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I wrote somewhere around here that the evening sky had a strange yellow "mist." I assumed it must have been the fires out west. Volcanoes? There have also been ominous rumblings of the ground in California. I wish those millions of people who are attracted to the "ring of fire" would just get the hell out of Dodge!

A million years ago, the Japanese produced this rather insane movie that depicted the total volcanic destruction of all of Japan. They are amazing people. I used to work for them! Most of them think Americans are dirty, ugly barbarians. What a strange little planet!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Fire makes the sky, if you put your hand over the sun, look like brass or brightly burnished copper. Volcanoes make it look like a bridal veil.


Finally, an article about something interesting!

"My parents wrote one of the first books about how volcanic dust can change the statosphere's light effects. "

I read Meinel, A. and Meinel, M. (1983) "Sunsets, Twilights, and Evening Skies" last spring: a very interesting book.

"The effects of this month's eruptions is much more subtle but still noticable for we have not really had much of a summer, those of us who live along the jet stream's northern flows."

It has certainly been summertime here in the midwest. I like hot weather, so I haven't been complaining. My wife, who likes cold weather, has.

"The present hurricane will probably lay waste to Central America. In between hurricanes, we wreck Central America, politically. Reagan should have been hauled into World Courts for his hurricane of right wing death squads but then Bush and Cheney should be executed like Saddam for killing Iraqi people."

That was certainly a odd little non sequitur! Wherever did that come from?

Samuel Laurie

The USG NOAA website shows excellent geostationary satellite photos and today 9/4/07 in addition to Felix in Honduras shows two more embryonic storms in the Atlantic heading west. shows many maps of current storms.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, the volcanic ash affects only the jet stream which is far to the north in summer. The hurricanes are beginning and like in 2005, will hit harder in fall than in summer.

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