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i watched a facinating program on discovery, or maybe it was frontline ?, last night. big time climatologist's presented new research that confirmed, yet again, that global warming is real and created by humans, but also that jet aircraft contrails and other atmospheric polutants actually cool the atmosphere. much of the data was compiled in the days immediately follwing sept 11 when nearly all air traffic was grounded. i remember this well as i am a professional pilot. but the real shocker to this "new" finding is that reducing contrails and other air polutants could actually increase the rate at which the planet is warming !!!
the ultimate catch 22...reduce greenhouse gasses to slow the polar melting or just let it all ride because we are "f...ed" anyway.
hope you get a chance to see it and wish i had more info on it as we all know the msm won't touch this one.
cheers, jb

Elaine Meinel Supkis

There is more high sirrus clouds, yes, I grew up in deserts and it is very noticable there, it has interfered with the Kitt Peak observatory systems which is why the newer telescopes have been built on mountains swept by high winds like in Maui or Chile.

Dust storms in Mongolia are obscuring the sun now, too. This can drastically affect the climate. Volcanoes: the ultimate "shade generator". One big Krakatoa-or bigger blowout can plunge the entire planet into colder weather for a few years.

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