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It's probably not so much a question of the gender of the Gods. Well, I was just today thinking about the totally strange fact that I am developing a habit of checking myself to remember if I am reading, like, Alex Jones, or Indymedia. WTF's the difference? It's only a question of who has a bullhorn and who doesn't!

I cannot for the life of me imagine anyone who "lives" on the San Andreas fault worrying about "terrorists!" And this Las Vegas insanity? My friend who worked in a law firm that negotiated for water in places like Arizona and Nevada says that the aquifers there are practically just totally gone. NO MORE WATER FOR THEM.

In another generation, we will surely, all of us, be described as the idiots. We complained about the queer weenies while the fault lines ripened, and the earth dried up. Good Lord! That's us? Well that will maybe not really be me, nor Elaine, nor the Indymedia crowd, nor even Alex Jones. No The other folks, the "sensible types" will bear the real guilt. But of course, those idiots will just hire themselves another Rush Limbaugh and start over.

Let's just say that I now consider all those "sensible folks" totally nuts. And now they themselves even know it. They don't even complain about my rants anymore. My rants were always justified, their "sensible opinions" were useless. So now, until the actual Apocalypse, maybe they give me some slack. In this very strange sense, I seem to have "won."


The only thing that will get the attention of most people is money. According the Bloomberg, the Australian drought is going to give them economic fits.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Very true, Blues. Whenever I write about the satanic ritual junk of our ruling elites, I get sick to my stomach, trying to explain their cynical use of 'magic' which THEY DON'T REALLY UNDERSTAND AT ALL.

They just find it most useful. Bonding and all that. Gack.

And yes, even with us sounding insane, we are saner than the sane because anyone who ignores tidal waves is insane.

Thanks for the link, Daliwood. I still suggest to everyone to read your blog. I read it all the time. It is one of the best personal political blogs outside of Arthur's 'Long and Short of It."

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