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Buffalo Ken


Blunt Force Trauma

According to RealtyTrac; in all of Galveston, there are/were 51 auction properties; 134 bank-owned properties; 19 for-sale-by-owner properties and 303 resale homes.

I did a quick search under the two zip codes you used in your post, Elaine; and it came up with (under zip code 77554); 1 pre-foreclosure; 31 properties on auction; 49 bank owned; 3 for-sale-by-owner and 236 resale homes.

Under zip code 77650; 1 auction property; 11 bank owned; 1 for-sale-by-owner and 71 resale homes.

I didn't break down dollar values or whether or not the properties actually exist any longer since Ike. I would gather from the location of zip code 77650 (Crystal Beach), the majority or perhaps all of the homes listed there are gone. Crystal Beach did get hit very hard according to the information I found on that area.

'Not much of anything left in Crystal Beach'

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks for taking the time, Ken. I have several important stories today and didn't go look into all the facts and figures. Just did some off the cuff speculation.

The problem with housing bubbles is how they raise the ante very high in a game of high stakes with Mother Nature.

Buffalo Ken

Elaine - tell me about it!

Hey as a total aside what do you think of the name "feffef". You know fef-fef. Same when split in half. Same forwards and backwards (even after it has been spit in half).

I don't know how they are going to get out of the total lack of serious reporting regarding the "tejas" calamity. I betcha there are a whole huge bunch of individual folks down there who are really really (Texas-sized) pissed off. I suspect the governor is one of them. They know and so the news will get out - it is essentially unstoppable unless the unimaginable occurs, and I pray that it does not because....well i think you know.

Anyhow, I really am curious who advised to "hunker down". I mean specifically whose idea that was. What a disaster. It should be out front for everyone to see, but so far, they are still trying to hide the truth. What a shame (just like the democratic party is a complete carnival-shame).


Buffalo Ken

make that "split" in half. Ha.

Personally, I think "the splitting" occurred and now it is time for some good "fusion". I really hope so cause it seems to me to be a real desirable possibility.

Buffalo Ken

Sorry Elaine - I just got agitated on one of your other articles.....

I have a question about why you said you don't like Yahoo? Is it because they are trying to "track everything" and that they have "costs" for their top stories.

Poem coming:

'Hard not to distort or you could even say "destory" (destroy??? Hm) the news when you try to track everything."

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I never said squat about Yahoo. I don't like anyone. I am a crank. Got it? F---U buddy!


Actually, everything is working according to the Chaos Theory; Shit Happens. Tough titties.


Buffalo Ken

Oh sorry. I thought you had said something about Yahoo. I guess I'm just a confused soul who also is a tad cranky and sometimes very very furious - very furious. Must be my New York Catholic upbringing coupled with my piano-playing mom and door-slamming dad!

Well big-time "lurking time" is approaching for me cause I think I've worn out my welcome. Funny in a way, but I just can't "play" like the rest - I have empathy - maybe too much for my own good.

I hope you understood what I was saying about calculus on some of my other comments. I really think that is a key to many of the quandries "we" are now in. Calculus is an awesome tool but it is flawed and when you push a tool too far without understanding its basis - well shit happens. Maybe we can learn collectively. Maybe not. I don't know. A book I mentioned awhile ago entitled "Zero" by I think Charles Seiffe or something like that is a worthwhile read.

Plus I think Chaos theory is nothing but hogwash - it is imaginary and nobody (not even a nobody) can ever use "Chaos" as a tool - the tool will end up destroying everything -- literally.

If you ever want to see some beautiful imagary check out the following:

I especially love image AC19 - "smiling girl". Whenever I feel a bit down I look at this picture and I know that I must keep on keeping on. I choose to choose and I will maintain my spiritual integrity as long as I reside in the earthly body. You know. Its simple really.

Take care Elaine.


Buffalo Ken

Hey, has anyone seen this image:

I don't know if that link will work, but anyhow, its today's East Coast "weather scenario". It seems unusual to me, but maybe I'm wrong. The only reason I mention this is that I had a bit of a theory regarding a possible way the "planet surface" will "disperse" excess energy. More Wind I suspect, but this could create entirely new sorts of weather systems - particularly just after a "high energy" event (like Ike).

There seem to be two potent lows (Kyle and Southeast Low) and a big high in the North Atlantic. It is hard to tell where Kyle will go, but it seems to me the other "high" and "low" might in essence push Kyle forward and "synergistically" add strength to Kyle. I could be totally wrong, but I think my intuitions regarding Ike turned out to be fairly accurate.

I just think the weather models need a new level of advancement that you can't get from calculus.


I've always preferred geometry over know?

Buffalo Ken

There is also another seemingly big Low up in the Mid-West area (Chicago or thereabouts).

We really need to start better understanding some of the inherent mechanisms associated with weather if we want to be able to "Be Prepared" as any good Boy Scout would be.

Don't you think?

Plus, there are so many things any good ecologist could help so many understand if just given a chance.


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