India. Once completed, the EU will tone down and behave.

By that time, the USA will very possibly no longer be the USA but a fragmented group of previously American states that have seceded from the Union, much like the USSR 12 years ago. That is a very possible scenario.

At the rate things are accelerating, the EU could also very possibly fragment as well. It would not surprise me if there are states within the EU that realize it is not in their interest to continue to be a part of the European currency mechanism and revert back to their national currency.

The US & the UE should stop prodding the Bear, and tone down the rhetoric several notches. Clearly, they are not facing a demonstrative and gesticulating opponent. If they are not careful they might find themselves in the situation of this fighter in the following clip:

We certainly live in interesting times.


Oil prices havent seen these lows in
quite some time. We know that the
Republican Party starts today. Bushman is expected to talk tonight, advice he will give, is beyond me. Maybe he will take credit for the price of oil coming down this morning. I cant see any other indicators that are in his favor. When the party in MSP concludes oil will go back up, to its bottom price of 115.00, on average. Manipulation of price or just being speculative. By the way John-I got a teen baby Mother campaign voted against teen
pregnancy laws. Democracy or stupid decision making. I approve this message...

Christian W

The US is playing the EU like a flute. The impulse for this latest madness comes from Washington, Zionist circles and the Pentagon planners. It is no coincidence that the Zionist Sarkozy and the UK Poodle are the puppies barking the loudest.

Europe is taking the heaviest hit from the credit crunch and people may start to ask themselves tough questions how beneficial the current US policies really are for Europe. The last thing on earth the CoFR/Neocons etc. want is an independent EU with strong ties to a resurging Russia. That would scuttle the Unipolar US über alles plan in no time at all. This is just more divide and conquer bullshit to keep the EU under the US umbrella.

They are using old hatreds for Russia (mainly in the former Soviet controlled states) to splinter the EU into fractions and build up an artificial NATO dependent on US hardware/MIC. If Europe had time to start asses the situation rationally they could well realize that following the NATO path is counterproductive. Instead the Georgia plan has pushed all the US pro NATO/anti UN plans to full go.

I agree with Carli that this will increase tensions within the EU in the long run.

I have seen an increasing pro 'US' activity in Sweden for example lately. Some commentators there sound like they have been to 'neocon' school. They are parroting the neocon think tank propaganda verbatim. I suspect there is a strong undercurrent of such propaganda work within the EU much the same as the US is leading CIA colour coded 'revolutions' in places like Colombia, Georgia and the Ukraine.


I would agree with Christian W. on pretty much everything.
But I´m not so sure that EU is prodding the bear too much, there was talk about sanctions before the meeting but all they did was condemned the actions that´s all. That was pretty much the minimum and pretty much expected (they could not approve right?).
That´s only political talk, no real sanctions were proposed. Russian membership in WTO was already halted before events in Georgia. So I don´t think Europe has gone crazy yet. UK is different matter, but they are not the core EU.
But I agree with Christian W. that there´s a lot of right wing talk here nowadays which seems a bit odd for Europe (especially France and Sarkozy). Traditionally a hard European right winger is a bit to the left of a US democrat :).

I´ve thought about Georgia a lot the past few days and I have a theory. Russia and US/Israel are playing chess for attack on Iran (bare with me ;))
a. Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline provides most of the oil to Israel`s refineries.
b. contrary to what Elaine says, Russia is very much afraid on Nato and does not want direct confrontation with it
c. Israel wants to attack Iran with US support
d. If Israel attacks it cannot rely on getting any oil from Middle-East (politically impossible after attacking Iran)
e. So in order to secure Israel´s oil supply Georgia should be in NATO.
f. US/Israel are in a hurry because they want to attack before Jan 20th 2009.
g. Russia just showed it can cut Israel´s oil whenever it wants and that it will make it too expensive for US/EU/Israel to attack Iran.

There are too many coincidences here.
The BTC pipeline was bombed in Turkey 2 days before attack on Georgia on Aug 7th.
and the Russians just happened to leave a mine on the railway transporting the oil the alternate route to Europe.
So the Russians managed cut almost all Israel´s oil for a month. Trying to inch towards the Jan 20th date?
So in short the whole thing it about Israel´s oil and attacking Iran.

This is just my own thinking I didn´t read it anywhere. So feel free to shoot holes at this theory of mine.

geoffery battams

i also think that when the economic crash comes people are going to want to be seperate from the eu .in thier minds they will blame the usa and the eu for thier problems .i can also see countries going back to the original currencies.i could never understand how people in europe could allow thier currencies to be scrapped in the first place?.the amero i personally canott see happening as it is very diffecult to implement a new currency when there is a civil war going on. i feel that iran will be attacked by at least israel and possibly others .if israel does attack israel will be soon destroyed and rothschild and the other zionists will cry thier eyes out they will bitterly regret thier decisions.god will not be able to save them because god does not favor any race above another .also they will be getting thier cause and effect reward .if israel and usa uk attack iran it will just speed up the economic collapse of the western world.common sense would say dont attack iran but the leaders of israel usa are so power crazed and so religously self righteous they foolishly think god is on thier team the bible has lies in it as well as any religous book has but then every nation thinks that god is on thier side

Blunt Force Trauma

Hey, J.T.

