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Christian W

This thing is enormous. Hard to believe people stayed behind and refused to evacuate.


Modern lifestyle has destroyed the feeling
of unity with nature and the arrogance of
man has no limit.Mother nature created us
we did not create mother nature and what
mother nature gives mother nature also takeith away


I have a friend that is living just outside of Houston. I have been very worried about her all day. She wrote me earlier today, saying that it was already getting bad...and this was hours before the hurricane had made it to the shores of Galveston. I can't imagine how horrible it will be if there is a lot of destruction to Houston. I would never live any where in Florida or the Gulf Coast!! I'll take the hills of middle Tennessee anyday!!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I lived through three hurricanes while living right on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. These storms can be rated by the quality of the waves. In the case of Ike, the waves are monstrous! Totally chaotic and very powerful. Hours before the storm even arrives. Frankly, since there is a sea wall unlike in 1900, the fact that the entire island was flooded Friday is a very bad sign, very bad. And to think, nearly half of the people there refused to leave?



Here is my proposal about the weather. I'll present it in an absolute, rather than hypothetical mood:

Depending on the overall temperature of the whole earth, precipitation may be in the form of rain or snow. The amount of precipitation increases in proportion to the DIFFERENCE between the surface temperature of the lands and oceans, and the atmosphere. There's been much debate about increasing warming of the atmosphere. Elaine has (as I take it, made many references to an atmospheric cooling effect due to high stratospheric volcanic ash). We are also in a phenomenally extended period of low solar surface activity, and this could promote atmospheric cooling. The point here is that we are now in an atmospheric cool wave. I'll assume that's so.

I will suggest the existence of "terrestrial thermal waves." Many people have proposed that some sort of nuclear reaction is occurring in the center of the earth. I will further suggest that this activity may be variable, not constant. And this would send thermal waves up to the lands and oceans. Who knows how long it would take for these thermal waves to reach the terrestrial surface?

What if we are experiencing a simultaneous atmospheric cool wave in conjunction with a terrestrial warm wave? That would cause increased precipitation, either of snow or water, depending on the overall temperature of the earth. It could also increase geological activity.

I've already mentioned that the melting of the polar ice caps (due to the terrestrial heat wave?) would move a vast amount of mass from the poles to the equatorial area. Since the earth turns, the centrifugal effect would require the earth's rotation to slow down. I don't know what that would do. If, as Elaine suggested, the decreased polar mass causes the the poles to rise, this could have other effects.

I will be looking for my raincoat.


Early afternoon reports and photos showed those 40% remaining partying and taking it as one big joke. The official estimates of those who stayed behind was revised several times from 10% to 20% to the final 40%. The impact over the next few weeks will be dire immediately in the area and soon throughout the nation as the amount of refined product gasoline, heating oil and jet fuel declines by 20-25% plus the panic buying and fights seen earlier yesterday throughout the South. If Israel launches an unilateral surprise attack against Iran, the US will be caught unable to support a fuel and supply train to fight even a rear guard action. The price of oil will probably drop do to the fact you can't refine it, but refined product will shoot up with possible $6-7 a gallon gasoline, then heating oil, then natural gas. It's going to be a cold winter.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, Q, gasoline will go up!

Blues: you might be right. Thus, the earthquakes and volcanic actions.

I went to CNN this morning and the crew in the big hotel haven't posted a thing since 1 am last night. No one knows yet the extent of damage. I remember hurricane Katrina: most news media falsely reported that that death toll was very small just as thousands were being swept to sea or were drowning like rats in a cage.


