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Blunt Force Trauma

Speaking of politicos and Katrina of 3 years ago....

McCain Falsely Claims Katrina And Rita Did Not Cause Significant Oil Spillage

Katrina cleanup still NOT complete:

Article and pics from Mississippi Heritage Trust:

Hurdles remain as Slidell continues its recovery

"Holly Modisette lives in one trailer with her 6-year-old son, Cody, while her mother, Kathy Modisette, lives in one right next door. The two women are sharing space on Kathy Modisette's lawn until she can finish the repairs to her Woodcrest Drive home, nearly three years after Hurricane Katrina laid waste to south Slidell."

Full story here:

Blunt Force Trauma

Grrr, The second URL may not work as it may be too long. I tried to repost and checked it under 'preview'. No luck. You'll just have to copy and Google the headline below to read it.

The full title of the story from the Jackson Free Press is; The Katrina Effect: Politics After the Storm

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The crimes of 9/11 were openly repeated in Katrina. Bush should have been deposed by the military.


The storm just moved slightly south, toward Yucatan. (Reload the satellite feed every two hours to see the path increments. You can copy the satellite photos, and watch the progression.) Here:

This awful storm is not the really big news at the moment. Putin apparently thinks BushCo is manipulating the Baltic Bullshit to manipulate the election. (Maybe Rove was a moderate?) Medvedev says rearming of Georgia will be considered a war on Russia. (Monopoly Mass Media reaction: listen to what they do, not what they say (but DO listen to BushCo, natch!)).

The US now has the full legal limit (per pre-WW-II accords) of force in the Black Sea. The Russians are saying they can sink it all 100% in 20 minutes. People at Infowars are seriously bunkering down. Here's my guess: Yes, BushCo will try to use the Baltic Bullshit to manipulate elections. Putin will use this to manipulate the Caspian Sea Oil.

The EU has been very belligerent toward Russia in all this. I foresee many long wagon trains, turning, turning. BushCo isn't playing for keeps because it's playing on your dime! But Putin and Medvedev are watching the chip piles with eagle-eyes.

How to post links here:

Just post the things in here, then use the "preview" option, and force any lines that go east to wrap by inserting breaks at the line-ends. (May need to re-do for long links.) If you try to put in more than two links, welcome to TypePad Hell! just use ( dot mmm, or dot for the ones who are dumb enough to omit the "www".)

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, typepad won't even let ME post multiple links! It is very aggravating.


Hi Elaine! Hurricanes turn blogs into chat rooms. I just captured another increment. The damn storm is moving neither east nor west!!! It just hopped fifty miles north (away from Yucatan, toward Key West, but only very slightly. The longer it sits there, the worse it will be.

Obama better get his neoliberal but right down there now! Or then, maybe not. There must be some serious Oreo shit in Chicago!

When the Master Doodlebugz shut down Larry Sinclair's websites, I wrote Larry and said, "Use some of mine." He even wrote back. Very personal e-mail, heh! Larry, China has a very fine 12-step program! That said, I applaud the business-like nature of your campaign.

Me? My little vote, yet virginal after way too many encounters of the very worst kinds, will go to CYNTHIA MCKINNEY!!!

Blunt Force Trauma

Gearing Up For Gustav

From RigZone:

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks for the link, Blunt Force Trauma. Used it in the latest story about the oil rigs. So much energy news tonight. Putin is laughing his head off as he watches in amazement as Mother Nature makes his point to Europe, they ain't got too many options when it comes to energy.

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