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"There should be many changes in the way people live in California but I doubt anything will change."

Nothing will change as long as the government keeps paying people to rebuild. Same with the hurricane-stricken Gulf Coast. If building costs reflected the risk of building there, you wouldn't see all that crap so close to shore - or so close to forests.

"I don't know if this is from the latest fires. It looks like it might be."

Seen one? Seen 'em all.

"Then the flames leaped over the hills and the man stood at a gas station, filming this and chatting with his child!"

Definitely a Darwin Award candidate.

"I once spent a night in NYC during a riot, hosing the roof of our house so we wouldn't go up in flames. ... No fire fighters showed up and our mayor, Beame, thought he was quite successful because he didn't shoot any looters or fire bugs that night."

Ah, yes - those were the days, when The People ran NYC. Then Giuliani showed up and imposed order. (Someone had to...)


No earthquakes next month, please.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Mother nature loves to rain when it pours.

Smith, you are right...a first! Wow! And Guilani's order is unfortunately not all that great a thing...I could write reams about how things turned around in NYC, I was part of that business. So was Guilliani, but not due to killer cops.


My sister lives in northern SD county. She says this is the worst she's ever seen it, much much worse than the fires in 2003. It isn't just the Santa Anas, it is also how dry everything was before hand.

The Mediterranean is drier too. There were nasty fires in Greece. Parts of Turkey are on water rationing: 2 days on, 2 days off. This will also happen around the edges of the Amazon basin, as the arid areas whittle away at the rain forest.

The ITCZ is moving poleward, and the desert areas on the tropical side of it are growing. This will affect food production, the habilitability of certain areas, and (above all) the availability of fresh water in arid regions.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Here in the NE, we should get the same amount of rain or snow year round. But now we go into thes droughts all the time, last month, it barely rained even once. Now it is raining nearly every day.

Nature is out of balance.

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