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Wow, Elaine! Nice pictures!

I noticed two days ago that a tree on my street had started turning. It was a young maple and was turning orange. I was shocked. I had never seen that happen in August here in Kentucky, and the leaves are not dry either.

I have told my family and friends we will have a lot of snow this winter because of the volcanic ash in the sky. We have had beautiful sunsets here in Kentucky all summer long.

Christian W

We had no rain _at all_ for all of July here, and then suddenly the first weekend in August the weather turned. Basically temperature wise we were pushed one month ahead into September, and we had a record amount of rain ruining the crops. There was also a severe thunderstorm with 6.500+ lightning strikes recorded within a few hours, it was pretty mad.


I'm in the NW and noticed 2 days ago , leaves had started turning. Summer ended here 2 - 3 weeks ago. Not likely to get back to a summer feel.

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The purple color of the sky is amazing, I usually take pictures of sunsets and sunrises, and it is very hard to land on such days that the colors are spectacular.

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What a great shot, so hard to capture something like it.

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I have always wondered at the passion many people have to meet the celebrated.

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