Not agreeing with Russia being complicit with the US and Israel wanting to stage an attack on Iran. Russia and Iran are quite strong business partners. Russia has stated that they would stop Iran from aquiring nuclear weapons, which Iran is not trying to do anyway. But I cannot see Russia staging an attack upon Iran, with or without the US and Israel. There is no evidence to support that theory.

Ok, I'll bite on the rest. My answers:

A) The BTC pipeline connects Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan; Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia and Ceyhan, a port on the south-eastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. I suppose it is then loaded onto ship tankers from there to Israel as the BTC does not go into Israel.

B) Russia fearing NATO? I think not. There is too much to lose on either side should there be an escalation. I'd say that either side 'fears' the other.

C) True or agree.

D) If Israel attacks Iran, I agree Israel will not be supplied with oil from the M.E. as it would be PHYSICALLY impossible after that point.

E) Agreed and that is why there is the big push to have Georgia as a memeber in NATO, which Obama and McInsane vehemently want.

F) Most likely. Agreed.

G) Yes, Russia can, at any time, shut off the supply of oil and gas to those that threaten it to show how vulnerable that those countries really are. I would too, if I had others threatening me and tried to bring those wishes to fruition. After all, why 'fuel' their ambitions to attack me when I would be the one fueling that crusade? Then again, I'd enjoy the oil profits in the mean time :)

Of course the South Ossetian attack was about control over the Baku - Supsa and BTC piplines which are operated by BP. Both pipelines transport crude from the Caspian Basin, which 'Junior' lost control of.


Its refreshing to find a blog that has an objective view of the international sceene,to many people in this country have the illusion that we where the sole instrument of defeating Nazism when in fact if it was not for the Russians England and the whole of Europe would be sporting a mustache ala Hitler and the US would be suffering a complete isolation, no im not Russian,but I lived & worked in Europe Africa Australia and the US .I have seen a lot of water pass under the bridge since 1925 & I don't buy group thinking.Good work Elaine!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Germany fought bitterly every step of the war with Russia after Germany lost the Battle of Stalingrad. The US landed easily on D day due to Russia soaking up 90% of the vital fighting energy of Germany.

When my dad roared into Germany on a jeep looking for the rocket caves in Thuringa, he encountered virtually NO resistance from the Germans. He did drive straight into the fierce Soviet/Nazi battles around Jena.

He managed to get half of the German scientists out before the Soviets charged in. The US barely fought any battles outside of the famous Bulge battle. Whereas the Russians fought and on every inch of Eastern Europe.


It's a sucker play JT, the EU plays pretend and let's the US do the bad cop routine. In every classroom there is a bully and a "brain" who manipulates the bully.

Europe, now the EU, has always been the one that invaded Russia as Elaine has pointed out many times. The US was suckered into WWII, paid for it, died for it and made to believe it was the Cavalry (this very much appealed to the cowboy mentality) coming to the rescue, which eventually it did thanks to the Russians.

In the big picture it was the Europeans making the play, the Americans executing it, and the Russians doing all the dirty work. The Russians mopped up the Germans, I completely agree with Elaine.

Bombing cities is not very difficult, it's impersonal and you get home for dinner, so to speak. The Russians did the ground work.

The ruling elite have two sticks, the US and Israel. They have made very big financial mistakes these past 30 years and most especially in the last 5 years; and are weakened by this.

I agree with you Geoffrey, they are now eating their just desserts (karma). Unfortunately, when you allow yourself to be used as as stick and shield in a fight, when the shit hits the fan you are also first in line for payback.

It gets even worse when the stick and shield start believing they are the brain, and so it is today. Russia is going to come out of this smelling like a rose, their leadership is focused, extremely astute and patriotic, something the ruling elite who run the West have never been, except onto themselves.


Russian State Duma Deputy says US will attack Iran before Presidential Election:
Interestingly enough, he says part of it is because Iran's nuclear capabilities.
Ron Paul says Neocon is debating to start Iran War before or after election:
Dutch is pulling their spies out of Iran, anticipating an US attack in weeks:


Oops, wrong link for the Ron Paul talk:


Finally, we have the perfect 144,000 troops (the biblical apocalypse number) in Iraq. If we do not give them more excuse to stay there, they will be pulled out. By starting another war, the US troops will be given more excuse to stay longer in the region.


geoffery battams

the american elite? and the western european elite? have allways been internationalists and traitors .rockefeller has often said he admires the chinese system but that is of course because if this type of system came to the west he wouldnt be one of the worker ants. one can only hope that when he is reborn he remembers this past life and comes back as a chinese worker ant .in a past life i recall laying in a cattle truck thousands of miles from mother germany full of bullet holes like a dying guilded peacock lying crumpled on the floor jack boots and officers uniform cobvered in mud and blood officer material that strutted around paris with a feeling of superiour destiny eating up mile and miles of russian territory thinking of glory only to realise that the russians were devils and fiercely proud sucked into the vastness of russia no suplly lines and doomed to death and thinking of past glories american boys think war is exciting it is untill you get shot in the throat and your blood is pumping out like a high powered water pistol then you come to realise in a strange detached sort of way that you will soon be dead because the blood is only trickling out now. god dam the internationalists lets have a rebellion

Christian W

Elaine, it is rare to see an American admit what you said about WWII in your last comment. It does not exactly square with American mythology and propaganda.


