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grapevine was closed for almost two days due to snow, snow in Gorman so you know it wasn't far from LA.


"After this, we can colonize other planets. A constructive thing to keep us busy. I would love to see that begin."

The worst thing I can think of is for humans to move off Earth and begin polluting the rest of the cosmos the way we've done here.

"Also, the Chinese government had to admit this week that workers died building the Olympic stadiums, etc."

I'd like to see the Olympics ended. The Olympics do nothing but saddle the places unlucky enough to host them with massive public debts in return for two weeks of fun and the sort of games no one pays attention to outside the Olympics.

Elaine Supkis

So, you hate curling? Heh.


I'm afraid that I must agree with Smith on both counts here.

The first count once again and as for the second count, I truly dread watching gymnastics just because my wife feels I must watch it with her. It is a form of torture to watch young girls crack their heads on poles and beams while flying through the air.

Two weeks of this madness is not worth the damage to the environment or my sensibilities.

Elaine Supkis

My daughter once was going towards the Olympics in gymnastics. Her coach was a refugee from communist Europe and a great coach who picked her out of a mass of young girls wanting the Gold.

I terminated it rather quickly because I was concerned for her health.

I agree, there should be a high age limit on gymnastics, etc. No one under 18 allowed.


Yes, we certainly got -someone else's- winter. It usually just rains buckets; this year we have had several days with snow. Only 1/2" here (~1330', nothern inland coast range), but enough to cause problems on all the roads out, which go up. It kept the CalTrans guys busy. Looks like there are more cold storms waiting in the Pacific. You want your winter back...please?

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