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Dear Elaine,
Its interesting to note that saturn and uranus are in oppposition for the first time in 43 years on Nov 4th. Uranus rules revolutionary and sudden change. Saturn rules death. Interesting parralells. I pray for us all.


I stay clear of Tarot Cards and such. Sorcery is not my option. I go with shamenism. Which is rather different. Elaine and I are very different in so many ways. But we do agree 90% of the time.

Our maniacal financial manipulators have wrecked our national productive capacity out of sheer egoistic impulse. They were gifted with lavish intellectual opportunities, which they squandered utterly. They were seduced and blinded by petty greed and intellectual hubris. Now we must pay for their foolishness.

Our only hope now lies in decentralized community enterprise. Each community of thirty thousand or so must build its own industry. At least we will have a new chance to develop community industry, probably powered by small-scale wind power, and passive, and concentrated solar thermal operations. This will also offer the great benefit of allowing us to develop manufacturing methods that eschew excessive pollution and energy squander. Our remaining hydrocarbon power resources must be spent for the creation of these facilities. Hydrocarbon energy will be unavailable within 20 years.

Far above all else, we must nurture our intellectual and spiritual gifts. The manipulative religious and propaganda frauds must be cast aside. We will need communities of people who can live and work together, and opportunity for individuals to choose to join whichever communities suit their various personality traits.

We will need various communities that can support and enrich the many various cultural and spiritual needs which have been warped and suppressed in the wretched mass, homogeneous pseudo-culture that has been foisted on us of late by our evil deluded leaders.


I undertood Tarot readings were revelatory of the future, yet you don't spell out anything out that you read as occurring in the future. I see how you're describing the meaning of the individual cards, but what is the meaning of their placement?


come on folks Elaine's is a hard core realist grounded in the material world seeing the world as it is, and no doubts in my mind a very nice person, seem like a lot of people don't understand the metaphor in her writings. my compliments on your art Elaine

gg battams



I could have sworn that this election was supposed to have been between Hilary and Rudy with a guaranteed Hilary win. Did I miss something? (What do we furriners know.)

On studying your spread, I had a Duh! moment.
The Prince of Wands/Princess of Wands reversed made me realise how opposite Mrs Palin is to Mr Obama. (The pairing also shows that they do have similarities.)

Elaine, where is John McCain in this spread?
I hope that the Emperor reversed and the Three of Swords are not cards of evil portent.



Question... Does the storm above you affect your reading?

I would think ... yes.

But how .. in your opinion?


I can imagine the blissfully ignorant readers not believing in the satanic nature of the true rulers.

Time to have a look around you. Like, duh, Washington DC.


Then have a little journey around the world. Or maybe not; you better go back to do your government school homework or go watch the shopping TV channel.


Mysterious Monuments: Encyclopedia of Secret Illuminati Designs, Masonic Architecture, and Occult Places (Paperback)

"Product Description
A sinister and curious Architectural Colossus is exploding across every continent on earth. The United States of America is at the heart of this incredible surge. Monuments, statues, and buildings are being created everywhere with evil intent and magical purpose. Designed by visionary illuminist architects and based on knowledge of the occult wisdom, Masonic geometry and sacred numerology, this Architectural Colossus can be traced back to the antiquities of Mystery Babylon. Its secrets, once unlocked, point to an amazing and frightening future destiny for you, me, and the entire world. The builders of this strange architecture comprise an elite cryptocracy--a veritable who's who of the world's rich and famous. Are the mysterious monuments these men are building part of a Grand Design? Is there, in fact, a Master Plan to seduce men's minds and catapult humanity into a New Order of the Ages?

About the Author
Texe Marrs, bestselling author of over 38 books. A retired career U.S. Air Force officer, he has taught at the University of Texas at Austin and is one of America's foremost symboogists and historians."

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The cards scream about assassination. I should have been clearer about that.


Amero, Eugenics, Mkultra, Project Blue
Beam, Chemtrails..Where does it all end
Elaine?..I wish I had an Eight Ball that
told me the truth about what Humanity
really wants...........................


I read the cards like this:

The left side represents our rulers:

From top to bottom is McCain (an evil sorceror), Pulin (an evil sorceress), and finally the supreme god of the ruling elite.

The right side represents us:

From top to bottom is our real desire (change), our current situation (prisoners), and finally our ultimate future.

Down the middle I see the following:

Our current emperor or empire (ready to fall), fate, and then the immediate aftermath when fate is finished with us.

There is nothing good here, but in the future, when we are totally disillusioned and realize that all of our so-called leaders bow down to the god of death, we may decide to change things.



Dealing with the cards dealt is our only option. Faced with a royal flush by poker faced Paulson as he forces the hand of the taxpayer and their children to labor for the financial fraudsters and foreign SWFunds - can we up the ante with civil disobedience, or shall we acquiesce like the rest of our clueless neighbors, and just crab about how everything is costing more these days?
My cards, like those of BLUES (and our magical blogster Elaine, leaping from roof repairing to acrobatic decoding on the keyboard), say that the future is about de-centralized self sufficiency.
May my fellow card readers succeed in their endeavors to understand and proceed with the right actions (and be not poker faced, but march on with a smile).


