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geoffery battams

in the uk we have people who watch big brother chanell 4 eastenders coranation street etc they read the scum paper oh sorry the sun paper or even worse tits and bums the daily sport these papers have no real news in them .all they have is tittle tattle when they do have something of importance to say it is so small you have a job to see it.millions of people buy these papers everyday and most of the millions have not got a clue about anything that is going on in the real world .like most americans they are woefully ignorant. if you go out to the pub it is pointless trying to talk to anyone about anything of importance all they think about is football darts and you stand at the bar and they say oo did you watch bigbrother last night ? next thing you hear is everyone roaring in the pub because thier team has scored .it is like being a alien who has just popped into the pub for a quick drink and he discovers he is on the wrong planet .society has been dumbed down and all want to fit and be sheeple.i think that trying to interact with these people can be very mind numbing and dangerous to ones mental health but god it does get lonely down here

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Years ago I started a long online battle when I correctly observed that all communist nations have higher cultural values than the so-called capitalist West.

Russia, for example, promoted classical composers, ballet, opera, poetry, chess, all sorts of high arts. In the West, we got Britteny Spears and her sorts. People don't want to accept this reality,

The high culture of the West is an odd creature which is when the middle class, the former ghetto Jews and the ruling elites interacted in an amazing way for 200 years.

A rich, rich cultural achievement we cannot match today. There are no more Beethovens because there are no more middle class consumers of new 'high culture' anymore, not in sufficient numbers to keep any of this alive.


This is a brilliant article.


Dear Elaine,
USA tomorrow is your ticket to stardom!!! Im getting you all the info. At Ron Pauls rally the paper made its debut. I read it. Its really really innovative and impressive, national distribution etc... When I spoke to the rep, I immediatly thought of you and your excellence in journalism. Im going to do my best to distribute it, and get you IN. You MUST BE HEARD!!! You are the only one who sees through Sarah Palin the warmonger. You Rule. I love you!!!


The Anglo Saxon ruling elite dominated & had complete control of this country since 1776 the way I see it that power is now evaporating
rapidly and their leadership is going from bad
to catastrophic


Within 20 years, the USA will no longer have a white ( anglo-european ) majority population.
Fertility is a right bitch.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

It is falling apart at the center. Barbara Bush, a dragon of ancient ruling elite privileges going back every step as far back as my own, wore pearls and prim dresses just like my stiff upper lip mother who looked and sounded like Queen Elizabeth.

The Bushes are NOT racists, for example. Most of their best servants have been black people like Condi and Powell. Their daughter was married by a black minister. Yet look at the GOP convention: whiter than bread made with pure starch. And dressed badly, behaving badly and thinking badly.

The Bushes are actually rather PRIM and STRAIGHT LACED but since they had to pretend to be trailer trash, the kiddies became...trailer trash.


Elaine, I like your writings and am shocked that you are capable of producing an absurd screed like this one. Can you possibly be serious? If you wrote a column like this about any other race or ethnic group, you would rightfully be catching flak. Do you really think these white people you write about are inferior to all other races or do you believe in racial equality and refrain from writing the same invective about everyone else so you can avoid repercussions?

CEO Nutcracker

Hi Elaine,
People need to study history! The "ghetto jews", of which is 90% the population of all jews, are from the tribe of Noah who were never in the Holy Land. It was tribes who were descendents of Noah's brother, Shem who's son was Abraham, that were in the Middle East.

The Jews in America and Europe lived in ancient Khazaria, in the Caucasus regions of the Caspian Sea and Southern Asia. They adopted Judaism in 740 AD from exiles from Constantinople, Turkey who fled to Khazaria around that time. Then spread throughout Hungary, Poland and the rest of Europe in the Middle Ages. They had sent out splinter groups into what is now, Russia, and its territories even earlier on.

The claim on Palestinian land is a hoax and so is the term "anti-semite" which could only be applied to the real semites, the Palestinians,Sephardic Jews, or the Judean tribes, from which the name "Jew" derives.

Judaen Tribes were from the Kingdom of Judah and were not even part of the Kingdom of Israel and, in fact according to the Bible in Genesis, were at war with them.

The mystery surrounding the origin of "jews" is well known in various circles but is gaining much attention in current affairs.

Read history below by Jewish scholars and self-perscribed ex-Zionist, Benjamin Freedman.




They really should give the land back to its rightful owners and appologize for all the blood shed in Israels beautiful name.


Gosh, what can I say about Palin? Anyone who says "our national leaders are sending US soldiers out on a task that is from God" when talking about the war in Iraq is insane! And don't even get me started about her declaring that her teenage daughter is going to marry the guy who got her pregnant.....talk about a 1950s mentality!! Do people really want this type of person running our country? Does Palin actually think she is ready to deal with Russia or be taken seriously by China? Gosh!!! I am afraid she is the female version of DUBYAH!!!


Elaine is a truly objective thinker ,one in a million, to see the world the way it is thats no easy feat.Prejudice comes with the milk of our mothers and we are all to an extant or the other subjective to our environment.Bravo Elaine


THE FATHER SPEAKETH....."Christians" my ass!

Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin’s high school sweetheart, and father of her unborn baby may not be ready for fatherhood just yet.

Bristol, the 17-year-old daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, is five-months pregnant.