History is a great learning tool for many
corporations, goverments, and individuals.
My policy in life is that what has happen
in the past, you cant change. I know many
make references to reading books to different periodicals. We know that history
repeats itself in cycles, but I have a hard time trying to see what humanity has
actually learned. We stay in Hurricanes that can kill us, Wall Street in is mess along with over 500 banks going bankrupt, the retail industry is in the dumper, auto sales are down in China 3%, showing that a slowing economy is evident, and Ike supplies 1/5 of the nations gas, but here in the Chicago area, gas sky-rocketed to over $ 4.23 a gallon ! Yesterday on the
average it was 3.75 !! We have books today
from self help to what makes a corporation
succesful, maybe Playboy would like to do
a spread on Sara P, knowing that men have
endorsed her not on policies but on her looks! In conslusion, what have we learned from the past? Nothing....................

gg battams

if the final bill for all of the houseing damage is going to be a trillion or slightly less how are the insurers and banks going to find the money for all of this ?surely this is going to cause the economic collapse to occur even quicker?

Blunt Force Trauma


Hurricane Ike, Energy Infrastructure, Refineries and Damage Models Landfall Thread

Something else to ponder:

Why has no news source reported anything on the possible implications of Ike on the BSL-4 (Biosafety Level-4) lab at the Nat. Inst. of Allergy & Infectious Disease at U.T. Medical Branch in Galveston. BSL-4 Labs deal with the most dangerous and contagious (think ebola, plague, anthrax)and should never have been built in hurricane potential Galveston. This certainly adds another dimension to the concept of catastrophic. Some media attention is surely deserved, if only to bring the situation to light.

Still under construction - hopefully there were no pathogens on site as yet.

As of August 2008, construction of the GNL is approximately 99% complete! The facility remains on track and on budget.

The GNL achieved "substantial completion" in early August, with final completion projected within the next 30 days.

Finishing touches and final checks are ongoing in the building's interior. As these final checks are completed, we will begin delivering equipment and furnishings to the building.

Between August and September, we expect the majority of the laboratory equipment will be brought into the facility. Researchers and staff are also projected to begin moving into the facility during this time.

Preparations are on track and well underway for the GNL's formal dedication ceremonies on November 11, 2008. Check this site again soon for further information on the dedication ceremonies.


"Hurricane Ike Will Destroy Galveston"

Well... it didn't. MSNBC was trying really hard to find some devastation to show this morning. They kept showing the same four or five sheets of plywood blown across a road.

(Why are your posts ALWAYS so apocalyptic?)


Some Ike & gas prices reports. blog:\

Yeah the gas thing is insane. They were limiting people to 10 Gallons here at some stations in Indiana and all the gas stations were jam packed with people.

Fox news just reported some whole sale prices of gas at $5.00 a gallon and Elizabeth City Tenn. a station gas prises at $7 dollars a gallon. Is the gauging?, I hope so. If not OMG!!
|_, Fort Myers, Florida:

Gasoline prices rose to nearly $5.50 a gallon in parts of Florida on Friday when rumors of a fuel shortage spread across the state.

Motorists in Tallahassee were lined up to pay $5.49 per gallon.

A fuel panic swept Gainesville on Thursday, where long gas lines spilled over onto a busy thoroughfare, tempers flared and the police were called, said Randy Bly, a spokesman for AAA Auto Club South.


Not this time for Galveston, Elaine. But this hurricane (whom I call the reincarnation of Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower --- "I like Ike! I like Ike!") has decided to inflict a lot of damage on the JPIRATESMorgan Tower in downtown Houston, instead. Obviously, they are one of the main beneficiaries of the Military Industrial Complex by way of the Federal Reserve and its windows spewing Free Funny Money! Link to video at my blog.

No reports yet on oil rig and refinery damage.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, it took out most of the windows facing the ocean direction.

We don't know what happened to Galveston. The houses may not be splintered thanks to the very useful storm surge wall.

But they are UNINHABITABLE. Like New Orleans.


You are correct, Ms. Supkis. "Destroyed" has many different definitions which I forgot. One of them is IIRC "to be rendered uninhabitable."

My bad! :(


And back to Katrina: I'm not surprised the media initially said there were few deaths. IIRC, it was the same day that they said New Orleans had dodged a bullet. Just as the walls that held back the flood were collapsing. Like our banking system.


that is horible of wht happened

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That surprised me a bit actually.

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