Very good JT.

Russia is trying to stop an attack to Iran. And I think it will succed



I would appreciate some of your unique perspective on the origins and history of Apocalypse. Old Testament, New Testament, Who believes it who does not, what is the exact prediction (Russian army invades Ssreal, vanishes, all Christians to heavens, 2/3 Israelis die etc, Israel new center of world, etc).

Then some opinion on if you think it is being used a geopolitical plan to work towards or just a psyop to scare people into the arms of their favorite team/government to 'protect' them (give government/MIC all your money and freedom) from this delightful plan.

Maybe it is both plan a and b; if it works out we emerge from the ashes as the new gods of the world by making his plan come true, if not, we end up with all the loot and are the new gods of the looted world spent fighting this never-ending dream world.

Seems like every childs' wish of a 'snow day' at school where they don't have to do their homework or brush their teeth because school got crushed by 50 foot snowbanks.

The real rules don't want to deal with the consequences of 500 years of fiat currency based looting of the planet and can say to themselves it was gods' fault. Then they don't have to clean up after themselves.

All the peasants will be dead and they can arise from the bunkers. Because of course they have all the nukes carefully aimed at heavy peasant clusters and not their treasured estates and floating mansions.


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Humans who imagine they control the Fates are fooling themselves. We are always in the grip of our own psychology. The darker, unseeable parts of this psychology is what I call 'The Cave of Death'. It is where the human mind interacts with the ability to create things.

It is not only where faux wealth comes from [in contrast with real wealth which is food, fuel and sex] it is also where the arts live. It is what the ancient Greeks realized was an opening to another universe which they called 'Mt. Olympus' which is where the gods lived.

In other words, religion.

All religions are ultimately connected with human attempts at understanding why the stars shift. Instead of being fixed in the heavens forever, the heavens are dynamic. Humans need the concept of eternity because of the way our brains are wired.

Eternity=stability. The wish for some sort of status quo stability drives humans into trying to keep systems going in some direction that leads to infinity. Infinity=death. Ergo: if rulers figure out how to access eternal wealth via the faux money making systems, they always do this and it leads to infinity making instead and this always, always kills not only the system but leads to actual deaths of humans, plants and animals in increasingly bigger and bigger wars.

This is why I talk about cosmic/religious matters a lot. The Real Rulers really do rule the earth but their rule is being routed, as always, by the Goddesses who live on Mt. Olympus and who guard the Cave of Death.

The Real Rulers NEVER EVER want economic collapse! NO RULERS WANT THIS, EVER. This is why commentators who talk about these people wanting things to go bad, are wrong.

On the other hand, the rulers of rival empires DO want OTHER empires to go down. This is competition at work. The Real Rulers of the planet do NOT love each other. They are in desperate battle with each other.


"Europe has chosen to fight Russia rather than be friends with Russia."

That "let's all be friends" wisdom cuts both ways. And the Russians are not a really warm, friendly, open, sharing, caring group of people.

I've met a number of Russians in my career, and we all got along just fine (mainly, by making sure we went our separate ways at 5:30 PM.)


Elaine, Sarah Palin says War in Iraq is God's task:
Religion certainly makes interesting view, Elaine.


Time to go back to the pinnacle of US power before the ultimate coup d'etat.


"There are those that believe JFK may have been assassinated for giving this speech. Spend the next 3 minutes of your life with
this amazing video clip of JFK blowing the whistle on secrecy, security and ideals. Simply fantastic."

Blunt Force Trauma

Hey, Fetung.

I don't know about you, but Palin was only selected last Friday as McInsane's running mate and frankly, I'm all Palin-ed out. It hasn't even been a week. Baby-gate and all. Here's a big, fat raspberry to that subject - PFFFFT!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

As a mother, I never tire of yakking about other mothers screwing up and getting stuck with teenage daughters. Especially my stupid sisters and their teen out of wedlock offspring, all born again Christians down the line.

I am a pagan and my kids had far better control over these things.



None of us think Russia has a decent and democratic government.
They have thugs in high places just like US

Theres just no way we can maintain and control the world.We cant afford it and a lot of average people have no stake anymore
in the conflicts of elite aristocrats.

One must be wary of strangers but one must not fuck with strangers --and humiliate them either. We had a chance to , not make the Bear a nice bear, but to at least damp down the bear's paranoia.

Instead we kept throwing firecrackers at him and teasing him.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

We are ruled by thugs. So are the Russians and Chinese. People who cross the thugs are killed, arrested, beaten or destroyed in various ways.

The differences are getting vanishingly small at this point. So the real question is, are our thugs patriots or traitors?

In the US, they are definitely traitors. They have run ALL our systems deep in the red and pledge allegiance to Israel, not the US.

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