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The pics are very nice Elaine.
I am so glad the T. Boone Pickens
hasn't invaded your community with
those large ugly windmills. Ok, you
can take them down before anyone
gets a look.


You know there are counties and townships that increase your property tax if they find that you have beautiful views. Afterall it's only fair that them as has beautiful views to enjoy should subsidize them as has chosen to have not so lovely views.

gg battams

lovely scenery very natural and a great place to live and to survive .i should imagine there are a lot of deer running around so you should be ok for meat when the dollar collapses


Looks like the military came for the scenery as well.

Buffalo Ken

Those were wonderful. Thanks.


Buffalo Ken

By the way, if anyone clicks on "blues" ' link regarding gold (I have), I recommend it. I think there is some serious chemistry there that is important. Also, I have some experience with "high-dollar" fluorinated membranes that might be important in this chemistry that he refers to. "Nafion" i think the name is.

Anyhow, the snapshots above over time are so spendid. I spent the weekend in Linville Falls, a city named after a man who was on the land of another's Nation.



Thanks, Ken.

Jeez, Elaine, I live in the "Happy Valley" (Connecticut River), maybe 20 miles north of Springfield, MA. The Happy Valley is maybe 105' above sea level. So I'm guessing you must be maybe 1,500' over sea level. I live in the shadows of the "hilltowns" that just go up and up, both east and west. So you are maybe 90 miles west of me, and way high in the hills.

The high hills are always cooler and windier. Yet, the trees here in the Happy Valley are turning just about as fast as they are on your mountain. So I guess they go by the calendar, not the weather.

The haunting season is over for me. The Outer Darkness is not for me anyway. I have other issues. But the shadows did follow me for the second week of October. That Steven King routine is pretty unnerving!

The Five Seasons of New England: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Hell.


This is why I treasure you Elaine.

Well, also how good you take apart the clownshow.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Dearest Sharkbabe, I remember you with tremendous fondness!

Blues: he should be read, he is a brilliant thinker!

Blues, going all the way back to 1680, the joke in New England was, 'We have winter, we have summer then we also have MUD SEASON.'

Mud season is the hellish time. When the ice begins to thaw, it is so beyond messy! We have literally sunk into mud on our road up to our knees.


The sun Light rises up the side of the mountain.

Darkness crashes down the other.

So to goes the valley of the West.

The Sun is the ultimate Power.

Good night.


Kung Fu Haiku:

Bank of Citi dig secret tunnel from Cave of Wealth and Death to pirate Cove.

Child hood dream of China tunnel.

Amherest New York. Good Bye Money. Hello Death. Soon US industry be Scenic Forest.

Singapore. Hello Money. Police State Pirate Cove.

"The CrossPoint operations centers — two buildings with nearly 300,000-square-feet of space — handle all U.S. funds transfers for Citigroup, a figure that translates to $1.4 trillion a day in electronic business. The CrossPoint centers are directly linked to Citgroup operations in Singapore and Dublin, Ireland."


$360bn Lehman swaps unwind Tuesday Oct. 21


People are starting to wonder why the American people are still sleeping:

Cronytopia: What the World Knows -- and Americans Don't -- About the Bailout


Amazing article on how low interest rates, falling for the last 28 years, have depleted all bank capital.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, be prepared. The earth is shaking, the
Debt Tower of Babel is toppling and, it will bury prosperity
underneath the rubble. The Titanic of the once proud American
banking system has collided with the iceberg of falling interest rates,
and is sinking.
Sauve qui peut!"


Hi Elaine:

You're fortunate to live in such a beautiful place (I know you worked hard for it).

Since peeps are still talking manipulated markets -- I was doing research today I wanted to share. Thought you guys would get a kick out of this:

It seems the Chinese have put spy chips into the vast number of computer elements they ship globally (this from a quasi-covert site) to spy on the world's financial data:

And now the Manchurian microchip

October 18, 2008 7:13 AM

The geniuses at Homeland Security who brought you hare-brained procedures at airports (which inconvenience travelers without snagging terrorists) have decreed that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. This means The Investigator -- at the risk of compromising national insecurities -- would be remiss not to make you aware of the hottest topic in U.S. counterintelligence circles: rogue microchips. This threat emanates from China (PRC) -- and it is hugely significant....

Followed by a story from the profoundly clueless Fox News:

World Bank Under Cyber Siege in 'Unprecedented Crisis'

Friday, October 10, 2008

The World Bank Group's computer network — one of the largest repositories of sensitive data about the economies of every nation — has been raided repeatedly by outsiders for more than a year, FOX News has learned.

It is still not known how much information was stolen. But sources inside the bank confirm that servers in the institution's highly-restricted treasury unit were deeply penetrated with spy software last April. Invaders also had full access to the rest of the bank's network for nearly a month in June and July....

All I can say is bwahahahahaha!

I've been betting on the Chinese the whole time. Having written on them extensively (and I know they have learned much from Elaine) -- they are strategically invincible and oh so clever.


Pluto, it would not be unreasonable for the Chinese, Russians, Indians and other holders of U.S. Treasuries, debt and bank notes in large amounts to want to know what the economic elite in the U.S. and Europe are up to.

Keep in mind that they have been watching how this small group of "internationalists" rape and plunder their own people and systems, in such remorseless abandon. How they can even proceed to work with "these people" on a basis of good faith, is beyond my limited understanding. Would you? I would, only on my terms. Which is what is going to happen. Either that or, they will tell them to, "Paddle your own canoe up shit creek!"


GK, that was a great article. We are coming close to the end of "pretense economics". The veil is wearing thin and very soon NO ONE, even the citizens of the West, will continue to swim in this pond. They will try to con the East into playing the `Tri-Polar' Currency System, but their pond is toxic, and it stinks. It will not wash. The East will allow the system to collapse, and set up their own system on their own terms just as Bretton Woods was forced on the world by the West. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. We will not have to wait long to see the outcome.

A couple more hidden debt bombs float to the surface and whatever shred of credibility the West has left will be vaporized.


Hi Elaine
I like your pictures. The light in the pictures is just amazing. Anyway here is my analysis on China. When I say instinct it really is just instinct.

My instinct is that any chinese world market domination won't last long. Maybe 5 years they are too agressive in how they do business to autocratic and inflexibe. The chinese system with its traditions of gift giving to procure contracts ie bribery leads to an incredibly corrupt system of business. They seem to be extreme win at any cost. This will cause them internal problems as well as cause us problems.

You only have to look at the poor standards of their products to understand that they are un-ethical. Also as workers wages increase their power and influence will increase as well. How will a chinese dictatorship cope with people expressing their concious and demanding more freedoms. Clamp down and cause even more civil unrest. In the old Evil Empire of the UK there was always moral back bone a balance that came from hundreds of years of industrialised society and class warfare.

I also think that there will be an incredible spurt of nationalism in the western nations. Hopefully of the more positive home grown screw lets rediscover our culture rather than the saluting the flag.


On a lighter note, Elaine, those pictures are simply beautiful! And it's nice to know that even though the leaves are turning color later than I remember they used to (late September in Eastern Mass.) they are still brilliant with color! Not like here in Southern Louisiana whwre it's just yellows and browns. Ugh.


i am originally from northeast pennsylvania and these remind me a bit of home so thanks for posting them. i wish i lived there again.

Nicole Vickers

Wow these are really great photos. My boyfriend and I had planned a long time ago to visit this place. I just wanted to ask though if you have any idea where we can rent a car which we can use when we visit the place. But if we can't find one, we'll try to rent from car dealerships in Indianapolis, Indiana, which happens to be our hometown.

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