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Good analogy, Elaine.

We've been watching the barometer fall, but nobody wants to go out and bring the cows in, so it looks like we may lose the whole herd.

Bush is AWOL again. At the first sign of trouble or work he's always been the first to disappear.

Cheney's old, tired, sick, confused and afraid, and is trying to get as many of his own cows to Dubai as he can. He no longer has any interest in leadership, only in finding a safe place to hide until he dies.

Nobody wants to take over as foreman because that just invites blame for losing the herd and getting lynched later.

A blizzard's coming and nobody's running the ranch, so what should we do?

A couple of months ago an officer at Wells Fargo asked me, if I were in his place, what kind of investments I would advise, and I suggested he recommend to his clients they withdraw all their money and buy canned goods.

Of course he and I would like to know how you think we should prepare for handling this storm.


Buy SRS and FXP you corn can fuckers.


GollyGee, the canned goods might be a good idea. Yesterday, the Senate passed a bill that would require ethanol usage to increase roughly five fold by 2022 along with fuel-economy requirements for cars and light trucks boosted to a collective 35 mpg. This was suppose to be funded by a 21.8 billion tax package. Bush said he would veto it...........because of the increased taxes, so that part of the bill was taken out. Yup, so an increased trade deficit and current account deficit will pay for it.........hopefully, for the supply siders. And agricultural interests were further advanced while the world food reserves are at a 35 year low even after a very good harvest in the US this year and even after food prices are setting new record highs. About 25% of US corn is now used for ethanol production. The Right to Food organization is calling for a 5 year moratorium on biofuel production. Maybe we can drink ourselves silly if we are starving.


Elaine, that is so scary. I've driven for hours in a snowstorm repeating Hail Mary's and Our Fathers and glad to be alone so nobody could see how scared I was. Glad you made it home safe.

Elaine Supkis

I was driving a one ton truck. Heh. Anything smaller than a semi is toast. I roll right over them. But I drive very conservatively and carefully and so I was making the road easier for anyone following me. But yes, it can be a challenge out there. I make extra bucks pulling people out of ditches during storms only my plow was broken so I had to go get it fixed.


Might be better to get yuan, euros or precious metals rather than bucks for pulling folks out of ditches. Just a thought.


Gosh, while you were braving the elements, I was mowing my yard and observing that we haven't even had a frost yet. I'm originally from the coastal south, where we have only two seasons: warm and hot. Now that I live in Tenn., I've had to get used to what I would call 4 seasons. But when I read of northern winters, it sends a chill through me--and that's about as cold as I think I can stand it.

Regarding the economy and the current crisis, I am always struck by one of the ironies of current politics and culture. Conservatives love to portray liberals/progressives as crybabies and do-gooders who make excuses for criminals, while the conservatives are good solid Americans who champion personal responsibility and accountability. Actually, it's the reverse. Progressives talk about managing personal and national finances intelligently and prudently; and they hold lenders and their customers accountable for bad decisions and for dishonest practices. We're living in a mirror image of a rational world; and when it breaks, I'm sure we'll have at least 7 years of bad luck to pay for it.

larry, dfh

Those semi-drivers are awful in the snow. I once left Rochester heading east as they were shutting the city down. The thruway closed right after I got on, and the tractor trailers were flying, only to end up in the median. Those clowns don't realize that even down-shifting will cause them to jack-knife when they're on ice. And don't mention the immortal, indestructable SUV drivers! I always carry a sleeping bar in the car in the winter; an absolute necessity.

Elaine Supkis

Yes, blankets are important!

About warm places: they are tolerable only due to air conditioning. I lived with out this in Tucson, AZ when it was over 100 degrees. I biked everywhere, too. Had to carry around a coat in summer because the artificial cold was terrible.


I think I have this whole low interest rates/real estate boom figured out.

Bush would have lost power if the economy failed and probably would have been impeached. He not only wanted the economy doing well because of that but also because he wanted to get re-elected. Otherwise his 2000 "win" would have been seen as a fluke.

So to keep the economy going what else to do but make interest rates super low. 9/11 didn't put us in the recession we were heading towards. We were going there anyway after the boom and bust. So, what to do? Keep adding debt to the society.

Apparently, he thinks who cares what it winds up as, because he and Cheney will be gone by then or there abouts. Then he can blame it on the new President for raising taxes because frankly there's no option left.

How far we go to the bottom is anyon's guess at this moment. No matter how hard I try I can't get anyone to listen to me. But I figure if Warren Buffett couldn't convince many where we are headed, what chance do I? I think I'm better off just spending energy on doing what I can.

Thanks for a great site.


"This storm caused terrible problems in the Midwest."

Depends on where in the Midwest. In Centrsal Ohio we got a couple of inches of snow, just enough to make it look like winter, which was gone a day or so later. Then we got another 1 1/2 inches, not enough to bother shoveling the driveway, but just enough to sit indoors sipping brandy and feeling all cosy.

"I suggested he recommend to his clients they withdraw all their money and buy canned goods."

There are still a few of those "Y2K Survival" sites on the web with lists of everything you need. I think it's something like a year's worth of food, fuel, and ammunition.

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