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I think that we'll see a poor corn crop this year. I live in a non-flooded area, but the corn does not look good here. The ground has been saturated (my lawn squishes) and the corn is not developing a good root system. If we get some hot dry weather (typical of July/August), we'll see a significantly reduced yield--$8.00 corn will look cheap.

A question: what will happen if the Mississippi flood and a hurricane reach New Orleans at the same time? The Ohio River is flooding and will join the Mississippi at Cairo, IL. A big batch of water is heading toward NOLA.


Well, if you'd do some research on chemtrails.... IF someone still has their raingauge (not flooded) in Iowa and take it and get it tested for chemicals you will find this is a manmade flood... thank you chemtrails. Our government controls the weather and can create rain, snow, hurricanes and earthquakes. In fact there was a house bill and senate bill presented last fall for "weather modification".

China is perfecting their chemtrails and bragged last year they made it snow in 04/07. Guess they are trying to perfect earth quakes and rain this year.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

All flights of all fuel burning machines change the weather and change the stratosphere. I was raised where the most jets were flying during the 1950's before civilian jets existed. We kids would watch the cloud formations caused by rockets and jets and my dad and his fellow scientists would discuss this.

This was during the worst drought in modern times in Death Valley! Yet we had clouds. Governments don't have to deliberately change the weather, often, they don't want to do this. The mere fact that we are discharging pollutants AND CHANGING THE FLOW OF AIR CURRENTS cause weather changes. And yes, the unburned or side chemicals from rocket fuels now pollute all rivers, lakes and streams!


I do not have a TV, but when I go over friends' houses and watch the 'programming' (what we normally do to control computers) everything seems great and sunny! The basketballs still fly through the air into hoops, shiny fluoridated teeth smile away and people are happy.

How very different from the reality in Iowa.

"The best commentary I could offer is a link to a previous story:

World’s Largest Maker of Crop Nutrients: Famines May Occur Without Record Harvests

But I’ll ramble on a bit more about this, anyway.

As soon as I became aware of the flooding situation in the American Midwest, I posted the story with the EMERGENCY prefix on the title. Just so we’re clear, when I write EMERGENCY at the beginning of a post title, this is my way of indicating that the situation is as serious as it gets. It means that I feel as though everyone reading should consider taking immediate evasive action. All the jawboning about conspiracy, how things could have been, how things should be, etc. are behind us now. You know, EMERGENCY, act fast, eyes wide, nostrils flared, etc."


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