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D. F. Facti

Very interesting.

Arthur likes a Coney Island hotdog from time to time.

You lived there! How cool!

When I was a kid many houses in our area had to be moved from the lake bluff to somewhere inland. I took pictures last year of the vestiges of a home left on the very eroded bluff.

My golf course plot has thickened. John Conyers was in town Friday, tho, and the head of the preservationists got his total attention for 2 minutes. He gave her his card and wants to know the scoop.

Meanwhile there is lawyer malpractice, I think, double dealing, cheating and lying and, of course, graft. Vanity Fair needs to do a story on these out-of-control real estate deals.

But Mother Nature wins in the end, right?

Elaine Meinel Supkis


Like the movie, "Chinatown"? Heh.

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The erosion of our land really scares me, tell me where the our children will going to live tomorrow ?

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