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Biofuels are extremely dangerous. They will make global warming worse. Growing the plants we intend to burn as fuelt will alter the use of water and the ability of the land to give weather systems more moisture rather than drying out everything.
There's a good report on biofuels at the Transnational Institute.

The rush for ‘biofuels’ is already causing serious damage. Far from being sustainable, the spread of what are more accurately called ‘agrofuels’ – liquid fuels produced from biomass grown in large-scale monocultures – is compromising biodiversity and fuelling human rights violations. As the industry expands, it is encouraging intensified, industrial agriculture, providing a new promotional vehicle for GM crops, and posing a serious threat to food sovereignty. The argument that these ‘biofuels’ will mitigate climate change is unproven – indeed, the destruction of rainforests, peatlands and other ecosystems to make way for agrofuel plantations may well accelerate global warming.


The price of corn in Mexico is up 400% this year.
Something new I learned just yesterday, if one buys a Hummer or Escalade one can get an immediate tax write off of about $25K ... all one needs do is create a hobby business of some sort and file for the refund. Introduced to help small business types who needed to buy vans, Detroit was able to get hummers and such like SUVs labelled as vans for tax purposes. Now I understand my neighbour with 2 hummers ( and a mini cooper for driving )

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Tax benefits always goes for political purposes and proves to be little use in encouraging sane behavior.

Putting taxes ON something encourages good behavior. Say, taxing gasoline at European or Japanese levels. Then, people become very careful.

This is very unpopular here, of course.


All taxation is theft. Tax givebacks are just theft with better PR.


"So people concerned about CO2 pollution hold a global series of concerts that used up tremendous energy, caused huge pollution as people drove cars to the countryside which they then destroyed with their vehicles and trampling feet and all so they could be blasted with loud music and exhortations to stop pollution???? Gads."

That very same thing occurred to me! And did you notice howm many of the performers were has-beens like the Police - I suppose some careers needed a boost. But why did Global Al think it was such a good idea? Maybe because he got to hang out with rock stars?


"...people drove cars to the countryside which they then destroyed with their vehicles and trampling feet and all so they could be blasted with loud music..."


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct. Mud city.

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