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I'm sitting in one of the Tenn. counties that's under a tornado watch, with expectations that it will become a warning. Counties west of here have already had a tornado, and the National Weather Service office in Nashville was knocked off-line by a "supercell" thunderstorm. I'm not worried because I have a plan--a plan that comes from actually thinking about what to do in the event of predictable emergencies. (Maybe that's why I don't work for FEMA. I wouldn't fit in.)

Last Tuesday, two of my windows were broken by the biggest and longest hailstorm I've ever seen. White rivers of hail were running across my driveway.

Many of the people in my subdivision--like so many Americans--have acquired so much stuff that they cannot use their garages for their vehicles. The materialism overflow is taking up every square foot of the garages. My neighbor has a 3-car garage, but parks 2 of his 4 vehicles on his lawn because he can't get anything bigger than a newspaper in his stuffed garage. All the vehicles on my block, except mine which was safely in my bare garage, suffered hail damage. People shrugged their shoulders and said, "Oh well, that's what insurance is for."

Jeez. Earth is turning up the volume, but some people still aren't hearing the message.

Elaine Meinel Supkis


11 dead from these tornadoes. The hail storms are getting worse, again, due to increased energy in the dynamic systems of our ecosystem.

About possessions: yes, it is a plague now. I see so many people who have tons of junk stuffed into every available space, some communities have laws forcing people to park their cars in their garages.

Horror vacuui is the mental disease. If I bring something in, I take something out, myself.

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