"There are no real Americans running for office. Everyone including Pulin (pullin a train perhaps?)..."

Bingo Elaine!

Question is what to do? Jojo is right, you have got to play the hand your dealt. However, I cannot believe that there is not one, or two, or even three PATRIOTIC AMERICAN LEADERS in a population of 300 Million people! I just can't buy into that, it would be too, too sad....


"There are no real Americans running for office. Everyone including Pulin (pullin a train perhaps?)..."

Bingo Elaine!

Question is what to do? Jojo is right, you have got to play the hand your dealt. However, I cannot believe that there is not one, or two, or even three PATRIOTIC AMERICAN LEADERS in a population of 300 Million people! I just can't buy into that, it would be too, too sad....


I just reposted the below in my Live Journal"

"While I don't think Obama is the savior many of his supporters seems to think he is, I gotta say when I hear folks talking shit like, ""There's no difference," I hearken back to the "Gore and Bush are the same" noise of 2000. We all know how well that worked out for us.

Yes, I believe an Oligarchy ultimately runs The Republic, but they are not, and never have been, a monolithic power block. They have factions. I do not need 'inside info' to know that. Simply look at Ruling Classes throughout history; they ALL have factions. It is the nature of the beast.

My own theory is that Bush 43 was supposed to be a weak, single term presidency whose purpose was to undermine the power of the Neo-Cons [Jewish ex-Trotskite intellectuals] and The Dominionists [white trash know nothings], both groups that the Old Money Protestants of The Oligarchy despise, but needed to control the Republican Party specifically, and the ideological direction of The Republic generally, during the Cold War.

But The Oligarchy was betrayed by one of its most faithful courtiers - Dick Cheney - and backed by The Big Oil faction, he created a circumstance to seize power. [they purposely ignored the 9/11 crew etc until 'something happened']

However, during the last eight years they have clearly wreaked The Republic while lining their own pockets. Because bringing the nation to the brink of economic disaster and social revolution is not how one effectively maintains power, I am absolutely certain that the other factions of The Oligarchy are Not Pleased and wish to see Bu$hCo gone and their works undone. That the Repug crop of candidates was so weak this year and their fund raising so poor indicates to me The Oligarchs are done with their policies and that the Party Faithful know that.

So, yes, I believe that Obama has been Approved by The Oligarchs, but that does not mean that he 'is no different than McCain'. It may simply mean that he is the instrument of The Oligarchs wishes for Change...and maybe there's some Hope in that."

I will admit to some snark in that last sentence. And if Obama does get elected, I will be surprised if he lives out his first term, or possibly even his first year.

That some of the sociopaths in The Oligarchy would practice Black Majick would not surprise me one single jot. But I do not think everyone in The Oligarchy is a monster. Goddess Bless, I certainly hope not. Such a thought fills me with a deep foreboding.

BTW forgive my nitpicking, but you forgot to put the URL in the 'href'.

I've been known to do the same thing when I'm tired and I suspect you were a bit 'toasty' after that read. I would certainly be.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I mixed up Palin with Putin. A classic Freudian slippage.


Well, I finally got the "racist, vindictive and mean" post about Ms. Palin linked at my blog. With a short, pithy statement about her secessionist leanings.


Buffalo Ken

all of those "symbols" are incredible.....and to me in my mind very powerful....they illicit many thoughts and ideas...

...thanks for the images...


Buffalo Ken

Sorry, I meant to type "elicit". The other way must of been a "Freudian-typing-incident"! (thats a joke i think....

Buffalo Ken

You know, the internet is amazing. I think the internet is a wonderful thing.

Peace Elaine and thanks for all that you do. Pretty soon I think I am going to have a job that keeps me pretty busy and I won't be able to post as much. I know I said awhile ago that I planned on "lurking" and eventually I suspect that is the way it will be for me. I'm looking forward to it.



I looked up the 25th amendment to the US constitution. Is this going to influence the timing of events?

Buffalo Ken

Bokonon - thank you for that reference to the US constitution. Here is a link:


I think it is high-time this amendment was put into action although perhaps with a few refinements.

Ken Hausle

P.S. I've been screaming the above for a long time. Lastly, I'd like to say that my heart goes out to the folks on the Texas coast.

Buffalo Ken

Peace is what we need and I think we now have a real opportunity for something special to manifest. I do.


Free Psychic Reading

Nice!I think it is high-time this amendment was put into action although perhaps with a few refinements.

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The tarot is an ancient means of divination ~ looking into the future.

You do not 'play' the tarot you consult them, meditate upon them & build a relationship with them to gain insight, wisdom & from that you can grow & develop.

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