Palin announced the pregnancy in a statement to Reuters on Monday. She also used the occasion to reveal Bristol and Levi’s marriage plans. She said, "Bristol and the young man she will marry are going to realize very quickly the difficulties of raising a child, which is why they will have the love and support of our entire family."

The New York Post reports that although Levi admits to being ‘in a relationship’ on his personal My Space page, the teen hockey player makes the candid revelation that he does not want to be a parent stating, “I don’t want kids.”

The teen also uses the site to talk openly about how he likes to spend his time. He boasts, "I'm a f - - -in' redneck who likes to snowboard and ride dirt bikes. But I live to play hockey. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some s- - - and just f - - -in' chillin' I guess.”

He warns, “Ya f - - - with me I'll kick [your] ass."


Elaine Meinel Supkis

HAHAHA... his own web page proves me right. The average 'red neck' doesn't want babies he has to PAY for. They always wanted babies they could SELL.

Look, the Civil War re-enactors are extremely heavily tilted towards guys who dream of the good ole slave days when the white dudes were armed and had slaves. They WANT THIS BADLY. I am a white female so they confess this to me!

The kid in this shotgun wedding scheme with the Palin wench is obviously unfit to be a father and hopelessly immature. Not to mention, foul mouthed and arrogant.

Perfect for the New GOP's Southern Strategy's success.


"Teens became increasingly sexualized by the media and merchants.."

Elaine, IMHO, "teens" should be replaced with "young teenage girls." The media and GOP consider women as property, sex objects to be used and impregnanted. You've been blacked-out for two reasons; a woman who believes in equality and two intelligence. Notice how the media has blacked out feminists and has taught the current generation to slander women who speak up as feminazis? They want all of our daughters to be docile, and dress sexually and be "bad" sexy girls to attract men. The current role models Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton and her heroin sidekick Nicole Richie, DUI Lindsay Lohan and let's not forget Bristol's role model 16yr old Jamie Lynn Spears.

Where's the Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, and Eleanor Roosevelt's of today? Blacked out.

As for the trailer trash Palins, what's up with the odd names of their children; Girls: Piper, Willow, Bristol. Boys: Track, Trig.
If you're trying to sway the Christian right would'nt they look for a running mate with more bibical sounding names?


Demographically-the hispanics will be the ruling party within 5 years. It was nice
to see the LPGA (ladies golf) designate
English as the official language of the tour. If you dont speak it by 2010, you lose your privlage to play. I was thinking
if congress could adopt a new policy for
the running of the high office and negate
stupid cowboys and white trash. Ms. Palin,
please give us your foreign policy experience in the Pakistan and Afgan regions? That is what I thought..a blank...
I notice that the RNC party keeps bringing
up 2 forms of policy, John's POW experience and a women who is the new VP nominee. No
policies have been introduced to help this failing economy.

geoffery battams

Don .i must agree with you that the politicians on both sides of the pond are ignoreing the most importants issues


"Mrs. Palin isn't just the mother of teens doing wild sex rather than going to school. Her husband is a classic drunk dreaming of hanging out on the porch, having sex as his job. She and he hate culture and science and want to strangle it and enslave anyone who is doing these yucky things."

Pure slander...This will have its consequences, politically.

Of course I got my salacious lil jollies as I read this post,start to finish...I'm as depraved as anyone else.


From Asia Times: Slave trade heads to Israel
By Mona Alami
JERUSALEM - Israel continues to be a favorite destination for the trafficking of women for the sex industry - also known as the white slave trade - and for a form of modern slavery where migrant laborers from developing countries are exploited.
... "Israel is no longer solely an importer of prostitutes but has become an exporter of them too. Last year we discovered a new business where Israeli women were being trafficked to the UK and Ireland to work in the sex industry," Lewkowicz said.
Prostitution has also gone underground in Israel.

Nice. My taxpayer dollars aiding Sodom and Gormmorah.


Bill Gross is calling for outright nationalization of entire mortgage sector. Resolution Trust!!! THIS IS A DISASTER!!! Bill Gross talks Congress listens

CEO Nutcracker

I think the PPT has run out of "pump cash".

Wall St interventionists need some Viagra right now.

WOW! What a crash!


See this from someone who knows Palin

CEO Nutcracker

Oh, I think I hear a helicopter in the distance. I see Bernanke greenbacks dropping all over Wall St. Up we go!


See this from someone who knows Palin

CEO Nutcracker

Two points for the Zionist-controlled-media.

First, they diverted everyone's attention to a two bit whore and her dirty laundry list of scandals, while a major attempt to start WWIII is being waged by Israel and US criminals in Georgia. Israel just slaughtered 2,000 more innocent lives in S. Ossetia with cluster bombs given to Georgia.

Second, the irony of all of this is the dumb war slut will be voted in by Deibold in November!

Another successful victory over the sheople of America by our Zionist Masters.


The Keating $50,000
Individuals at a law firm founded by Charles H. Keating, Jr., who symbolized how political influence contributed to the collapse of savings and loans in the 1980s, have bundled at least $50,000 to John McCain's presidential campaign since June...One of the firm's longtime clients, Cincinnati billionaire Carl Lindner Jr., is listed as a McCain bundler who has delivered $50,000 to $100,000 to the campaign, and his son, Carl Lindner III, has bundled $250,000 to $500,000

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