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« Bush Reaffirms Hitler's Right To Strike Other Nations First As A Defence Of Vaterland | Main | Company Convicted Of Bribing Congressman Was Hired To Spy On Antiwar Protestors »


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What has been the most important events in the Iraq war?
I'm doing a 10 minute presentation on USA and international conflicts, more specifically the Iraq war. Since there is so incredibly much information out there, and it's hard to choose something from the other, what has been the most important things that has happened during the time the Iraq war has been going on? (Till this date.)

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How many new taxes will the fake war in Iraq crowd force on us?

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Everyone at my high school believes that our country is so terrible because we are so corrupt that we faked 9/11 and are in Iraq for oil. And for one thing I do not believe in those 9/11 conspiracy because it's very biased and doesn't make sense even though they have "facts" and "evidence", but I've already seen those conspiracies proven wrong many times. And if the government wanted people to not think they blew up the towers I'm pretty sure they would do a better job and kill the people that would compromise them.

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